Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 249

Milan took Lin Qinghan and went directly to the top floor.
As you can see, the higher you go up, the fewer people are looking for jobs, after all, the elite with an annual salary of several million are not everywhere, these are not the top talents in a field.
To the sixth floor, Lin Qinghan found that the people standing on the sixth floor, whether male or female, are young, full of vitality, and features and physical shape are quite excellent.
In the field of boss recruitment, there are also some unspoken rules, such as not recruiting the soon to be married, not recruiting just married, because these two, no matter which, there will be a long leave, such as wedding leave, maternity leave, these will be counted by the boss within the cost of these people, the price on the salary, but also compared to the same level of job seekers, will be somewhat disadvantaged.
And in the sixth floor of the job seekers, simply will not let the boss have these concerns, they will clearly indicate that they will not have wedding leave, maternity leave within a few years of service.
Lin Qinghan took a look at the sixth floor, the entire sixth floor, job-seeking people, but only a handful of more than 20, making the entire sixth floor looks very empty, but the aisle of recruitment, but a lot of people walking, these people, not all to recruit people, some people just come up to appreciate, to see the annual salary of millions of elites, in the end, what are some of the skills.
“These start are double master’s degree ah, proficient in all fields, physical reports are also excellent.” Lin Qinghan stood in front of a young woman, asked the other party several questions, the other party all right answers, some answers, let Lin please Han are praised.
For such a talent, Lin please Han as a business owner, to say that not moved, it is false, but Lin’s current scale is still too small, these talents into Lin’s inside, or some waste.
“Let’s go Qing Han, go up to the seventh floor.” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.
Zhang Xuan followed behind the two women, his gaze also casually watching.
Before going up to the seventh floor, Lin Chen Han had already thought that there might be few people seeking employment on the seventh floor, but she found that the number of people, than she thought, was even less.
The entire seventh floor, only three people seeking employment, and all are young men, these three men, to face has a face, each person’s features are very handsome, to body has a body, suits stand there, like a supermodel, and their talent, this a glance, a security professional, its not only achieved the Hang City several times eighty kilograms of sparring champion, but also proficient in three languages, special forces veterans, just a personal first prize, took several, at the same time on the financial aspects, and research.
On the sign in front of this person, a special note was written that this person’s achievements in the field of finance alone are worth one million eight hundred thousand dollars a year.
There is no shortage of rich people in Hangzhou, Gu such an excellent man to be a personal bodyguard, for many women, are very happy.
Lin Qinghan’s gaze, and swept to the next person, this person, just from the facial features, is a mixed race, handsome face will make those girls crazy, a short hair looks competent and manly, one meter eighty-five height, is definitely the most ideal type for women.
“Oh my, lady, you’re just too beautiful.”
Lin Qinghan looked over and before he could speak first, the other person took the initiative to open his mouth to say hello.
On this person’s profile plate, it was signed as Wang Lun, age twenty-seven.
Lin Qinghan smiled faintly, “You’re too kind.”
“Ma’am, if you are here to recruit someone, I would be happy to serve you.” Wang Lun slightly bent over, his right hand naturally slid down his side, doing a western etiquette.
Lin Qinghan looked, Wang Lun’s annual salary assessment, is eleven million, this price, is now the highest in the talent center, of course, Wang Lun’s talent, is also worthy of such a high annual salary.
D. in the field of finance, graduated from Oxford University in Yingguo, grade 9 in piano, and had made a total of seven financial investments with a total profit of 1.21 billion yuan.
The entire introduction board about Wang Lun was written densely.
Lin Qinghan smiled politely at Wang Lun, “Mr. Wang, our small company, can’t keep this big Buddha like you.”
“Beautiful lady, for your service, I can charge nothing, under my humble banner, there are also several companies, maybe we can reach cooperation with you, and you and I, the two of us, should have a wonderful story to tell.” Wang Lun showed a confident smile, and his gaze always rested on Lin Qinghan.
For a talent like Wang Lun, he was no longer an ordinary job seeker, but a successful one.
Lin Qinghan’s face became slightly unpleasant as she hugged Zhang Xuan’s arm, “Sorry, Mr. Wang, I’m already married and this is my husband, the wonderful story you’re talking about won’t happen to us.”
“Oh?” Wang Lun gave Zhang Xuan an unexpected look, if Lin Qinghan didn’t say it, he really couldn’t tell that this man, who looked like nothing but a slight bright spot in terms of looks, was actually this beautiful woman’s husband, “Madam, with all due respect, you and your husband, are really mismatched.”
“Well-matched or not, it’s not your turn to speak.” Zhang Xuan looked at Wang Lun and spoke.
As a man, being provoked so blatantly, Zhang Xuan certainly could not tolerate it.
Wang Lun smiled, “Sir, I don’t know what kind of confidence you have to be able to accompany this lady, or rather, your achievements to defy my humble self.”
As Wang Lun spoke, he pointed his finger at the identity plate in front of him.
Every piece of information recorded on there manifested Wang Lun’s difference.
Faced with these, Zhang Xuan shook his head and did not say anything.
Perhaps to others, these achievements of Wang Lun’s were awe-inspiring.
But for Zhang Xuan, that deed written at the top one, earning more than a billion dollars through finance, was something he had accomplished several years ago.
Compared to Zhang Xuan, who is known as the god of Wall Street, these achievements of Wang Lun are really too insignificant.
Zhang Xuan stood in front of Wang Lun and examined him from head to tail, “I don’t know what your so-called company does, nor do I know how big your company is, but now you, since you are standing here, should maintain a respectful job seeker, if you can’t even do that, you don’t deserve to stand here, this is your place to show your talent. This is a place for you to show your talent, but not a place for you to be proud, if I were the boss, you such goods, I will be on the first day, because your left foot first into the company door for the reason, let you get out!
Zhang Xuan’s words were extremely sharp, and his voice was undisguised, so that many people could hear him clearly.
Many people instantly looked their eyes over, wondering what was going on.
On the seventh floor of the Talent Center, there were hardly any quarrelsome incidents.

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