Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 290

“Is that so?” Milan looked at Zhang Xuan with some sorrow in his eyes and a bit of resignation, “Then ten years ago, what you promised me, can you still do it?”
“Uh ……” Zhang Xuan’s face was a little embarrassed, rubbed his nose and did not speak.
Ten years ago, Milan said, grew up to marry him, when the two did not understand, Zhang Xuan also as a joke, agreed.
Looking at Zhang Xuan this difficult look, Milan snickered, “Well, do not tease you, let’s go, anyway, this encounter, will not be like ten years ago, never contact again, come, hug a?”
Milan opened his arms, the corners of the woman’s mouth hanging smile, the breeze blowing hair, smile, with a few points of desolation.
The person who has been looking for ten years is right in front of him, but can never belong to him.
Zhang Xuan wrapped his arm around Milan’s shoulders, and the woman’s unique scent puffed into Zhang Xuan’s nose.
“Well, let’s go, I’ll find you in the enamel country to play sometime.” Zhang Xuan patted Milan’s back and let go of his hands.
Milan a hands, hovering on the side of Zhang Xuan’s waist, just ready to pluck up the courage to wrap their arms around it, they felt the warm embrace in front of them an empty.
A strong sense of loss hit his heart, Milan ruffled the broken hair on his face, “Okay, just in case you don’t go, go now, not to send you in.”
“Hmm.” Zhang Xuan nodded and stepped into the terminal building.
Looking at Zhang Xuan’s back, Milan’s whole person was as fixed here, until Zhang Xuan’s figure completely disappeared, Milan only turned around.
“Qing Han, I’m sorry ……” a line of clear tears, down Milan’s face, at the moment Zhang Xuan turned around, her eyes, already red.
The first time I saw Zhang Xuan, Milan took Zhang Xuan as a relationship liar, and all I wanted was to break Zhang Xuan, slowly, Zhang Xuan’s good to Lin Qinghan, were in Milan’s eyes, Milan began to recognize Zhang Xuan, bless their best friend.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.
This trip to Hangzhou, let Zhang Xuan’s position in Milan’s heart changed again, Milan how did not expect, Zhang Xuan, is the one who they have been looking for ten years, that in the memory, even can not remember what he looks like, from that moment, her heart is in conflict.
On the one hand, it is the person she has been looking for ten years, and on the other hand, it is her best friend.
Looking at the airport terminal, Milan muttered under his breath, “Maybe I should just stay in the enamel country, this girl has such a huge harem group!”
An airliner took off from the airport in Hangzhou and headed straight to Yinzhou.
When Zhang Xuan returned to Yinzhou, the sky was already dark, ready to call Lin please Han, but the phone did not have any electricity, Zhang Xuan helplessly shook his head.
Walking to a dark place, Zhang Xuan waved his hand at the darkness.
Three figures appeared quietly.
“My Lord.”
“Which one of you has thirteen dollars in cash, I’ll take an airport bus!” Zhang Xuan’s tone was calm.
Three people in the darkness, the expression is quite wonderful.
“We …… pieced together ……”
In China after entering the mobile Internet era, almost few young people still carry cash when they go out.
Bought a bus ticket, Zhang Xuan along with the bus, traveling towards the city.
The top two buildings of Lin’s building have all been completed, and tomorrow, Lin’s should return to normal operations.
As the president, Lin Qinghan has been dealing with a problem these two days, a matter about the Zheng Group.
Some time ago, Zheng Chu, the future successor of the Zheng Group, was placed in administrative detention for alleged attempted rape and intentional frame-up.
Qin Rou did not show mercy, a paper complaint, the Zheng Chu to the court, before the trial, three days left.
During this time, Zheng Chu’s mother, Wang Congfeng, was frantically making energy to get her son out of it, but Wang Congfeng found that the power she could draw on was all wilted during this time, and when she heard about it, those who had received all the benefits before, all shook their heads like a rattle.
Yinzhou Police Department, a hand, after knowing that this matter has something to do with Zhang Xuan, pay great attention to the personal identity of Zhang Xuan, he knows it very well in his heart, last time so many central big shots, because of the matter of people came to Yinzhou, Ning Changhe that identity, are completely fallen, how he may dare to play with fire, under his oppressive force, no one dare to intervene in this matter.
Wang Congfeng ran through a lot of relationships, there is no point in the way, anxious, she began to play the same means of death.
In these days, the Zheng Group launched a variety of economic impact on the Lin’s, but also entrained the Hengyuan trade.
Lin’s is okay, in the bottom above, is not Zheng’s group can shake a moment, in Zheng’s group under the desperate attack, Lin’s hundreds of millions of losses can also be accepted.
But Hengyuan trade is different, although Qin Rou company has a promising future, but the bottom is far from Zheng’s behemoth, under Zheng’s attack, Hengyuan already has a kind of shaky feeling.
The time was late, Lin Qinghan and Qin Rou, both sitting in their respective offices.
In front of Qin Rou, stood a number of company shareholders, all discouraging her.
“General Manager Qin, we are no match for Lin’s, and we can’t beat Zheng’s, and you didn’t suffer any substantial damage from the last incident, withdraw the lawsuit, if it goes on like this, it will ruin Hengyuan.”
“Yes, Mr. Qin, the big deal is to wait for later, we will slowly find Zheng’s revenge, now is a critical moment for the company’s development, can’t afford these things ah.”
“Mr. Qin, let’s forget this matter!”
The position of the shareholders, almost all of them are discouraging Qin Rou.
“Do you guys think that this should just be let go?” Qin Rou looked at these people in front of her, “Do you think that after this incident, Zheng will also pretend that nothing has happened? What kind of person is Zheng Chu, you dare to say you have not investigated?”
Several shareholders looked back and forth a few times, and two of them showed a trace of ruthlessness in their gaze.
“Okay, Mr. Qin, you are going to decide, we can’t say anything, I just hope that in the future, Mr. Qin will not regret for the choice he made today!”
At the same time, Lin’s Group.
“Mr. Lin, a whole 400 million ah, just like that, we are businessmen, these rumors, within our tolerance, now what you are doing, is to have trouble with money!”
“Good, Master Lin handed the company to you, but not to let you do as you please, you even if you do not consider us shareholders, but also consider the future of the company, and so many employees it!”

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