Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 291

The shareholders of both Lin’s and Hengyuan, at this point in time, began to exert pressure on their respective bosses.
In the darkness, outside Lin’s and Hengyuan Group, there was a team of people hiding outside each of them, these people were masked and hidden in the darkness.
Zhang Xuan took the airport bus and came to the city.
Hengyuan’s recent development was very good, taking several transportation lines in Yinzhou, like the airport bus, which now ended at the street in front of Hengyuan Trade.
Zhang Xuan just full of calculations, but also put together thirteen dollars out, barely take an airport bus, and then want to take a taxi home is obviously unrealistic, simply walk back.
From the drop-off point home, the nearest line is through the Hengyuan trade.
Zhang Xuan subconsciously glanced at the Hengyuan building, a few black shadows flickering within the window, so that Zhang Xuan face changed.
Zhang Xuan gaze further up, the uppermost layer, the office lights belonging to Qin Rou is still on, instead of Hengyuan gate locked.
Qin Rou sat in the office, the shareholder had just left.
To be honest, the shareholders’ attitude, Qin Rou can understand, after all, business people, are thinking from the point of view of interests, but understanding is understanding, Qin Rou will still feel some chills.
After packing up her things, Qin Rou was just getting up to leave when the office door was kicked open.
Five sturdy men appeared outside Qin Rou’s office, these men were masked, and when they saw Qin Rou, these five men all had a dirty look in their eyes.
“Tsk, what a beautiful woman, this trip, I am willing to work without paying me.”
The man in the lead, let out a teasing voice, a pair of eyes kept looking at Qin Rou’s body.
Black stockings, slender legs, OL uniform, with Qin Rou this beautiful face, perfect body, is no different from a huge temptation.
Qin Rou’s face in the moment these people appeared, appeared some panic, she tried to calm herself down, out loud shouted: “What are you people, please immediately go out!”
“Get out?” The leader of the man playfully smiled, “Of course we have to go out, but not now, hey, what a beauty, brothers, who will go first ah?”
“Boss, you’ll be first, we’ll share the pie.” The rest of the four men, also let out dirty and lewd laughter, looking at Qin Rou with a gaze full of possessiveness.
“Okay, then I’ll be the big brother, so I won’t be polite with you guys.” The leading man let out a loud laugh.
In the conversation of these few people, it was as if they were sharing a delicious piece of cake.
The leading man slowly walked towards Qin Rou, “Chick, where do you think I’d be better off tearing your clothes first?”
Qin Rou’s feet slowly backed up and reached for the phone on the table, only to be rushed up by the other side one step ahead and took the phone away from the table.
“Beauty? Want to call the police? Don’t be in a hurry, wait for my brother to finish playing with you and take pictures, there are plenty of opportunities for you to call the police!”
An obscene laughter rang out.
Qin Rou’s face could not hide the appearance of anxiety, who sent these people, Qin Rou a little bit of brain, you can figure out, she really did not think that Zheng was crazy to such an extent, this is a blatant crime ah!
The leader of the man towards Qin Rou, Qin Rou slowly backed up, in the twinkling of an eye, backed up to the wall.
The leader of the man is not in a hurry, as a cat catching a mouse like a playful look at Qin Rou, “chick, you run ah, I slowly catch you, hey hey hey.”
The man reached out and grabbed towards Qin Rou, who twisted around in a panic to avoid the man’s hand, but was forcibly yanked off his uniform jacket by the other party, leaving only a white shirt on his body.
Qin Rou panted heavily, the lofty in front of her body kept undulating, making the leading man’s eyes about to burst into flames.
“Chick, run, quick.” The man put the jacket he just grabbed down to his nose and gave it a sniff, revealing a look of enjoyment.
The entire office is so large location, Qin Rou simply no other place to hide, she can only shrink into a corner, scared body is shivering, looking at the five people in front of you, Qin Rou eyes in addition to fear, and hatred of anger.
“Hey, girl, brother is coming, do not worry, brother will be very gentle.” The leading man let out a nasty laugh and grabbed towards Qin Rou.
Qin Rou stared at the other party with a deadly stare, and as the man came, she kicked hard, towards the man’s body, but the other party noticed in advance and blocked it.
“Tsk tsk, the chick is still hot and tough.” The man grabbed Qin Rou’s leg and pushed it hard.
Qin Rou stood unsteadily and fell to the ground. She was a woman, how could she be a match for the other party.
“Brothers, come and give this sister a little tune up.” The leading man smiled lewdly.
A man standing at the door pulled out a bottle of spray from his pocket and sprayed it up in the office. The spray was filled with an ethereal fragrance that made people feel a little dizzy in the head when they took a breath.
Several men greedily inhaled the spray in the air, and the fire of lust in their eyes grew stronger and stronger.
The leading man was even more excited to tear off the mask on his face and licked his lips, “Little girl, I promise, wait you will be more active than us!”
The air is filled with pharmaceuticals that make Qin Rou feel dizzy, her legs are a little weak and weak, she sits down in the corner, her eyes gradually appearing some confused look.
Qin Rou held her breath, her body’s reaction let her know the effect of these potions in the air, she tried to keep herself awake, but with little effect.
Several men were thwarting their palms, imagining in their minds some of the beautiful things that were going to happen later.
“Chick, come on.” The leading man walked towards Qin Rou.
Qin Rou was so weak that she didn’t even have the strength to resist.
The leading man swept away the items on Qin Rou’s desk and prepared to drag Qin Rou to the desk.
A “clanking” sound in Zhang Xuan’s ears.
When Zhang Xuan rushed to Qin Rou’s office, he just saw the leading man tugging Qin Rou’s arm and dragging her towards the desk.
Qin Rou’s mind is now a little confused, her steps are weak, her face is red.
Seeing this scene, Zhang Xuan, without any unnecessary words, went behind the two men guarding the office door, formed a knife with one hand, and slashed his neck with force.
The two men only felt a huge force coming from their necks, their eyes went black and they fell down.
The sound of two people falling attracted the attention of the remaining three, who turned around with a jerk and saw Zhang Xuan.
“Little ……” the leading man had just uttered a word when he was punched in the face by Zhang Xuan, this punch made the leading man feel like his facial bones were about to shatter.
For these people, Zhang Xuan did not have any nonsense, a few punches to solve, and then lift their collar, from the third floor window thrown down.
With a few “poof” sounds, representing the five people have successfully landed.
After doing all this, Zhang Xuan noticed Qin Rou.
Now Qin Rou was lying on the wide desk, her pretty face was red, obviously under the strong influence of pharmaceuticals.

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