Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 289

People’s fear mostly stems from the unknown.
The current Yang Haifeng and Shan Zhuang, only know that Zhang Xuan has a power that can not be underestimated, but the specific things, they do not know, which makes them now have a deep fear of Zhang Xuan, do not dare to provoke.
Yang Haifeng and Shan Zhuang now do not dare to provoke Zhang Xuan, does not mean that Zhang Xuan will just forget about them.
The day Zhang Xuan left Hangzhou, it was the time when the Shan family was in the doldrums.
As for Yongfeng Industry.
Zhang Xuan directly asked Shang Fa, “Do you have a cooperative relationship with Yongfeng Industry?”
“There are some.” Shang Fa replied as he recalled.
“Cut it all off.” With this one sentence, Zhang Xuan decided the future of Yongfeng Industry.
At this moment, Yongfeng Industry building.
Yang Xiong stood in his office, his eyes looking at the person in front of him with some fear.
“Yang Xiong, do you know why the organization trained you up in the first place?” A wonderful and sexy figure, sitting on Yang Xiong’s boss chair, slender legs outlined with black stockings, resting on the desk in front of him, extraordinarily attractive.
Faced with this bloodcurdling scene, Yang Xiong’s eyes simply did not dare to look, “This time, it was an accident.”
“Accident?” This wonderful figure with a white mask, the model of the mask, is a face full of holy angel, Yang Xiong can not see the woman’s expression under the mask, but can hear the chill in the other party’s tone, “your son was arrested, is also an accident? The Wang told me that he found three people to protect you closely, and it was your excellent son who drove them away, right? Do you know that the research material you sent out would be easily associated with us?”
“This ……” Yang Xiong’s forehead was cold sweat, “It was my dog’s son who did not know how to behave, only ……”
“Don’t know how to behave!” The woman’s voice suddenly rose high, “Your son does not know how to do things, you let him learn to director, or I do not mind, personally do something!”
Yang Xiong face immediately collapsed, full of awe, “Sorry, sorry, please give me another chance, I definitely will not let you down.”
“The opportunity is not something that can’t be given to you.” The woman put down her slender legs, organized the black silk dress, stood up, “How about this, your son’s finger, also for the organization’s matter is broken, the organization has always been rewarded for merit, and punished for mistakes, this afternoon, I will have someone come to pick up your son, responsible for healing his hand, you just need to, honestly, complete your task! ”
The woman walked out of Yang Xiong’s office with a sexy pace.
Only after the woman left, Yang Xiong dared to look up, a flash of struggle in his eyes, but with resignation.
Or that saying, the more you know, the more you will understand your own insignificance.
Ordinary people seem to think that Yang Xiong is a successful person, but Yang Xiong himself understands that he is too small compared to certain existences, and if they want, they can always cultivate another Yongfeng Industry.
The woman left the Yongfeng building and took off her mask, revealing a stunning face with flowing black hair and a lace dress with her slender legs that outlined black silk, attracting frequent sideways glances from pedestrians.
The woman took out her cell phone, dialed a number out, “everything in the plan, Xiao completed the project, but there was a little accident in the middle, some foreign forces, helping Xiao, of course, these are irrelevant, the more fierce Xiao’s spokesman, those people, the more unsettled, slowly, these people who think they are superior and high-minded, will surface! The water surface!”
Four o’clock in the afternoon.
A yellow Porsche 718 drove out of the private club.
Just out of the clubhouse door, Milan, who was driving, boldly ripped open his own sky blue dress, black corset clinging to Milan’s body.
Milan let out a long breath, “Still so comfortable!”
The black corset with lace lace, will Milan’s body perfectly show, S-shaped beautiful curves, white and soft skin.
Zhang Xuan is sitting next to Milan, even if deliberately to avoid, can not avoid this aromatic scene.
“To see it, you can look at it openly, you have not seen it, do not say you closed your eyes to sew my wounds.” Milan glanced at the mouth.
As soon as Milan said this, the scene that Milan said appeared in Zhang Xuan’s mind subconsciously.
At that time in a doctor’s perspective, Zhang Xuan did not think too much, but afterwards mentioned, is feeling a little embarrassed.
Zhang Xuan looked at the street in front of him and spoke, “I booked a ticket back to Yinzhou, so I won’t tell Godfather, you can tell him for me.”
Milan gripped the steering wheel hand subconsciously increase the strength, look as calm as possible asked: “You leave today? No longer looking for my father to drink a couple of glasses?”
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly and shook his head, “No, Godfather is also busy lately, Qing Han has gone back, I should also go back earlier, also said to those doctors training acupuncture techniques, take this time to hurry up and make a mess.”
“Okay.” Milan’s eyes some hidden loss, she nodded, “back, I’m also going back to the enamel country in the next two days, Li Ke that niece are going back first, hey, people ah, day by day so many troublesome things.”
“This is called life, you park in front, I’ll just go to the airport myself.”
“I’ll drive you.” Milan increased the throttle and drove towards the airport.
On the parking lot of the airport, Milan put that long dress back on in the car, and her hair was a little loose, with a wild feeling.
When the two of them got down from the car, a pair of youngsters just passed by and looked at Zhang Xuan and Milan with a strange gaze.
Milan that has not yet organized the long dress, as well as loose hair, so that the young man gave Zhang Xuan a thumbs up.
Milan, an old driver like this, where not understand what was in the other party’s head, mouth lightly crushed, pretty face a little blush.
Zhang Xuan embarrassed smile, this and do not know, can not go after and say, he just really did not that what it.
In order to avoid similar misunderstandings, Milan tidied up his clothes and hair before joining hands with Zhang Xuan to walk towards the terminal.
Standing at the entrance of the terminal, the breeze blew Milan’s long skirt.
“Well, once we leave this time, we don’t know when we will meet next time, don’t you forget me!” Milan stood in front of Zhang Xuan, for Zhang Xuan tidied up the collar, then felt that he did so seems a little too intimate, hurriedly withdrew his hand.
Zhang Xuan laughed lightly, “Do not worry, I have a good memory, I will not forget what I said.”

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