Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 278

At six o’clock in the afternoon, the future shed her Chinese clothes, changed into a look of small fresh jeans and shirt, although a few less fairy, but more playful, soft long hair draped down, willow eyebrows curved, fair and soft skin, this innocent and lovely look, attracting passers-by frequent sideways glances.
Zhang Xuan stretched a lazy waist, a long sigh, “Hey, I really do not know which young master took the heart of our Jiang’er, I am a little envious of it.”
The future blinked her big eyes, revealing a rare shyness.
The place where the other party asked the future to eat was at the Golden Lion Hotel, which was definitely a five-star hotel, the whole hotel was divided into a dining department, an entertainment department, and a leisure department.
In the Golden Lion Hotel, a small private room, there are two young men are sitting here.
Two young men, all dressed extraordinary, a shirt on the body, worth thousands, wrist watches, is about to tens of thousands, each in front of a car keys, a Mercedes, a BMW.
“Bay scoop, I heard you kid got a good girl ah.” The man who put the BMW car keys looked at his friend with envy.
“Haha.” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.
Huang Cheng glanced at the mouth, “envy a fart ah, so many years, I have not played what girl, you do not fall into the line, do not forget, your wife will return to the country next month, by then your wife found, it is estimated that your good days will be the end!
“That’s not in!” The girl is looking at my money, when it is not possible, give her a couple of million, let her go away on the end.”
Huang Cheng knocked on the table, “can be divided into priorities on the line, right, the old rules, ah, eat meat, brothers drink soup, do things when the photos were taken.”
“That must be! Okay, okay, let’s not talk about it, people will come over later, it’s not good to be heard.” Bei scooped low voice.
Outside the Golden Lion Hotel.
Zhang Xuan looked at the luxurious decoration of the hotel, “Jiang’er, which family’s son did you find this?”
“Not what male son.” Future’s face was in a blushing state all the time, “He is just an ordinary person, quite kind, and helped me once.”
“That’s good.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “Find a date, find the one you like, what identity does not matter.”
The two walked into the hotel and told the waiter the private room number.
Bei scoop and Huang Cheng two people, still talking about some dirty talk, saw the door of the private room was pushed open, in this instant, the two people ended the topic of the mouth, eyes are put on the door of the private room.
Huang Cheng has long heard that the shellfish engaged in an excellent chick, but never seen, at this time, when the future appeared in front of Huang Cheng, Huang Cheng that pair of eyes never left the future body, the heart of the shellfish, that is full of envy.
Although Huang Cheng has long been thinking about the best chicks is what kind, but now a see, or out of his expectations, a variety of clubs young models, Huang Cheng has long been tired of playing, this pure and lovely girl, has been his pursuit.
Sky blue jeans, a pair of white sneakers, a white shirt, this is the future of today’s dress, she gave Zhang Xuan said, do not want to let Bei scoop too much heart fall, it is dressed plainly.
“Jiang’er, you are here, quickly sit.” Be scooped up in a hurry, pulled out the seat for Jiang’er, “to introduce you, this is my buddy, Huang Cheng, Huang Cheng, this is Jiang’er.”
“Hello.” The future smiled sweetly at Huang Cheng.
This smile gave Huang Cheng a spring-like feeling, and his whole body froze, “You …… hello.”
Zhang Xuan followed behind the future, sizing up Bei Zai, he first saw the Mercedes-Benz car keys placed on the table by Bei Zai, then looked at Bei Zai’s dressing, thinking, this person all dressed down, it must also be an almost 20,000, also the future can say that this is an ordinary family, right.
“Jiang’er, is this your friend?” Bei scooped asked.
“This is my brother, Zhang Xuan.” The future introduced.
“Oh.” Bei scooped nodded, sized up Zhang Xuan a glance, look at Zhang Xuan that down a few hundred dress, shook his head, the heart already had an estimate, this should be to mix food and drink.
Put in the usual way, Be scooped to look at this kind of people do not spare a glance, but today in the face of Jiang Er, he still fielded a hello.
When the future arrives, Beizhao shouted at the waiter to bring the menu over.
When ordering the food.
Bei scooped asked, “Jiang’er, what do you want to eat?”
“Just watch and order.” Future smiled faintly.
Bei scooped nodded and didn’t ask Zhang Xuan, ordering on his own, “Waiter, what’s the most expensive one you have here? First, open me two bottles of good wine, this, this, this, give me a copy of all of them.”
Huang Cheng sat aside and spoke, “Be scooped, abalone less points, usually are tired of eating.”
“It’s okay.” Beizhao did not care waved his hand.
Zhang Xuan looked at these two people, and was already a little disappointed with Bei Zai.
From Zhang Xuan into the private room, until now, it feels like Be Zai scooped in one thing, show off the rich, and this man in looking at the future, there is nothing too strong love, but more of a desire.
Zhang Xuan shook his head, the future he understands, this girl is a genius in terms of research, but in terms of feelings, to put it bluntly, this Bei scoop, should be the first man the future likes, for how the two met, Zhang Xuan is not clear, he only knows now, this sister, is overwhelmed by feelings ah.
Not Zhang Xuan eyesight high, he took a big brother’s identity to look at Bei scoop, the other party is definitely not worthy of the future, but Zhang Xuan also did not make a decision too early, a person’s character, not necessarily linked to the character.
Soon, all the dishes ordered by Beizhao were served one by one, all of them were some mountainous and sea food, and the cheapest one was several hundred dollars.
“Come, Jiang’er, eat more of this, you must not usually eat, and that brother, you also eat more, do not be polite.” Bei scooped out a voice to greet.
At this point, Zhang Xuan is also hungry, naturally will not be polite, eat a lot of food.
Looking at Zhang Xuan’s appearance that is not polite at all, a trace of disdain appeared on Bei Zai’s face, the poor is poor.
During the meal, Zhang Xuan barely said anything, are listening to the two people chatting with Be Zai and Huang Cheng.
The two chatted, almost all about money topics, such as who asked Beizhao yesterday borrowed hundreds of thousands, such as Beizhao game a piece of equipment on more than 100,000, almost every sentence will be money hanging on the mouth.

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