Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 246

During the meal, Milan rarely spoke, her eyes kept sweeping between Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan, not knowing what she was thinking.
White wine frequently down, Xiao Shan couple drink very happy.
The wine passed three rounds.
“By the way.” Milan’s mother looked at her daughter, “Mi’er, haven’t asked, how did you and Xiao Xuan meet, this is too much of a coincidence, right?”
“He ……” Milan looked at Zhang Xuan, for Zhang Xuan’s impression, she only had a short three months when she was twelve years old, Milan at this moment are a little unbelievable, this man, is the same person back then.
“Auntie.” Lin Qinghan smiled faintly, “Zhang Xuan is my husband.”
Once Lin Qinghan’s words came out, Xiao Shan and his wife raised their glasses and stopped almost simultaneously.
Zhang Xuan heatedly smiled, “Uncle Xiao, I’m already married.”
“Married ……” Xiao Shan murmured, then smiled in relief, “Good, good to get married, but you kid, such a big deal, do not know to take the initiative to contact your Uncle Xiao me, so many years, I have never changed Cell phone number, just waiting for the day, and you can meet again.”
Zhang Xuan smiled shyly, “It didn’t take long, no one was notified.”
Xiao Shan shook his head, “I don’t care, I don’t know about this, forget it, since you know, you have to punish yourself a drink!”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan raised his glass and drank the wine in the glass with great bravado.
Xiao Shan filled the wine for Zhang Xuan, “Come, let’s clink together, Xiao Xuan, I know this girl Qing Han, is a good girl, you can not let her down.”
“Sure, sure.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head repeatedly.
Xiao Shan couple raised their glasses, greeted Milan and Lin Qinghan also raised the wine glasses in front of them, five wine glasses clashed, emitting a crisp ringing sound.
In the clinking of glasses, Milan and Lin Qinghan gaze at each other, this moment, Milan actually some dare not to look at Lin Qinghan’s gaze, occurred a slight dodge.
Xiao Shan is usually controlled by his wife, the wine can not drink, today found the opportunity, it can be said to be a happy drink, five people drank three bottles.
At the end of the meal, everyone was inebriated.
Zhang Xuan and Xiao Shan sat on the sofa, Xiao Shan asked Zhang Xuan’s experience over the years, for what has happened over the years, Zhang Xuan briefly gave Xiao Shan, said roughly that he was running around, only some time ago returned to Ning Province, settled in Yinzhou, for the rest of the matter, did not mention anything.
You can see, even though Xiao Shan is a mature man in his fifties, his eyes are also a little red.
Back then, a fourteen-year-old child, no one to rely on, so quietly left, tossed around for ten years, where the bitterness, can be imagined.
Lin Qinghan and Milan two women, sitting on another sofa, the two eyes, both on Zhang Xuan.
Because of drinking, these two beauties with distinctly different styles, are pretty red in the face, each with a taste.
“Milan, what do you have, just say it.” Lin Qinghan looked at the look of his best friend beside him that wanted to say something, and took the lead to speak.
“I ……” Milan opened her mouth, prompted by the alcohol, her voice exported, “Qing Han, you said before, you can share your husband a little bit of me, still count?”
Milan met Lin Qinghan’s gaze squarely and did not dodge this time.
Lin Qinghan was silent for several seconds and smiled sweetly, “Of course it counts, this guy is the one who takes the salary to do the job, in the future, you pay 10,000 per month, you share half.”
The first time I heard this, Milan “pfft” laugh out loud: “dead girl, teasing you, look at you nervous, I am in the enamel country, the harem of fresh meat group of hundreds of people, flip cards can not turn over!”
“Cut!” Lin Qinghan nudged his mouth, “What am I nervous about.”
“Not nervous?” Milan blinked at Lin Qinghan with big eyes, “Then tell me, how to sleep tonight, my house can only have three rooms oh.”
“How to sleep ……” Lin Qinghan had not realized this problem before, when Milan asked it, she immediately felt something wrong.
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.
Lin Qinghan a pretty face instantly burned red.
“Damn girl, tonight, you are ready to turn from a girl into a woman.” Milan reached out and pinched Lin Qinghan’s cheeks, and lightly walked towards her room.
The night view of Hangzhou is extraordinarily attractive, originally Zhang Xuan three people thought to go out for a spin in the evening, but things have changed, this dinner drank a lot of wine, now all look very tired, tonight’s trip is intended to close.
The guest bedroom has been packed out, Lin Qinghan stood in front of the door of the guest bedroom hesitated for a long time before walking in, the small woman’s mind, even to sleep together, but also can not let her a girl after climbing into bed is not.
Sitting on the bed, Lin Qinghan only took off her shoes and socks, a heart like a deer in the headlights, she took out her cell phone, sliding the screen aimlessly, but her beautiful eyes glanced at the door of the guest bedroom from time to time.
Zhang Xuan and Xiao Shan chatted for a long time, and only at ten o’clock in the evening did the two of them finish talking and rest separately.
The living room lights went out, Zhang Xuan stood in front of the guest bedroom door and gently pushed the door open, the guest bedroom lights had gone out, and in a haze, Zhang Xuan saw a beautiful body lying on the bed.
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath, sat on the edge of the bed, and gently spoke: “Wife, are you asleep?”
In response to Zhang Xuan, there was a silence, and the sound of Lin Qinghan’s even breathing.
Zhang Xuan slowly climbed onto the bed, gently lifted the covers, and laid down beside Lin Qinghan. The bed in the guest bedroom was only one and a half meters, and two adults lying on it, their bodies inevitably came into contact.
So close, Zhang Xuan can clearly smell the fragrance carried on the woman’s hair.
In the moment Zhang Xuan lay down, Lin please Han originally calm breathing, became rapid, she did not fall asleep, just do not know how to face this kind of thing, after all, this is her first time and a man lying in a bed, for her, this is her closest to a man once.
Zhang Xuan lay on his side, his vision gradually adapted to the darkness, the woman’s perfect silhouette imprinted in his eyes, Zhang Xuan’s eyes, full of tenderness.
He slowly reached out and put the towel quilt over the woman’s body, a simple action that made the woman’s body shudder and feel inexplicably nervous.
Zhang Xuan’s arm slowly stretched out and passed under the woman’s neck, moving gently to wrap the woman into his arms.
All of Zhang Xuan’s movements, Lin Qinghan is able to clearly feel, now she, inwardly carrying a breath of air, extraordinarily contradictory.
Lin Qinghan’s inner mind, is strongly doing a thought struggle.
He’s not going to kiss me, right? What to do? What to do? Should I refuse him? If I refuse, will he be angry, after all, we are already a couple, but if I don’t refuse him, will it be too soon, I’m not ready yet.

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