Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 281

Just a moment ago, Bay scoop also mocked the future is a poor man, is looking at their own money, just a moment ago, Bay scoop for their own future luxury life, completely and utterly will be the future of the dignity under the soles of the feet trampled.
But now what?
The development of things, so that Bei scoop completely unexpected.
What kind of person is it that one rejects?
Bei scooped looked at the future standing there dressed in plain and unadorned, and then looked at this yellow-faced woman wearing gold and silver beside himself, his heart was ruthless, took a deep breath, walked to the future, legs bent, directly kneeling down!
“Jiang’er, I was wrong! You forgive me, I love you, I will go tomorrow to divorce that bitch, you do not leave me, okay?”
Bei scooped eyes, all the prayers.
The onlookers took a look and instantly understood.
It is a little white boy, cheating people girl feelings, and then look at the wife he said, ugly, but look rich, I guess this little white boy is also for the money and others in a piece, the girl cheated, and the result, the girl is the real dirt ah!
At once, a group of people have cast a sneer towards Bei scoop, just said this goods have a backbone, there is a fart backbone ah, yuck!
“I don’t want to see you again, get lost!” The future disgusted look at the shellfish, raised his feet and ready to go, only to be shellfish a hold on the small leg.
“Jiang’er, I really love you, please, don’t leave me OK!”
Zhang Xuan waved his hand at the middle-aged man in a suit.
The middle-aged man immediately understood Zhang Xuan’s meaning, two steps forward, grabbed the collar of Bei scoop, pulling him away.
“Where is he buried you see for yourself.” Zhang Xuan said with boredom, to this kind of scum, he has no good feeling at all.
If not for some accidents today, the future was really cheated by him.
The middle-aged man nodded in understanding.
“Let’s go.” Zhang Xuan put his arm around Future’s shoulders and walked in the other direction.
Bei Zai’s cries kept ringing out from the hotel entrance, begging the future not to leave him.
The middle-aged man stopped paying attention to Bei Zai, collected his things and drove away, while calling for someone to clean up the scene.
The onlookers slowly dispersed when they saw that the main people were gone.
At last, only one person was left kneeling in front of the hotel, Beizhao shouted so loudly that his voice was mute, his intestines have long regretted, he completely understood that he had missed the most important opportunity in his life.
“Done crying?” Bei scooped his wife walked up to Bei scooped, looking at Bei scooped in a condescending manner.
“Old …… wife ……” Beizhao looked up, looked at the heavily made-up woman in front of him, and tried to squeeze out a smile.
Bei scoop wife lightly laughed and stretched out a leg in front of Bei scoop, “Come, lick my toes, I will forgive you.”
The woman was just about to take off her shoes when she kicked her in the face, “Bastard, don’t you want a divorce? From today onwards, you dare to move a penny of my mother, and then step into my home, my mother abolished you!”
Bei Zai’s wife twisted around and walked away in another direction, leaving Bei Zai alone, staying here.
Today, he not only missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but also lost his future good life!
Bei Zai stared dead in the distance, that was the direction Zhang Xuan and the future left.
“Bitch! Bitch! If it wasn’t for you bitch, how could I be so miserable! Bitch!” Bei Zai cursed hatefully out of his mouth.
He stood up, patted the dust on his knees, and glared viciously at the hotel entrance, where several door greeters were standing, “Look at you? Look!”
Several door greeters were frightened to withdraw their gaze.
Zhang Xuan accompanied the future stroll, the future in the eyes of others, is a genius, but in Zhang Xuan’s heart, is a little sister.
“Boss, am I ashamed of myself today.” Future’s eyes were still red.
“Embarrassed of what? I think you look quite handsome smashing the car.” Zhang Xuan smiled.
“Okay, boss, I know how stupid I am, big deal, I will not make fun of you anymore, I have deleted the photos taken today.” Future hands behind his back, head down, “In fact, I and Bei scoop, have known each other for a long time, before I ……”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan rubbed the future head, “people and people meet, but also to have a process of knowing each other, some things, do not preconceptions, feelings such things, no matter how much you have experienced, will be washed away, today this incident, you are considered a long lesson, good thing did not eat any big loss, nothing to find white pool that goods to talk, he has a deep insight into the word scum. ”
The future was Zhang Xuan said pfft, “boss, I’m not going, or with you guys fun, big deal later let the red-haired brother to find me a royal duke.”
“Find you no problem, you also have to be able to look at it.” Zhang Xuan laughed, “Well, you didn’t eat much tonight, what do you want to eat, I’ll go with you to get some.”
Zhang Xuan is talking about it, the phone rang.
Once you look at the caller, Zhang Xuan picked up the phone and said directly: “I just gave the future to say your good, you call?”
“Boss, you two can say my good, even if I have lived all these years in vain!” Bai Chi’s voice rang out on the phone, “Sister-in-law has arrived in Yinzhou, also safe to home, we have arranged people nearby.”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “In these few days, Qing Han’s safety is in your hands, remember, until the critical time, you absolutely can not be exposed, after a while, I will personally go to Yanjing, those people behind the scenes, to catch out!”
Zhang Xuan’s heart is restless if the person behind the scenes is not uncovered, there is always a time when people are negligent, those hidden knives in the shadows will stab out at any time at an unimaginable angle.
Zhang Xuan hung up the phone, patted the shoulder of the future, and walked towards the city center.
Ten o’clock at night.
The Hangcheng Science and Technology Research Laboratory was already in a state of shock, with a group of top researchers, led by Ming Jiayi, all looking incredulously at the results in front of them.
They poured three liters of water into an engine, and a few seconds later, the engine slowly operated. Other than that, just this technology applied to cars could spread around the world in the shortest possible time.
In another laboratory, Yang Xiong looked at the door with a gloomy face, he grabbed the phone and dialed a number.
“Hey, they’ve researched it.”
“Tell me the location.”
“Hangcheng Science and Technology Research Laboratory, I will move all the police forces away, the rest, it’s up to you.” In Yang Xiong’s eyes, there was ruthlessness.

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