Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 263

Jing Ruoxi is a proud daughter of the sky, she comes from a privileged background, her father is the secretary of the municipal party committee of Hangzhou, she is beautiful and has an excellent figure, so to speak, is a perfect woman.
Such a woman, many people would associate her as a lady of the house.
But Jing Ruoxi is just the opposite, she has been bursting with a sense of justice since childhood and likes something violent. When other women are chasing bubble dramas, she likes Jing Wu Men, and when others are watching TV variety shows and like fresh meat, she watches shows like Ultimate Fighting.
Jing Ruoxi’s father wanted his daughter to learn qin, chess, calligraphy and painting from a young age, but Jing Ruoxi, however, was only interested in things like taekwondo and combat.
After growing up, Jing Ruoxi defied her father’s opposition and jumped into the criminal police force in Hangzhou.
Jing Ruoxi’s father saw that he could not persuade his daughter, and could only go with her wishes, but in the city bureau, Jing Ruoxi’s father also played a good greeting.
Although working in the Interpol team, but Jing Ruoxi has never done a big case, the director of the City Bureau, simply do not dare to let this little princess suffer a little injury.
Such a feeling, let Jing Ruoxi very suffocating, she became a police officer, in order to solve the case, to catch thieves.
Since the Interpol team can not solve the case, Jing Ruoxi decided to find a way to solve the case, she based on their own relations, inquiring about a group of bandits, in the near future will be on the Xiao Group’s Xiao Shan, for a research data in the hands of Xiao Shan.
From the day she got the information, Jing Ruoxi has been secretly following Xiao Shan, waiting for the gang of bandits to appear.
Today, finally let Jing Ruoxi wait, when she saw that the bandits are placing time bombs, directly shot.
But Jing Ruoxi found that she was a little too high on herself, she originally thought that a group of ordinary gangsters, they can deal with no problem, but now realized that what they know, is too little, especially in terms of practical experience, is not the opponent, just a few moves later, they were completely pressed.
Seeing the thug kick towards himself, Jing Ruoxi hurriedly reached out to resist, but simply did not expect the other party is just a false dangle, the real kill move in the hand, Jing Ruoxi too late to react, was a hand knife heavy cut in the neck, immediately felt a heavy head, a little force can not be used.
“It’s over!”
This is the last thought in Jing Ruoxi’s mind, the pain coming from the neck, let her even reaction speed is full of a lot, facing the attack of the criminals, can only be defeated.
The first time I saw the man, I was in the middle of the night, and I was in the middle of the night.
At this point, a strong arm held Jing Ruoxi’s body that was about to fall.
Jing Ruoxi did not have time to see who it was, listen to a magnetic voice sounded, “What is the point of fighting with a woman, let’s fight.”
At the same time as speaking, the owner of the voice, will Jing Ruoxi to help steady stand.
Jing Ruoxi only then had the opportunity to look at the person who came, this is a very ordinary dressed youth, the appearance is called small handsome, but his pair of eyes, such as the vast river of stars, let a person look, can not help but be intoxicated.
“Your movements are swift, and your strength is not worse than his, just not as ruthless as his, what he used, is a killing move, while what you used, is a grabbing move.” Zhang Xuan looked at Jing Ruoxi and spoke, “This kind of person, you want to defeat him, it’s easy, you just need to do it, just be more ruthless than him, just like this!”
As soon as the word “kind” fell, Zhang Xuan’s body moved, he went straight to the gangster, no extra tricks, just a punch, pointed straight at the gangster’s face.
Zhang Xuan’s punch was swift and powerful, with a strong sonic boom, facing this punch, the thug could only dodge, but Zhang Xuan’s combat experience is not comparable to this thug, waiting for this thug, is Zhang Xuan’s knee and elbow.
These are the two places where the human body can bring the strongest striking force.
Almost at the same time, Zhang Xuan’s elbow and knee ruthlessly hit the body of the gangster, the original vicious gangster, this time fly backwards out.
This set of movements, in Jing Ruoxi’s opinion, is undoubtedly swift and direct.
Just Zhang Xuan showed the speed, and Jing Ruoxi not much difference, but the results, is a world of difference, this is the difference in combat experience!
Jing Ruoxi’s beautiful big eyes showed a glint of light, Zhang Xuan’s action, opened a new door for her.
“See, if you’re tougher than him, he’s no match for you.” Zhang Xuan clapped his hands.
“I’ve been taught.” Jing Ruoxi nodded at Zhang Xuan, drew the handcuffs out from her slender rear waist, and took a big step towards the thug.
The thug was hit by Zhang Xuan’s elbow and knee and lay on the ground, sending spasms all over his body, but the moment Jing Ruoxi approached, the thug’s spastic appearance suddenly disappeared.
“Be careful!” Zhang Xuan shouted, but it was too late.
If it was Zhang Xuan himself, he would have been able to react, but Jing Ruoxi obviously did not think that much, and saw the thug leap up, a pistol appeared from his hand, straight to Jing Ruoxi’s head.
The cold pistol, emitting a stern intention, can take away a person’s life at any time.
Jing Ruoxi simply did not think that in China, there was someone who could hold a gun!
“Damn it!” The bandit cursed, the pistol held against Jing Ruoxi’s forehead with force, Jing Ruoxi subconsciously took two steps backwards.
The bandit looked at Zhang Xuan and cursed: “Kid, you’re not very good at fighting, come on, let’s see if my gun is fast, or your fist is fast!”
Zhang Xuan looked at the bandit and did not show any panic, “You are here with a mission, today fired a gun, you think you can get away?”
“Cut the fucking crap.” The bandit grabbed Jing Ruoxi’s shoulder and blocked it in front of himself, then pointed aside with his gun, “Go and drive that car over to me, quick!”
Before the bandit could finish his sentence, the gun was once again placed against Jing Ruoxi’s head.
“No for the question, you want to go, is the right choice, after all, the money comes more, have a life to spend, right?” Zhang Xuan while giving psychological hints to the bandits, while walking over, the reception car parked in the clubhouse courtyard to start up, this kind of reception car, usually the key is in the car.
Soon, this reception car was driven by Zhang Xuan to the bandits.
The bandits yelled at Jing Ruoxi: “Quick, open the door and get in! Don’t fucking make me mad, I’m mad, no one lives!”
Jing Ruoxi took a deep breath, forced to hold back the panic, open the door.
In the car, the bandits breathing heavily, “Go! Laozi let you drive how you want! Don’t play tricks!”
“No problem, I’ll send you out of town.” Zhang Xuan deliberately smiled at the bandit, stepped on the gas pedal, and drove the car smoothly out of the clubhouse.

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