Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 252

The words of the staff, let the onlookers, have a kind of unreal feeling.
Even Lin Qinghan and Zhang Xuan both opened their big mouths and looked at Zhang Xuan with astonishment.
Although, both of them had seen Zhang Xuan’s ability, they didn’t think too much about it, thinking that Zhang Xuan could have an appraisal price between one and a half million and three million, but they didn’t expect that it would be such a figure?
“Impossible! Absolutely impossible!” Yang Yuan shook her head with disbelief on her face, “He clearly just went to each professional room for only a few minutes, how could he have evaluated such a high price? Your center, is it a false offer!”
Hearing Yang Yuan say this, the staff’s face was a little unhappy, he said, “Ms. Yang, our center’s appraisal, is very authoritative, there has never been a case of false quotation.”
“Then how do you explain the fact that he only went in for five minutes per room?” Wang Lun stepped forward and asked, “As I recall, when I first evaluated it, I answered a total of more than ten questions and it took nearly two hours.”
The staff explained, “Mr. Wang Lun, when you were assessed, it was the examiner who asked you questions and you were thinking and answering, while Mr. Zhang Xuan, it was he who asked the examiner questions!”
Wang Lun glanced at his mouth, “Asking the examiner questions? How come I’ve never heard of such a rule in your center.”
“Because this rule was re-established because of the appearance of Mr. Zhang Xuan, for each test, Mr. Zhang Xuan, only used five minutes to explode our center’s question bank, when the examiner did not have any questions to ask, naturally it was Mr. Zhang Xuan, who asked the examiner questions, if you, Mr. Wang Lun, can also explode our center’s question bank within five minutes, you can also be like Mr. Zhang Xuan Like Mr. Zhang Xuan, ask the examiner a question.”
The staff replied, and his answer caused a moment of dumbfoundedness to appear on Wang Lun’s face.
As someone who had taken the test, Wang Lun knew very well that the question bank of this center covered how vast the amount of knowledge, when he answered it, he racked his brain and used almost two hours to answer more than ten questions, but now he heard that someone had actually exploded the question bank in five minutes? If someone else who has nothing to do with the center said this matter now, Wang Lun would have thought the other party was joking.
“How is this kind of thing possible! One person, who is proficient in ten fields, and also in each specialty, just took five minutes to explode your question bank, don’t you think, there is something wrong with it?” Yang Yuan simply did not accept such a fact, “I, as a recruiter, am now very skeptical of this Zhang Xuan’s gold content, I demand proof!”
“Of course.” The staff member nodded, “Ms. Yang Yuan, how do you want to ask for proof?”
“I just took a look, this Zhang Xuan, isn’t the highest evaluation price in the security item, so let’s ask for proof on this item, I need to see his actual combat ability!” Yang Yuan sneered.
She deliberately picked such an item, with a strong purpose.
The staff member nodded and said at Zhang Xuan: “Mr. Zhang Xuan, according to the rules of the center, after you conduct the assessment, the recruiter will ask for another confirmation of the assessment results, this confirmation method, will be conducted in real combat, you can refuse, but if you refuse, this assessment result will be nullified.”
This rule of the assessment center is very humane, and also speaks of a true gold is not afraid of fire.
Yang Yuan raised her eyebrows, looked at Zhang Xuan, and spoke, “What, the surname Zhang, dare not confirm again? The question bank can be memorized, but if you move your fists and feet, there will be no one to accompany you in your drama!”
Zhang Xuan rested his hand, “Whatever.”
After getting Zhang Xuan’s promise, Yang Yuan revealed a look of triumph, “Good, in that case, let me see if you are as powerful as the assessment says!”
Originally watching the lively people, are also very curious, after all, this center, or the first time to explode such a price it, everyone wants to meet, an appraisal price at 160 million, in the end what kind of ability!
In the appraisal center, there is a special set of facilities for security personnel to practice.
Yang Yuan made a phone call, I do not know what all was said on the phone, only to see the smile on her face more and more flourishing.
Under the leadership of the staff, a group of people came to the sixth floor.
The higher the floor, the fewer people applied for the job, and the more vacant positions there were.
Generally, people who recruit bodyguards will look at the bodyguard’s actual combat ability. When Zhang Xuan’s group arrived at the actual combat room, they found that there were many people gathered in it.
The actual combat room is very large, divided into several rings, the people who will fight in the actual combat, will be in the ring to win or lose.
Each ring, there will be a ring master, the ring master’s body will be placed on the ring, the people who conduct the actual battle, will each pick the ring master.
However, the highest price of these ring masters was only five million, so naturally, they were not comparable to Zhang Xuan.
The staff member who led Zhang Xuan and the others over arranged the ring masters for Zhang Xuan to challenge.
Yang Yuan put a stop to the staff’s arrangement, “We will arrange for the actual fighters.”
The staff replied with some embarrassment, “Ms. Yang, this seems to be a bit out of line with the rules, right?”
Yang Yuan said with amusement, “Rules? Have you ever arranged a real battle for someone with an annual salary of $160 million? Which of these people on the stage can prove it? I will arrange the people, if you do not agree, this time the results of the actual battle, I do not agree!”
“This ……” the staff member looked at Zhang Xuan with some difficulty.
Zhang Xuan nodded, “I’m at liberty.”
After getting Zhang Xuan’s answer, the staff member had some spectrum in his heart and specially arranged a ring for Zhang Xuan and so on for the actual battle.
“Milan, you’re back?” A voice of surprise rang out from the side.
Just see, an age of about thirty years old, not quite beautiful-looking, but a very remarkable temperament of the woman slowly walked over, in this woman’s side, followed by a female bodyguard with short hair and competent movements.
When she saw this temperamental woman, Milan’s face also showed surprise, “Sister Hong?”
“You girl, you don’t know to give sis a word when you come back.” A trace of blame appeared on Sister Hong’s face, “What are you doing here today, looking for a bodyguard?”
“No.” Milan shook her head and pointed down at Zhang Xuan, “Accompanying a friend to do a test.”
“A test? What price?” Sister Rainbow was obviously well aware of the rules here and asked directly.
“Yo, isn’t this Aunt Hong? What, your friend?” Yang Yuan came leisurely from the side, “What, you also want to get involved?”
“I thought who is it, it turns out to be the princess of Yongfeng Industry, huh?” Sister Hong glanced at Yang Yuan, “This is your Yang family’s place? Still can’t let me come?”
“Huh.” Yang Yuan laughed lightly, “Where Aunt Hong goes, how do I care, I just came to test to see if some people’s evaluation prices, like the center reviews out.”

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