Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 266

For others, Shan Zhuang has a noble status and cannot be provoked at will, but for Zhang Xuan himself, there is no one in this world that he, Zhang Xuan, does not dare to touch!
Zhang Xuan’s arrival caused the people around him to cast a burst of ridiculing glances.
“Yo, this coward is here now?”
“Who was the one who just ran so fast, just like a monkey?”
“Quite a tough mouth!”
Those of the younger generation, who were friends with Shan Zhuang, spoke out one after another.
Some of the older generation, also pointed at Zhang Xuan, do not know what to say, probably similar words, after all, when Zhang Xuan fled through the window, we all saw in the eyes.
Shan Zhuang disdainful smile, “I say, what courage you have to say such things in front of me, in just now, based on the timing of your escape, I have reason to suspect that you are in cahoots with those thugs, come a few people, cuff him to me!”
Shan Zhuang bellowed.
The police officers, who were still working, all subconsciously stopped their actions.
Shan Zhuang roared again, “this man, catch me, do not let him escape!”
Those police officers looked back and forth for a few moments, and then came towards Zhang Xuan.
Shan Zhuang revealed a cold smile, unafraid of Zhang Xuan said: “Kid, do not see where this is, do not ask about what I do! I’d like to see, what you take to tear my mouth!”
“Junior, you got into trouble, ah, too high profile, really not good.” An old boss who was still close to Xiao Shan whispered to Zhang Xuan, shaking his head regretfully.
A police officer took out handcuffs and was about to cuff Zhang Xuan’s hands on the spot.
“What are you doing! Why do you have the right to arrest my husband!” Lin Qinghan shouted and blocked in front of Zhang Xuan, “As law enforcement officers, do you still have any king’s law!”
“King’s law? I’m telling you, I’m the king’s law here!” Shan Zhuang said nonchalantly, “If you want your husband to be safe and sound, that’s fine, as long as you climb into my bed tonight, I’ll make sure he’s fine, how about that?”
Shan Zhuang licked his lips and stared at Lin Qinghan, with desire in his eyes.
Lin Qinghan’s face turned blue with anger at Shan Zhuang’s words, “You are simply shameless!”
“Huh.” Shan Zhuang laughed frivolously, “If you don’t want to, then let your husband suffer, I tell you, I have countless ways to play him to death! Cuff me!”
The officer with the handcuffs put the handcuffs on the spot towards Zhang Xuan’s wrists.
“Mr. Shan, I’m afraid this is a bit unreasonable, this godson of mine, obviously has nothing to do with those bandits, even if you want to arrest someone, you have to have a proof, right?” Xiao Shan, who had not spoken all along, was no longer silent at this time.
“I say, Mr. Xiao, are you not good in the head, just such a goods, you still protect him?” Shan Zhuang skimmed a smile, “forget how he left you to run away before? To be honest, I have a dog, are more protective than him!”
Xiao Shan shook his head and said, “Mr. Shan, let’s put aside what kind of person this godson of mine is, he didn’t break the law, so you have no right to arrest him!”
For Zhang Xuan’s character, Xiao Shan really does not understand, he only knows that back then, this is a very endearing child, understanding, polite, do not like to cause trouble, but ten years have passed, people change, now Xiao Shan, no longer sure if Zhang Xuan is like back then, understanding and kind, but he absolutely can not watch Zhang Xuan accident, if anything happens to Zhang Xuan, he himself can not forgive himself.
Shan Zhuang smiled, “Mr. Xiao, you say I do not have the right to arrest him, then who has the right, do not forget, I am also a police officer, I am going to arrest him now, who dares to stop me?”
Shan Zhuang rushed aside to reach out and ordered, “Give my police officer’s card, give this Mr. Xiao a good look, and give me the handcuffs!”
A police officer jogged over and took out a police officer’s ID, the owner of which was clearly Shan Zhuang.
At the same time, the officer with the handcuffs, handed the handcuffs to Shan Zhuang.
Shan Zhuang took the handcuffs, smiled, and directly handcuffed Zhang Xuan’s wrists.
In response, Zhang Xuan didn’t even dodge.
Lin Qinghan and Milan, as well as Xiao Shan, all three had anxious faces.
“Duke Shan, this matter, I have to file a complaint!”
“Whatever, if you can prove that he is not guilty, you can take him away anytime.” Shan Zhuang said indifferently, “Only now, well, lock him up for me and take good care of him!”
The word “care”, Shan Zhuang bite very heavy.
The people in the room, the heart is like a mirror, really let Shan Zhuang took away the person, and when the person is fished out again, maybe this person is tortured into what kind, that Shan Zhuang, is not a good man and woman ah.
But now, what can be done?
In the end, this is a man-eat-man society, everyone’s status is there, who has the courage to mess with the single bank?
Xiao Shan’s face, extraordinarily ugly, the heart is also blaming themselves, if they did not call Zhang Xuan today, which came so many things?
But this moment, Xiao Shan really can not think of any good way, today this loss, is sure to eat ah!
In the crowd, a bustle of voices rang out.
“Good day, captain.”
“The captain is here.”
Those police officers, because of the arrival of a person, all rose to greet.
A middle-aged man in his forties appeared, this person Zhang Xuan had just met, even to come to the police station, it was sent by others.
Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Criminal Investigation team leader, Qiang Yan.
The company has been in this line of work for more than twenty years, called the old seniority, also has a high voice in the Municipal Bureau, the ability to solve cases is very strong, very valued.
“What is the case today? Is there anyone injured?” Qiang Yan swept a glance, saw a single Zhuang, but did not go up to greet with others, light asked about the case.
“No one was injured, all eight bandits were in possession of knives, one earth explosive was seized, and the property damage is still being estimated.”
“OK, I have important things to deal with here, report back to me if there is anything.”
Shan Zhuang looked at Qiang Yan and opened his mouth, although no sound came out, but he could tell what he was saying by his mouth shape.
Shan Zhuang was saying, old thing.
Obviously, for this Qiang Yan who did not give himself face, Shan Zhuang was also very dissatisfied, only that he dared to open up to others, to Shan Zhuang for a while can not come up with the faction.
After all, in ordinary life, Qiang Yan is with Shan Zhuang his old man on equal footing, the relationship is also good.
Qiang Yan was ready to walk away with his feet, but was called to stop.
Xiao Shan walked quickly towards Qiang Yan, “Captain Qiang, I think this matter, your police force did something unreasonable!”
Those enterprise bosses looked at Xiao Shan’s behavior, they all felt unworthy for Xiao Shan, for a white-eyed wolf, is this Xiao Shan really ready to throw his weight around?
Qiang Yan was Xiao Shan said, “General Xiao, what do you mean by that?”
“Your police force, can you just arrest people without evidence?” Xiao Shan smoothly pointed his hand.
Qiang Yan looked over and instantly saw Zhang Xuan, who had already been handcuffed.

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