Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 257

Standing in the art center, Milan and Lin Qinghan both looked at the oil paintings on the wall, these paintings, not only in the painting skills, the use of color and the shading of light expression reached the heightened technology, but also have a deep level of allegorical expression.
“Zhang Xuan, do not you know how to paint, what do you think, this painting expresses?” Milan pointed to a painting on the wall, the painting is a man and a woman, sitting on a swing, the woman snuggled in the arms of the man.
Zhang Xuan looked at the painting and a smile appeared on his face.
Milan pointed to this painting, it can be said that he looked at the Philadelphia painting out, this painting although the painting is extremely evocative, but to say that the expression, Zhang Xuan did not think that expressed what, because this painting, that is, at that time, the white pool of the goods looking for a foreign actress, and people are sitting on the swing flirtation, the results of the Philadelphia saw, painted out, but the face of the man and woman painted a lot of blur.
Express what? This was then a manifestation of Filger’s goodwill to the white pool.
Of course, this painting is how out, Zhang Xuan certainly can not tell the truth to Milan, not to mention Milan believe it or not, that is, for the reputation of the Philadelphia himself, is also bad.
In Zhang Xuan their status, there are some subtle rules, such as some star giants, in front of them no matter how humble, they will not say out.
Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment, “The meaning expressed in this painting …… well, probably the envy and admiration of a life.”
Zhang Xuan thought about it for a moment and could only explain it that way.
Zhang Xuan’s words just fell, next to a voice rang out, “Joke! This painting shows, is clearly a hazy love, can see, the painting of the woman snuggled in the arms of the man, the man did not embrace the woman, but he grabbed the swing hands, robust and strong, giving a sense of reassurance, which shows that the man loves this woman, he is guarding this woman at the same time, but also try to create a happy life for her.”
Zhang Xuan glanced at the person who spoke, he happened to have met before, it was the middle-aged man who stood next to Yang Haifeng this morning, when the art center was not yet open.
The middle-aged man continued to speak: “The man in the painting, sitting on a wooden swing, indicating that his family is not very good, he did not dare to embrace the woman, indicating that he has some internal inferiority complex, that he did not give his lover a good life, while the woman, showing a kind of unrelenting, the swing has obviously shaken, she is still willing to sit with this man, to share the burden! This is a kind of love that people envy, not the so-called envy and admiration!”
After the middle-aged man finished, he looked at Zhang Xuan with a dissatisfied face, “The painting, is for fine taste and viewing, the meaning expressed in it, is not so shallow as some people’s eyes, I really can’t understand, what qualifications do people like you have to come to Master Felger’s painting exhibition?”
The middle-aged man spoke without mercy, obviously at the behest of Yang Haifeng.
Zhang Xuan only laughed at this kind of statement. I guess even Filger himself didn’t expect that his casual painting at the beginning would be associated with so many emotions by others, right?
When the painting, white pool that goods is indeed grabbing the swing, he only felt that the swing than the woman in the arms is more fun, and the woman in the arms, not what is not abandoned, at first only after knowing the identity of white pool, to go to the embrace, for this kind of embrace of the woman, white pool has seen too much, simply did not take it to heart.
Also in love?
Zhang Xuan think about it and feel speechless, white pool that goods have what kind of love? That is clearly a prodigal son, never see which girl can keep his heart.
The middle-aged man’s sharp words made Yang Haifeng satisfied, he nodded and said to Zhang Xuan, “Kid, not that kind of person, don’t come here to pretend, if you don’t know how to paint, don’t talk nonsense, OK?”
Zhang Xuan laughed, “How do you know I’m talking nonsense?”
“Heh.” Yang Haifeng laughed, “Do you think that Master Filger, would envy a man and a woman on this swing? This is just a way for him to express his emotions!”
“Whatever.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, too lazy to explain to Yang Haifeng.
“I think people like you really don’t deserve to be here, nonsense, it’s just disgusting.” The middle-aged man beside Yang Haifeng said.
“I think that you are the one who is disgusting when you stay here!” Milan spoke directly, “A painting, we can look at it how we want, and interpret it how we want, what do you care?”
“You are insulting art!” The middle-aged man directly spoke up loudly and rebuked.
The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth hooked up a smile, “Making a gesture is the insult to art, right? In this painting, it is clear that it does not express so much meaning, and you can bullshit yourself?”
“Joke! Painting is by experience, this kind of experience, how can people like you, understand?” The middle-aged man was full of ridicule.
At this very moment, a commotion rang out in the crowd.
Every time, Master Filger’s painting exhibition, Filger himself would show up and explain some of his understanding of the painting to the crowd.
The appearance of Master Filger caused many people to gather around.
This is a nearly fifty-year-old middle-aged man, with a large beard, the back of the head tied a long defense, not to mention a man in his fifties, is placed in the young, the image of Filger, can also be said to be trendy.
Many people, like the master Filger questions the mood of each painting.
“Master Filger, can you say, what is the mood expressed by this painting?” The middle-aged man standing next to Yang Haifeng came over and asked cautiously.
The painting this middle-aged man was talking about was the one he had just argued with Zhang Xuan about.
“This painting?” Felger looked his gaze over, he hadn’t noticed Zhang Xuan for a moment, “This painting honestly doesn’t really have much context.”
“No context?” Felger’s words, in the ears of the rest of the people, were a bit unbelievable.
For this painting of his own, Felger still remembered the kind of situation in which he painted it in the first place.
The more successful people are, the more they can see their own insignificance, Filger still remembered when he first saw that group of characters, the envy and aspiration in his heart, his own achievements, in front of those people, is simply worthless.
Seeing this painting, Filger remembered that group of people at that time, sighed, “If I have to say the mood, I can only say that I envy and admiration for this kind of life ……”
What Filger said, and what Zhang Xuan just said, exactly the same!
Such an explanation caused Yang Haifeng and the middle-aged man beside him to flinch in unison.

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