Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 271

Xiao Shan and Yang Xiong, a long time ago set this rule, about the distribution of benefits, both agreed to such a distribution method, the same, both also contacted some of the top talents in various fields early.
As a result, when Xiao Shan contacted again this time, all those people who had already spoken before, all found various excuses and could not appear.
Such a development was like a blow to Xiao Shan’s head, which he hadn’t expected.
The cab slowly traveled towards Xiao Shan’s residence.
At a traffic light, the cab stopped.
When the moment of stopping, the driver sitting on the main driver, open the door, the first time rushed down.
Such an action of the driver made Xiao Shan and Zhang Xuan realize on the spot that something was not right.
“Get out of the car!”
Zhang Xuan and Xiao Shan almost simultaneously shouted, opened the doors on both sides and rushed out.
Just outside the car, I saw a white Land Rover heavily on the rear of the cab, a “bang” a heavy sound.
Two people just did not rush down from the car, Zhang Xuan did not say, Xiao Shan will definitely be seriously injured.
White Land Rover door open, a series of five people from the car down, all with hoods.
Five people lined up, looking at Xiao Shan, ignoring Zhang Xuan on the side.
“Mr. Xiao, where are the things?” One person spoke.
“What stuff?” Xiao Shan frowned.
“All are smart people, Mr. Xiao should not play some tricks with us knowingly, right?” The man who spoke waved his hand, the remaining four people, in a semi-encircled shape, sealed around Xiao Shan, “Mr. Xiao, that technology of yours, threatens too many people, it’s better to take it out before it’s too late.”
“Very unlucky.” Xiao Shan shook his head, “Those technologies, a few minutes ago, have been taken by another wave of people, you are late, the technology has stopped developing.”
The man was just about to speak when he heard his cell phone ring in his pocket, he picked it up and took a look, after a few seconds of silence, he said to his people, “Go!”
A few people quickly scampered into the Land Rover, and drove away into the night.
In the car, the man who just spoke took off his hood, it is the same person who kidnapped Yang Xiong in the underground garage of Yongfeng Industry today, he picked up the phone and dialed out directly.
“Yang Xiong, what tricks are you playing with me? Don’t forget, your son is still in our hands!”
“Take it easy, I have the information, if you let my son go, I’ll give you the information.”
“I’m warning you, don’t play tricks!”
The white Land Rover drove away from the city.
On the other side, a black Mercedes-Benz sedan stopped at the roadside.
Yang Xiong opened the door and sat in the back row.
“Where’s the stuff?” As soon as he got into the car, Yang Xiong asked.
“It’s already copied.” One person sitting in the passenger side, handed Yang Xiong a kraft paper bag, this paper bag, it is the previous Xiao Shan took out from home.
Yang Xiong took the paper bag, opened it and took a look, the corners of his mouth hooked up a cold smile and asked, “How much has the Xiao Group injected so far?”
“So far there have been thirteen billion, they have overcome at least two in research difficulties, providing us with a great boost, just passed the information over, our people are already starting to research, as long as tomorrow Xiao’s will research the remaining core technology, we are sure, in the first time to register a patent.”
Yang Xiong nodded with satisfaction, “Has the other side contacted again?”
“Already contacted, now there is no one willing to work for Xiao, Xiao Shan can at most only hire one or two people to help him research, a drop in the bucket.”
“Very well, put out the news of my son’s kidnapping, make an appointment with the reporters, and hold a conference tomorrow, as for the rest of the night, there is no need to talk about it.” Yang Xiong commanded.
After Zhang Xuan and Xiao Shan returned home, Lin Qinghan and Milan, as well as Milan’s mother, were sitting on the sofa with worried faces waiting, and only put their hearts down when they saw the two of them coming home; before they did, they didn’t even dare to make a phone call.
“Dad, is nothing wrong!”
Zhang Xuan and Xiao Shan only as soon as they entered the door, Milan asked with concern.
“Nothing, look at you guys like this, just going to make a deal.” Xiao Shan patted Milan’s head, “Okay, go to bed, Xiao Xuan, come here, I have something to tell you.”
Xiao Shan took off his jacket and walked to the study.
“Wife, you also go to sleep first, I’ll talk to Godfather about something.” Zhang Xuan grabbed Lin Qinghan’s small hand and patted on the back of the woman’s hand.
Lin Qinghan blushed and gave a soft “mmm” and walked to the guest bedroom with her head lowered.
Zhang Xuan and Xiao Shan went into the study, which had a long mahogany table and many famous books on the shelves behind the table.
Xiao Shan poured a cup of tea for Zhang Xuan, “Xiao Xuan, although I don’t know what has happened to you in these ten years, I can tell that your heart, as well as the degree of stability, is far beyond your peers, regarding what happened tonight, what do you think?”
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “It’s not easy to say yet, Godfather, that core technology of yours, when to exchange with Yongfeng.”
“Just Yang sent me a text message, said early tomorrow morning.” Xiao Shan took his phone out and gave Zhang Xuan a glance at the text message sent by Yang Xiong, “This core technology, is our Xiao’s independent research and development, I’m not going to hide it from you, I originally had asked several top researchers to cooperate with me in this project, but when I just called, only two people could participate as planned, the rest one could not come… …”
Xiao Shan frowned.
“Godfather, do you think that Yongfeng might want to use you as a shield?”
“Isn’t that the question I just asked you.” Xiao Shan sighed, “This time, it’s not just a game between us and others, it’s also a game between me and Yang Xiong, when Yang Xiong approached me for financing, I took this into consideration, if it’s true that Yong Feng wants to use me as a shield, this time I, Xiao, might be planted a big heel ah.”
Zhang Xuan thought about it and said, “Godfather, how about this, tomorrow, I will go with you to Yongfeng Industry, and also give you ideas.”
Hearing Zhang Xuan say so, Xiao Shan nodded his head gratefully, “Xiao Xuan, you have really grown up, if you had not left, we would have been a family long ago, or the kind of relatives on top of relatives.”
Xiao Shan patted Zhang Xuan’s shoulder, “Well, it’s not too early, you should rest first.”
“Godfather, you also rest early.” Zhang Xuan nodded and got up to walk out of the study.
Zhang Xuan and Xiao Shan didn’t chat too much, and when they arrived at the guest bedroom, Lin Qinghan was still leaning on the bed, playing with her phone.
“Wife, why are you still awake.” Zhang Xuan sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at the woman on the bed.
Lin Qinghan blushed furiously, although the two of them also shared the same bed last night, it was completely different from the current situation.
“I’m going to sleep here!” Lin Qinghan put the phone towards the pillow and went under the covers, covering her head.

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