Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 279

“Buddy, where are you high up now?” Bei scooped and Huang Cheng chatted, then pulled the topic to Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan smiled, “In Yinzhou, now is a sales, if there is an opportunity we can cooperate.”
“Yinzhou?” Bei scooped and Huang Cheng showed a thoughtful look, thinking for half a day before thinking clearly where exactly is Yinzhou.
It was just a small city in the northwest, not even comparable to Hangcheng.
Bei scooped shook his head, “I’m afraid the chance of cooperation is difficult, after all, we are doing some big business.”
Zhang Xuan did not say anything.
The future and scoop some casual conversation, during the period from time to time to reveal their wrist gold watch, talking about what they thought the luxury life.
Zhang Xuan understood why the future did not have any comments on the show-off of the shellfish, on what the shellfish said, on the future, really is the basic life.
The future is not old, her experience is not as rich as the other king’s ring owners of the island of light, for many things, the cognition is not sound, in the eyes of the future, the random invention of a gadget, there are people to her to invest hundreds of millions, the hundreds of millions for the future, that is just like a joke.
Plus the back, the future of friends, red hair, ah, Ferris these, that one does not take the money as money, the future for these, naturally is not much concept.
Therefore, the Bay scoop of the show of wealth, in the eyes of the future, is not a show of wealth.
Just Beizhao is not clear about this, in his opinion, on the clothes worn by Zhang Xuan and the future, it represents two words, poverty.
The appearance of Bei scoop is described as handsome, there is a creamy feeling, like many little girls now like the popular male stars.
Halfway through the meal, Bei scooped up the wine glass and proposed that everyone clink one together.
“This wine is one thousand five hundred a bottle, brother, you usually can not drink ah, today you have to drink well to do.” Huang Cheng rushed Zhang Xuan said.
The four just stood up and were about to clink glasses, when they heard a heavy sound from the door of the box.
“Bang”, the compartment door was heavily kicked open from the outside.
This movement, scared Bei scooped and Huang Cheng a jump.
Looking around, I saw two big men in suits standing at the door, a beautifully dressed, heavily made-up woman, standing in the middle of two big men, the woman looked about thirty-five years old, with emerald rings on her fingers, two wrists each wearing a gold bracelet, looks can only be said to be ordinary, remove the makeup will be what, it is not easy to say.
Originally was a smug Bay scoop, in the moment of seeing this woman, the face showed trepidation.
“The surname Bei, not seen for a while, you really have become more and more fat!” The woman’s gaze swept around the compartment, “What, with the money of the mother, out to pick up a girl?”
Be scooped up a fawning smile, rushed to the woman said curtly: “wife, when did you come back? I really miss me!”
The woman’s face was slapped by the woman with a crisp sound.
Bei scooped a little angry look did not, still showing a pleasing smile, “wife, you misunderstood, I have nothing to do with these people.”
“Wife?” The future listened to the name that Bei Zai addressed to the woman, his eyes glared for a moment, his eyes were red, “You got married?”
“What, he didn’t tell you?” The woman smiled contemptuously at the future, “sister, I really don’t understand, this man, what do you see in him? To be capable of no ability, to have no backbone, you want to look at his money, I tell you clearly, his money, all the old mother gave!”
The future ignored the woman, her gaze stayed on Bei Scoop, “Why?”
“Why?” Bei scoop did not answer the future, but the woman took the future words, “can not see, he is just playing with you!”
“No way!” The future shook his head hard, “Bei scoop, tell me, is what she said true!”
“This ……” Bei scoop looked at the future, and the future compared to the woman beside her, in appearance does not take any advantage, if possible, Bei scoop really want to say that they have no relationship with this old and ugly woman, but he dared? He did not dare, everything he has is given by this woman, without this woman, he does not say to drive a Mercedes and wear a gold watch, even in Hangzhou life is a problem.
The future took a deep breath, “you give me an answer, I do not blame you, if you are willing to divorce her, I will pretend that nothing has happened!”
Zhang Xuan looked at the future like this, helplessly shook his head, in the end, this is still a nineteen-year-old girl ah, some capricious, do not understand the feelings, will be some messy things overwhelmed.
“Haha, interesting.” The woman laughed lightly and also looked at Bei Zao, “Bei, don’t say I don’t give you a chance, if you want to divorce me, you can at any time, but let me make it clear, from now on, you don’t want to take a penny from the mother!”
The original look of some resistance, after hearing the woman’s words, immediately wilted, he turned his head, said to the woman: “wife, how can I divorce you, I love you most in this life, this little girl, are brain-damaged, do not know what things are thinking all day!”
“Bei scoop!” The future shouted, crystal tears flowed down the cheeks, “you were not so and I said, this ring is you sent me, you said, you like me, you want to be with me!”
Future took out a silver and white ring from his trouser pocket.
When Bei scooped his wife saw the ring, she glanced at her mouth, “Wow, Bei scooped, you didn’t even give me a ring, so you gave it to someone else?”
“Misunderstanding, wife, it’s all a misunderstanding.” The two-step walk to the future, the ring in the hands of the future snatched, threw it to the ground, raised his foot to crush, and said, “Jiang, what do you think you are? I’m just playing with you, and you take it seriously? You’re such a poor bastard, you still want to find me? Dream on!”
The future looked at the man in front of her, her eyes were full of disbelief, she knew the Bezhao, not like this, Bezhao kind, encountered those in need of help, he would be kind, he had a good heart, he was also very good to himself, would make himself happy!
“Why?” The future wiped a handful of tears and asked in disbelief.
“I’ve told you, because you’re poor! You’re poor! Understand? You just want my money! What a big tail with me!” The matter has come to this point, the shellfish also do not bother to continue to play, directly to tear their own hypocritical veil.

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