Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 243

Between the three of them, the originally harmonious and cheerful atmosphere became somewhat depressed because of Wang Congfeng’s appearance.
Sitting in the Internet dating car, Lin Qinghan did not say a word.
Milan and Zhang Xuan saw Lin please Han like this, also did not open his mouth to speak.
When they arrived at the airport, Zhang Xuan took the initiative to take over all the formalities, and Lin Qinghan and Milan sat in a lounge to wait. First class is much better than economy class, including in the terminal.
The three of them are not bad people, and they are not so pretentious that they have money to spend.
It was only when there were only two people in the lounge, Lin Qinghan and Milan, that Lin Qinghan finally took the initiative to speak, “Milan, would you laugh at me?”
“What?” Milan was stunned by Lin Qinghan’s question, and immediately reacted, “Qing Han ah, I thought you would say something, but ended up asking this, say you have not said anything, not thinking about this matter.”
Lin Qinghan nodded and shook his head.
Milan covered her mouth and smiled, “Qinghan, Zhang Xuan is really your family’s son-in-law, huh?”
“Hmm.” Lin Qinghan shook her head slightly.
“You can be lucky, find a son-in-law at home, and find a treasure, this number, how much is it a month?” Milan looked through the glass window of the lounge at Zhang Xuan who was checking in outside, and reached out his hand.
Lin Qinghan stretched out two fingers, “Twenty thousand.”
“That cheap?” Milan heard, eyes wide, some disbelief, “This guy also knows Chinese medicine, can play the piano, also has a deep attainment in painting, the hand of cooking, even my teacher saw have to be amazed, when the critical time can also save your life, 20,000 a month? Give me ten, 300,000 a month package, I want to change the cards every day!
Milano waved her hand with a lot of anger.
Lin Qinghan cute spit out a small tongue, “I did not know he knew so much at the time.”
The first time I said, “Either I say, Qing Han, your life is really good ah, but then again, with your personality, this door-to-door son-in-law, certainly not you proposed to find, right?”
“No.” Lin Qinghan shook his head, when he thought of his own resistance to Zhang Xuan’s appearance, Lin Qinghan was a bit amused, it was all a memory left in his heart, now that he thought about it, it was quite funny, “At that time, I was strongly opposed to it.”
“At that time strongly opposed? Now a mouthful of a husband called happy, you niece, is acting in front of me, or really like Zhang Xuan?” The first thing you need to do is to look up and down at Lin Qinghan with a pair of beautiful eyes, as if you want to see her through.
Lin Qinghan blushed unnaturally, “Who likes him, anyway, now that you’ve seen it, you want it you take it away.”
“Do not like?” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.
The meaning could not be clearer.
“You damned girl, what are you talking about!” Lin Qinghan stretched out her pink fist and hammered on Milan’s body.
Two such beautiful women sitting and fighting together formed a beautiful scenery line, attracting frequent sideways glances from the people around.
Soon, Zhang Xuan checked in and came over, and the three of them joined hands to get on the plane.
After sitting down, Milan came to Zhang Xuan’s side and whispered in Zhang Xuan’s ear: “Zhang Xuan, you can’t do this, how long has it been and still haven’t fixed Qinghan? I really don’t know whether to say you are a decent man or a beast, you don’t have a problem with that, do you?”
Zhang Xuan’s face was stunned, and he found that Milan was looking at himself with a very strange gaze.
He glanced at his mouth, “Can I do it, or do you want to try?”
“Get lost!” Milan threw Zhang Xuan a big blank look, put down the seat and lay there to sleep.
When Milan lay down, only Lin Qinghan was left sitting next to Zhang Xuan, probably because the relationship was torn apart in front of Milan, between the two, there was more than a little awkwardness.
“Wife, some things do not take too much to heart, life is like this, many things are not as they are arranged.” Zhang Xuan comforted.
Lin Qinghan nodded, did not speak, the woman’s heart, with their own thoughts.
From Yinzhou to Hangzhou, without transit, it only takes three hours.
At 3:05 p.m., the plane landed at the airport in Hangzhou, even though before coming, Zhang Xuan had already thought that Hangzhou was much hotter than Yinzhou, after arriving, he found that it was not described with many words.
The heat in Yinzhou is the kind of dry heat.
The heat of Hangzhou belongs to the kind of stifling heat, just off the plane, Zhang Xuan sweat.
The three of them discussed yesterday that after arriving in Hangzhou, they would directly stay at Milan’s house.
When leaving the airport, Milan saw a red Ferrari parked outside the terminal, and when he saw the license plate, Milan frowned, “How is it him?”
“Who is it?” Lin Qinghan asked curiously.
“Remember the one I told you about before, the one called Yang Haifeng.” Milano mentioned a mouthful.
Lin Qinghan thought for a moment and replied, “I remember a little bit, the one you are particularly annoyed with, right?”
“Yeah.” The day of the blind date, my mother introduced me to someone who didn’t even come, leaving me hanging for the afternoon, and Yang Haifeng saw me, I had the heart to die, so I applied for a transfer to Enamel. The message, I’m annoyed to death, this to let him see me back, these days I do not have to live well, he is like a fly!
Milan is still talking about it, heard a greeting voice sounded, with a surprise in the voice.
“Milan? You’re back? Oh my god, I can’t be wrong!”
Zhang Xuan three people looked in the direction where the voice came from, and saw a young man in his twenties, about one meter seventy-five, wearing short sleeves and shorts, with short hair and a sunglasses on his face, was walking towards this side excitedly.
“Hey, it really says Cao Cao Cao Cao.” Milan sighed helplessly, “Let’s go Qing Han, ignore him.”
Saying that, Milan took Lin Qinghan’s arm and walked towards the outside of the airport.
Before they could take two steps, Yang Haifeng blocked in front of the three.
“Milan, what are you doing when you see me walking, don’t you miss me? So long, I can dream of you every night, dream of you and I lingering look, you lie in my arms, told me you love me, do you know, every midnight, every time this time, I will wake up laughing.”
Yang Haifeng looked at Milan with a deep emotion.
This time, Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan, can understand why Milan hates this man, so disgusting look, a person can not accept ah.

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