Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 251

Just now, when Zhang Xuan reprimanded Wang Lun, many people were still wondering what the identity of this person was, after all, there were too few people who dared to lose their temper on the seventh floor.
When they knew that Zhang Xuan was just an ordinary, unidentified job seeker, and not even five minutes in the professional appraisal room, everyone felt that Zhang Xuan was clamoring for attention.
After all, this world, is a world of ability, no ability to say more words, will not be listened to.
“Big talk, not too ashamed!”
Many onlookers, whispered accusations against Zhang Xuan.
Yang Yuan spared a circle around Zhang Xuan and spoke: “Since you are here to evaluate, why don’t you, please, bring out your comprehensive evaluation, so that we can open our eyes and see what qualifications you have, to let out your grand words here?”
“My husband’s evaluation report is not out yet.” Lin Qinghan spoke out, she naturally couldn’t watch Zhang Xuan being bullied here alone, “Besides, we’re just here to have some fun and make an assessment, these things, they don’t prove a person’s ability.”
“Is it that you can’t prove it, or you don’t have the face to take it out, huh?” Yang Yuan asked gloomily, “Such a big assessment center, can’t it be that it will still bury your talents?”
At this moment, Zhang Xuan’s cell phone rang, and it was an unfamiliar number from Hangzhou.
Zhang Xuan picked up the phone.
“Mr. Zhang Xuan, your evaluation report has come out, where are you now, I will send it to you.”
“It’s on the seventh floor, come up.”
Zhang Xuan hung up the phone and said at Lin Qinghan that the results were out.
“Since you’re out, don’t stay here, looking at some people makes you feel disturbed.” Milan looked at Yang Yuan with disgust, to this Yang family, Milan had no good impression.
Yang Yuan said loudly, “Yo! The results are out, so let’s all take a look! Let’s see what you, in the end, have the confidence of the capital, also let us see, this center today, can refresh the lowest price of assessment!”
Yang Yuan’s words drew a burst of laughter.
Wang Lun spoke: “Yang girl, some people, I’m afraid there is no courage to take out ah.”
“It’s not that I don’t have the courage, it’s my own stuff, it’s my right whether I want to take it out for others to see or not.” Zhang Xuan said so, but his words, no matter who heard them, had a feeling of evasion.
At this moment, a staff member of the center came up on the escalator and shouted, “Which one is Mr. Zhang Xuan, your report is out.”
Upon hearing this, Yang Yuan walked over at the first opportunity and shouted at the staff member, “Come, give me the report!”
Before the staff could react, Yang Yuan took the report results into her hands, and once her eyes glanced upward, she revealed a disdainful look, “Yeah, it’s a little higher than I expected, and the annual salary is 100,000? So, you work a hundred years, work until death, do not eat or drink, topping handsome Wang a year? Really excellent ah, I’m sorry, I underestimated you earlier, I apologize to you, I feel ashamed for what I just said, so I take back what I just said to give you an annual salary of 100,000 words, I give you …… “Yang Yuan pondered for a moment, held out a finger, “100,000 and a piece! !”
Yang Yuan’s words, once again led to a burst of laughter.
Wang Lun stepped forward and said loudly: “Kid, I still just said that, you have to have a little better than me, even if any point, I can say nothing, but it seems that some people, is really not useful, so, I lower the standard, you have to catch up to one tenth of me, I admit, how?”
“Don’t be a tenth, it’s a fraction, it’s ten times more than this kid!” Yang Yuan laughed loudly.
Yang Yuan’s laughter, in the eyes of the surrounding people, does not seem exaggerated at all, a person who is assessed at 100,000 yuan a year, just heckled a person who earns 11 million a year, where did he get the courage, where did he get the confidence? What a disgrace!
Zhang Xuan is a face of doubt, his own assessment price is one hundred thousand? This is not possible ah?
In addition to Zhang Xuan did not believe, Lin Qinghan and Milan also did not believe, the two of them have seen some of Zhang Xuan’s skills, how can not only have an annual salary of 100,000.
Likewise, the bodyguard who was looking for a job on the seventh floor also did not believe it, just the hand that Zhang Xuan played through the introduction card was enough to earn more than a million a year, this 100,000, a little too exaggerated!
“I say the surnamed Yang, you have misread it!” Milan couldn’t help but voice out.
“Wrong? I would be wrong? I’m in contact with billions of dollars every day, I would be wrong?” Yang Yuan sneered.
The staff member who delivered the report results wiped the sweat from his head, he knew Yang Yuan, and spoke, “Ms. Yang, you did …… indeed read it wrong, it was not 100,000, but 100 million ……”
One hundred million?
The staff member’s words brought a brief moment of silence to the scene.
Yang Yuan’s arrogant face, solidified, while Wang Lun’s face, a look of disbelief.
All along, Wang Lun was confident in himself because he knew more, had more contacts, and had achievements, so he knew how good he was, and it was hard for him to even be thinking that there could be a few people whose appraisal price could be higher than his own.
But now what, what did that staff say? 100 million? More than ten times his own? How is this possible!
“You’re kidding me, right?” Yang Yuan questioned.
“I don’t dare.” The staff shook his head repeatedly, “But Ms. Yang, the appraisal price, is indeed 100 million, take a good look again.”
Yang Yuan’s gaze, subconsciously look at the hand that assessment report, assessment report on the annual salary, written a string of zeros, a bit separated in the middle, Yang Yuan see this report, not at all to the million above, naturally think 100,000, after all, someone just said, this person went in to assess, less than five minutes out, how high can be the salary, but now heard, is 100 million?
Such a result, obviously let Yang Yuan some difficult to accept, she will report towards the ground, “I say you center, now also more and more irresponsible, right, you say 100 million is 100 million, he has what ability?”
The staff member’s face was a bit embarrassed, “Ms. Yang, I’m just a report deliverer, but 100 million is only the salary of this Mr. Zhang Xuan in one field of assessment, today, Mr. Zhang Xuan has a total of ten fields of assessment, the highest one of assessment salary, 160 million, and the lowest one, is 67 million.”
The staff’s words made Yang Yuan, all subconsciously let out a cry of surprise.
Assessment of ten items, the lowest one, are assessed at sixty-seven million, the highest, is one hundred and sixty million, this center has ever assessed the highest price is how much? Thirteen million!

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