Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 287

Similarly, the two people in the ring, also subconsciously look towards the person who spoke.
Zhang Xuan pushed aside the crowd that was in front of him and walked towards the ring this.
In the moment of seeing Zhang Xuan, Shangfa pupils steeply dilated, he clearly remembered Zhang Xuan, this is …… Lord Walker!
In Shangfa’s eyes, appeared deep respect, except that others, did not notice this.
The youth, on the other hand, looked at Zhang Xuan with disdain and uttered, “What, another punk?”
“Heh.” Zhang Xuan laughed lightly, “Waste or not, do you want to try?”
Zhang Xuan stood in front of the ring and also looked at the youth with a provocative face.
Just a moment ago, Zhang Xuan thought twice and made a decision, he intended to try this youth personally, and by the way, he also felt the bottom of this so-called mysterious power.
What this youth said last night was also conveyed to Zhang Xuan’s ears by Zhang Xuan’s people intact.
Whether it is the disdain for the hell walkers, or the description of the Bright Island as a joke, can show from the side of this youth some bottom line, his sentence tiger is not at home, monkeys call the king, as well as the sentence we do not come out of the world, all make Zhang Xuan think a lot.
Jing Ruoxi saw Zhang Xuan has the intention to fight, immediately came to interest, open wide beautiful eyes, looking at the stage.
“The surname Zhang, who the hell are you reprimanding! Quickly apologize to Mr. Shang!”
“Damn, do not know what you are ah! Watch your tone of voice when you speak to Mr. Shang!”
Some people who wanted to show their goodwill to Shang Fa, the first time to come back to their senses, while the scene was a little silent, loudly spoke, trying to make Shang Fa remember himself.
Yang Haifeng sneered, inwardly said, the surname Zhang, you are really arrogant, this is good, no need for me to deal with you, someone will teach you to behave!
In this circle in Hangzhou, what is the fate of offending Shang Fa? The crowd did not even have to think about it, they know the result, that absolutely can not get along in Hangzhou.
Yang Haifeng heart are happy, so, Xiao still want to find Yu Yuan venture capital cooperation? Cooperation my ass go!
Shan Zhuang is also satisfied to look at the ring side, Zhang Xuan’s approach, really let his heart incomparably comfortable ah, this kind of behavior looking for death, others really can not stop!
Zhang Xuan’s approach, so Milan frowned, although she is also very dissatisfied with this Shangfa, the company does not care about everything, only to their own assistant, but displeasure is displeased, so directly say, not good, right?
Some people who are not happy with Zhang Xuan, are secretly happy, so openly offended Shang Fa, see how he dealt with, in the future, this hang city, can not even stay!
Those who showed their goodwill to Shang Fa, they all scrambled to rebuke Zhang Xuan, to show themselves in front of Shang Fa.
Shang Fa, who was originally surprised by Zhang Xuan’s appearance, listened to the reprimands ringing around him, and his face became more and more ugly.
This is the Lord of the line ah, is his own teacher to see, have to respect the big man, he reprimanded himself, teach themselves, that is their own blessing, but now the good, but also reprimanded by someone?
Shang found in the thought, not at all this walker Lord blame down how to do, he is angry, these people, who have the right to walker Lord shouting!
“That’s enough!” Shang Fa let out a loud shout, once he made a sound, no one dared to make any other sound in the whole other hall.
Everyone guessed that Lord Shang was angry, that Zhang, should be unlucky!
Shan Zhuang and Yang Haifeng, both looked like watching the fun, waiting to see Zhang Xuan disgrace.
Shang Fa got up from the ground and swept his gaze around, finally locking on Zhang Xuan’s body.
Those present, looking at Zhang Xuan’s eyes, all with a sneer, and even thought of what to say in a moment to fall on the well.
Some people guessed that Shang Fa would tell this Zhang Xuan to get the hell out.
Some people are thinking that Shang Fa will educate this Zhang, so that he understands the truth that trouble comes out of the mouth.
However, Shang Fa’s attitude was beyond everyone’s expectation, he looked at Zhang Xuan, without a bit of angry expression on his face, but with a kind of admiration and respect, “Sir, you taught me a lesson, I was too impetuous.”
Just now, Zhang Xuan reprimanded Shang Fa in front of so many people, causing the crowd to fall into a moment of silence.
And at this moment, Shang Fa’s attitude towards Zhang Xuan once again brought the crowd into a silence.
Who is Shang Fa? The prince of Yu Yuan Ventures! Even his old man, the richest man in Hangzhou, may not be able to make him speak so politely, but this Zhang in front of him can!
If I told everyone that Shang Fa did not know Zhang Xuan, absolutely no one would believe it.
A person who could make the prince of Yu Yuan Ventures so respectful, what exactly was his identity?
Those who had just made sneering sounds at Zhang Xuan, at this time, their facial expressions were extraordinarily wonderful, they had offended another person with a more noble status in order to go and please a big shot?
Shangfa to use you to address the person, that in the end is what kind of role ah!
Some people, even dare not even think about it.
Yang Haifeng and Shan Zhuang two, is the representative of this, in this, the two of them and Zhang Xuan contradiction is the deepest, the result of the two of them now find, all along, they seem to underestimate this surname Zhang!
Yang Haifeng and Shan Zhuang two people’s heart, more or less have some panic.
A different look lifted in Milan’s beautiful eyes as she re-examined Zhang Xuan.
“All right, come down.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand at Shangfa.
Shangfa nodded repeatedly and walked down from the ring, if one looked closely at Shangfa, one would find that he was looking at Zhang Xuan with admiration and a kind of yearning in his gaze.
Stepping onto the ring, Zhang Xuan looked at the youth, who also looked at Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan observed that between the youth’s neck, there was a jade pendant with the word morning written on it, and the shape of the pendant, a tiger’s head, was carved as vividly as it could be.
The youth’s face was heavy with arrogance as he stared at Zhang Xuan, “Kid, in fact, I have long seen you displeased, today you came to seek death yourself, then I will fulfill you.”
“Coincidentally.” Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, “I’ve also seen you upset for a long time.”
Shangfa stood under the ring, looking at the ring with an excited face, this is the Lord of the Lineage striking, how can you have this opportunity to see it on a normal day!
Zhang Xuan looked at the stage and said to Shangfa: “Look more, learn more, there are some things, I only do it once, how much you can learn, depends on your own creation.”
Shang Fa nodded his head repeatedly.
“Kid, you’re crazy!” The youth stared at Zhang Xuan, “But what I really want to tell you is that your arrogant capital is not worth mentioning in front of me.”
“Is that so?” Zhang Xuan raised an eyebrow at the youth, “I would also like to say that your arrogant capital, in front of me, is not worth mentioning!”
“Seeking death!” The youth’s face changed abruptly as he charged towards Zhang Xuan.

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