Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 240

The police said to assist in the investigation, is nothing more than going through the motions, Zhang Xuan into the police station, less than three minutes out, on the contrary, Zheng Chu, was completely locked up.
“Lock me up? Do you know who I am! I am the future heir of the Zheng Group! Do you lock me up? Believe it or not, I’ll go out in a couple of days and have you all laid off!”
In the interrogation room, Zheng Chu let out a roar.
The police officer in charge of the interrogation shook his head, this is also the captain Han went out for training, if she was there, this Zheng Chu, probably already beaten to the nose and face.
Lin Qinghan was standing in front of the police station, waiting for Zhang Xuan, and when Zhang Xuan showed up, she greeted him at the first opportunity.
“These two days, you must have been embarrassed, right?” Zhang Xuan looked at Lin Qinghan, his eyes were full of heartache.
Lin Qinghan shook her head, silent, what Qin Rou said to her before, still echoed in her mind, the word trust, like a sharp blade, cut on Lin Qinghan’s heart.
Now things have basically become clear, Zhang Xuan has nothing to do with this matter.
But why, yesterday, the first thing he thought of was not to trust Zhang Xuan, but to put the matter to rest? The actual fact is that you really do not like him, as Qin Rou said, but you like the feeling of reliance?
For her own feelings, Lin Qinghan herself was a little fuzzy.
“What’s wrong?” Zhang Xuan looked at Lin Qinghan’s non-speaking appearance and said with some concern.
“Nothing.” Lin Qinghan forced out a smile, “Let’s go home.”
“Mm.” Zhang Xuan nodded and got into Lin Qinghan’s car.
In the car, Lin Qinghan did not pit a word, even the sound of the music, all try to put down.
“Honey, why do you feel like you’re in a bit of a bad mood?” Zhang Xuan sideways face, looking at Lin Qinghan, how can not feel right.
Lin Qinghan couldn’t help but ask: “Are you very familiar with that Qin Rou ……?”
Zhang Xuan replied, “Not very familiar, I guess, ordinary friends.”
“How do I feel, Qin Rou, seems to like you a little?” When Lin Qinghan thought of what Qin Rou said to herself in the afternoon, and thought of Qin Rou’s outspoken admission that she liked Zhang Xuan, Lin Qinghan felt uncomfortable in her heart.
“Like me? Honey, stop it, I told her I got married a long time ago.” Zhang Xuan rested his hand, his gaze fixed dead on Lin Qinghan’s stunning side face.
Under this fiery gaze of Zhang Xuan, Lin Qinghan felt a little unnatural, “What are you looking at?”
“Honey, you’re not jealous, are you?” Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows and looked at Lin Qinghan oddly.
“Jealous? Do I need to be?” Lin Qinghan gave a delicate hum, her cheeks slightly red.
Zhang Xuan nodded his head.
Being teased by Zhang Xuan like this, Lin Qinghan felt much better in her heart, and her voice was a little weak as she said, “Honey, there are still seven days left until the building is built, so let’s go on a trip tomorrow?”
Lin Qinghan wanted to spend more time with Zhang Xuan, she wanted to know more about this man around her.
If we say, before, Lin Qinghan was passively like Zhang Xuan, like Zhang Xuan to take care of himself, like Zhang Xuan’s talent shown from time to time, like Zhang Xuan’s care for himself, like his appearance of defying the odds for himself.
Now, Lin Qinghan, on the other hand, wants to take the initiative to like this man himself. Active liking, and passive liking, for a person, is a deeper change in emotion.
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “Where do you want to go? Have you got a plan?”
“Let’s do the strategy together tonight.”
When Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan came home, they saw Milan sitting on the sofa.
As soon as she saw the two Zhang Xuan return, Milan was the first to speak out.
“Zhang Xuan, today’s commotion is not small, which girl, let you beastly, is my family Qinghan can not satisfy you?” Milan smiled sweetly, apparently joking with Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan, “Qinghan, not I say you ah, women, usually have to take the initiative, more and husband do some erotic things, so as to capture the heart of men!”
Lin Qinghan was made a big red face by Milan’s explicit language, casually grabbed a pillow and threw it at Milan, shyly said, “You’re going to die!”
“Cut!” Milan glanced at the mouth, “Zhang Xuan, your wife can not be trained ah, married for so long still so shy, if I were you, give her a little stimulation, brave!”
Zhang Xuan wiped his forehead sweat, this Milan, really can say anything ah!
A little wash, Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan two leaned on the sofa, holding a tablet computer, watching non-stop.
“I say, what are you two discussing?” Milan pushed his head over.
“We’re discussing where to travel.” Lin Qinghan pointed to the travel tips on the tablet, “Milan, you used to like to run around, give a suggestion.”
“Travel? To Hangcheng! Master Felger has a painting exhibition in Hangcheng the day after tomorrow, I was thinking about going there. I know it well!” Milan patted his chest with a face of excitement, because of the loose pajamas, which caused a fluttering.
Zhang Xuan turned his head away with some embarrassment.
“Master Felger’s painting exhibition?” Lin Qinghan became interested as soon as he heard it.
The last time Zhang Xuan told Milan that he and Lin Qinghan met at Master Felger’s exhibition, at that time Lin Qinghan was thinking, if she could really go to Master Felger’s exhibition that would be great, this matter, she has been thinking for several years, but never had the opportunity.
This time, she finally had a chance to relax and catch Master Felger’s exhibition, which really made Lin Qinghan’s heart flutter.
Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan and asked him what he thought, “Honey, what do you think?”
“Then let’s go, we both met at the Felger’s painting exhibition, it’s good to relive it this time.” Zhang Xuan winked at Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan blushed even more when she thought of all the things she made up for Milan at that time to save face.
About the tour, just shoot, the three people intend to leave tomorrow by plane, money and what not, naturally not in the scope of the three people’s consideration.
Zhang Xuan let Lin please Han first rest, said he still have things to do, then out of the house.
After leaving home, looked at the time, it was only nine o’clock, this is summer, the sky just dark not long.
After thinking about it, Zhang Xuan gave Qin Rou a call and asked about her situation.
“Your phone is off, it’s really just in time.” Qin Rou said on the phone, “That night, you saved me?”
“We are a good man of the forest, see the injustice, pull out the knife to help.” Zhang Xuan patted his chest, “general ecstasy have some after-effects, try to drink more water and sweat during this period, otherwise you will feel unrefreshed recently.”
“You called, just to give me this?” Qin Rou said quietly.
“Yes, in the future, outside, keep a little more eyes.” Zhang Xuan reminded.
Qin Rou sighed, “Keeping an eye on how tired ah, if I am also like Lin Qinghan, have you by my side, how good it would be ……”

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