Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 27

“Just call me by my full name.” Lin Qinghan’s attitude towards Song Tao is somewhat cold, this is only because yesterday, Song Tao kept drumming Lin Qinghan to drink, also proposed some ambiguous drinking games, if not Lin Qinghan long experience in shopping malls, the banquet also involved in more, can not think of ways to refuse.
In last night, Lin Qinghan also clearly told Song Tao, she has been married, but Song Tao still did not half step back, after three rounds of wine, but also in front of many old classmates and Lin Qinghan confession, made Lin Qinghan extremely embarrassed.
“Qinghan, all old classmates, make so foreign why.” Song Tao simply ignored Lin Qinghan’s words, walked directly to Lin Qinghan, reached out and grabbed towards Lin Qinghan’s white wrist.
Lin Qinghan stepped back and dodged Song Tao’s grip.
“Song Tao, have some self-respect, Milan, let’s go!” Lin Qinghan’s pupils glared at Song Tao with anger, pulled Milan up and walked towards the music hall.
Song Tao looked at Lin Qinghan’s stunning back, his gaze was full of aggression, he slightly tidied up his upper body’s burgundy suit, a playful smile hung on his face, “Bitch, I’ll see how long you can still be arrogant, there will be a day when you beg me!”
Yinzhou City Police Station.
Zhang Xuan in Han gentle gaze wanting to kill strutted out of the police station door, took out his cell phone to look at the time, 10:00 am.
Suddenly, Zhang Xuan heart “thud”.
“Finished! Today to go to the concert! Oh, no!” Zhang Xuan has always been calm and composed look suddenly became panic, even in the gunfire he can walk leisurely, now as if encountered a big problem.
Zhang Xuan made a phone call and had someone check the time of the concert, and was relieved to learn that the concert would not end until 1:30 at noon.
“It looks like it’s still too late, but there’s always a way to remedy the situation.” Zhang Xuan looked at the direction of the city and slowly exhaled a breath.
At twelve noon, the streets around the Music Hall in Yinzhou City, every fifty meters, there were two uniformed traffic police standing, and the parking lot of the Music Hall was full of luxury cars, looking at those license plate numbers, most of them were from the provinces, for the Pajif’s concert, many people had to come here even though they had to travel thousands of miles.
A global limited edition Aston Martin parked in front of the music hall, a handsome looking youth, is wearing a casual suit, leaning on the car door, chatting with two wonderful girls in front of him, the two girls from time to time let out a delicate laugh, throwing winks at the handsome youth.
A suit of Zhang Xuan sweating appeared in front of the music hall, saw the handsome youth, waved to him.
The youth who was smiling at the two girls one second, immediately became serious the next second he saw Zhang Xuan, and ignored the two girls, quickly ran to Zhang Xuan, “Boss, you’re here.”
“Where is Pajif?” Zhang Xuan directly opened his mouth and asked.
Zhang Xuan’s words, to be heard by others, will be greatly surprised, who would not be full of respect when mentioning the three words Pajif, followed by the word master, but listen to Zhang Xuan’s tone, as if a teacher is asking his students where they have arrived.
“Long waiting inside, originally this concert he was going to play thirteen pieces, after knowing you were coming, nothing to run to the door, now only played four, said the boss, you wear so formal today, is planning to perform on stage?” The handsome young man wondered.
“Hmm.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head.
Silver State Music Hall, with a total of three thousand seven hundred and seventy-eight seats, had long been filled with people, and although for two hours, Grandmaster Pajif only played four pieces, it still made the trip worthwhile.
Lin Qinghan and Milan sat in the third row of seats, the stage dim lights among the filled with a hint of daylight, intoxicating.
Elegant music sounded.
Milan’s face was intoxicated, “Qinghan, do you still remember, when we were in college, we were lying on the lawn, talking about our wishes for the future?”
“Of course I remember.” Lin Qinghan nodded gently, a retrospective look in her eyes, “At that time, you and I both loved music, and I said that I looked forward to the day when the person I loved the most could play a piece just for me at a concert.”
When Lin Qinghan said this, a trace of loss showed in his eyes again unnoticeably.
Think about the wish back then, and then think about your present, it is out of reach.
Milan laughed, “Back then, we were quite childish.”
“Yes, it’s quite childish.” Lin Qinghan’s pretty face showed a self-deprecating smile, “But the wish is indeed quite beautiful, nowadays, we don’t have time to fantasize about this, occasionally coming to hear the master play, for us, it’s already very rare.”
The two women were talking in whispers when suddenly, a spotlight came down from the top of the stage and shone straight on Lin Qinghan, the only person in the dimly lit audience was Lin Qinghan, bathed in this white light.
In the surround sound of the music hall, the loud voice of the host also sounded at the right time.
“Gentlemen and ladies, today, we have received a special request from a gentleman to confess his love to the woman he loves at today’s concert, and Master Pajif’s disciple, Master Yelazi, will present a song!”
As soon as the host’s words fell, in the music hall, a beautiful piano accompaniment sounded.
And all eyes were focused on Lin Qinghan’s body.
The music was elegant, like flowing water, slowly flowing, a violin sounded, the sound was lingering, as if this moment, brought people into a kind of mood of small bridges and flowing water.
There is a village, with the world, there is a clear spring flowing in front of the village, dusk sunset, cooking smoke curling up.
The piano keys tinkled down, like rain, into the stream, making people feel intimate and soft.
The spotlight on the stage slowly moved, the sound of steady footsteps sounded, at this moment, everyone’s eyes in the music hall looked with the spotlight, saw, handsome face, wearing a suit Song Tao, holding a bouquet of flowers, with a soft smile on his face, eyes full of deep love, under the spotlight, towards Lin Qinghan.
In the music hall, many young women had envious expressions on their faces. Song Tao was like a prince charming, expressing his love to his beloved under the limelight and in the soft sound of the music, and they wished that their boyfriends could be so romantic.
Lin Qinghan was just wondering what the hell was going on, but as soon as she saw Song Tao, she immediately understood, disgust appeared in her eyes, pulled Milan beside her, and got up directly from her seat.
“Let’s go!”

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