Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 26

The two women who came down from the car had two very different styles, but both were so attractive. The woman who came down from the main driver had long hair, black smooth and silky, without powder, but impeccable.
Lin Qinghan wore a sky blue dress, the white wrist with a platinum bracelet, two diamonds shining, white neck, a system of silver flashes, and the white neck reflect each other.
Her appearance seems to be destined to become the main character and attract people’s attention.
“Qing Han, you’re here!” A Shuo Lang’s voice sounded, and he saw a 1.8 meter tall, handsome looking youth wearing an Armani suit striding towards Lin Qinghan, and in the youth’s eyes, there was full of adoration.
“Song Tao, it’s been a long time.” Lin Qinghan smiled faintly at the youth.
“Yes, it’s been a long time, you’re still so beautiful.” Song Tao took the initiative to reach out to Lin Qinghan, the sizzling heat that popped out of his eyes could be seen by anyone.
“I say Song Tao, once you see Qinghan, you ignore others? Can’t you see that I’m standing here?” Milan, who was wearing a black dress, said in an unpleasant tone, her temperament, unlike Lin Qinghan’s kind of ethereal, but more English, so that people will feel good because of her temperament as soon as they meet.
As for Lin Qinghan, it will give people a feeling that they can only watch from afar, but not profane.
“Haha! Of course not, I was just stunned by the aura of the two great beauties.” Song Tao let out a big smile, “Come, everyone is almost here, just waiting for the two of you, go in.”
Song Tao greeted the two women and went into the hotel.
Silver City Police Station.
Zhang Xuan lying on a wide office chair, enjoying the chilled watermelon prepared for him by the director, Han gentle sitting on the side, hands clutching his chest, staring dead at Zhang Xuan, anger emerged from his eyes.
Now Han gentle has been sure that this surnamed Zhang, 100% is which family’s grandson young master, let rich, reckless, they must let him eat the bitterness.
Soon, it was time to go off duty, the officers of the Criminal Investigation Division left one after another.
“Han team, you do not go?” A police officer looked at Han gentle.
“Not leaving!” Han gentle tone full of irritation, a pair of eyes deadly stare at Zhang Xuan, just thinking of what can be used to make this person suffer, after watching the surveillance video of Han gentle already understand, this Zhang Xuan is at the bus station by a few gangsters forced to rack away, according to the normal procedure to go, he just need to make a statement and then can leave.
However, Zhang Xuan’s appearance, but angered Han gentle, especially when he said he stood there and did not move, a few strong men fell in front of him bullshit, so Han gentle very, very unhappy!
Han tender eyes to see the Criminal Investigation Division less and less people, until only she and Zhang Xuan, she looked at the upper left corner of the office security camera, and then silent camera power off, fists, towards Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan had just finished eating a chilled watermelon and was sitting on a wide office chair, wiping his mouth with a satisfied face, when he saw this beautiful police woman walking towards him.
“Beauty, you ……” Zhang Xuan was just about to open his mouth when he saw a pink fist quickly enlarge in his pupils.
Zhang Xuan’s head gently deviated, easily dodged Han tender fist, reached out his foot in front of Han tender legs gently tossed, Han tender only felt a moment of unstable weight, the whole person planted forward.
This planting, just so Han tenderness the entire upper body are flung to Zhang Xuan’s body.
Zhang Xuan at this moment, can clearly smell the fragrance of Han tender hair, a softness in front of the body is particularly obvious, if the uninformed, but also thought Han tender in the bird’s head nestled in Zhang Xuan’s chest.
Zhang Xuan under the office chair because of the force of a slow rotation, such a rotation so that no point of force Han gentle again produced a decline, originally lying on Zhang Xuan’s chest small head, moving towards Zhang Xuan’s abdomen.
“Team Han, it’s not good!”
“Boom!” With a sound, the door of the Criminal Investigation Division, which was originally closed tightly, was violently pushed open by a police officer.
Originally anxious face of the police officer because of the scene in front of him, immediately became dumbfounded, he saw, the police force female tyrannosaurus known as the Han team, is lying on a man’s that ……
The next second, the officer immediately exited the office and closed the door behind him.
About ten seconds later, the office door was pulled open from the inside, and saw Han tender walked out in anger, leaving a good look at him, and then quickly left.
The police officer who rushed into the office earlier nodded repeatedly, and only after Han tenderly left did he carefully push open the office door and give a thumbs up to Zhang Xuan who was sitting on the office chair.
“Dude, bully!”
Regular people spend the night in a strange place, will feel extra long, but this is nothing for Zhang Xuan, the night passed, Zhang Xuan spirited to do the transcript, routine.
Stuck in the water town, Milan was standing in front of the villa door with an anxious face.
“Qinghan, why hasn’t your husband come back yet, the concert will start soon!”
Lin Qinghan, wearing a black dress, with her hair coiled behind her head, shook her head at Milan, “I can’t get through on the phone, he should still be busy, every time he works, he puts his phone aside.”
Although Lin Qinghan said so, but in fact, her cell phone at all and Zhang Xuan’s call records, at the moment she celebrated in her heart, it seems that this Zhang Xuan is quite smart well, know that some things can not be found out, simply concert this day does not appear, well done!
“But …… can this ticket are ordered ah!” Milan anxious in the courtyard, she specially prepared several professional questions last night, ready to be in today’s concert will be that emotional liar demolished! But if you don’t come, it’s all for nothing!
“Okay, let’s go first, I sent him a text message, he will come by himself after he is busy, let’s go.” Lin Qinghan grabbed Mulan’s small hand, half dragged and half pulled Milan to the car.
Pajif, the world famous pianist, the news about him to do a world tour came out, the whole music industry went crazy for it, the schedule of Yinzhou City was set three months ago, and the day the schedule was set, the concert tickets were snapped up, thus it can be seen, how great is the charm of Pajif.
Silver State Music Hall, when Lin Qinghan and Milan arrived here, there were crowded people outside the hall, and the security was trying their best to keep the peace.
“Huh? Qinghan?” A slightly surprised male voice sounded behind Lin Pleasehan.
Lin Qinghan turned around and frowned slightly, “Song Tao?”
The one standing behind Lin Qinghan was none other than Song Tao, who had shown strong love for Lin Qinghan at the class reunion yesterday.
“Haha, what a coincidence.” Song Tao laughed out loud a few times, “Qing Han you guys are also here to see the concert?”

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