Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 293

Zhang Xuan walked into the neighborhood.
Now he figured out a truth, women really want to play a rascal, there is really no man anything.
The words that Qin Rou just said, put in a man to say to a woman, but really can not say that momentum to.
Looking at this neighborhood, although only a few days away, but do not say, Zhang Xuan heart is really a little nostalgic, this feeling, is Zhang Xuan never had before.
Home to live here, giving people the feeling that it is completely different.
Zhang Xuan walked closer and saw that the villa’s lights were still on.
Thinking of the woman sitting on the sofa, the corners of Zhang Xuan’s mouth unconsciously grinned, casually picked an unknown wildflower from the courtyard and walked into the door.
The sudden rattle of the room door startled the woman in the house.
Jiang Jing was holding a medical kit and looking at the door with a nervous face, after all, the attack had just happened and her heart was still on edge.
When she saw that it was Zhang Xuan who entered the door, Jiang Jing’s heart dropped, “Mr. Zhang, you’re back.”
“Hmm.” Zhang Xuan nodded and looked strangely at the medical kit in Jiang Jing’s hand, “What’s wrong, is this an injury?”
“It’s not me.” Jiang Jing shook his head with self-blame on his face, “It’s General Lin ……”
“Qinghan!” Zhang Xuan was violently startled.
Just in time, Lin Qinghan came down from the second floor, and when she saw that it was Zhang Xuan, the woman’s eyes appeared with undisguised delight, “Husband, you’re back?”
“You were injured?” Zhang Xuan frowned and walked up to Lin Qinghan, and with a glance, he saw the wound on Lin Qinghan’s small arm.
The ten-centimeter-long knife wound looked shocking on the woman’s fair and tender arm.
“Who did this!” Zhang Xuan turned his head and looked at Jiang Jing.
In this moment when Zhang Xuan turned around, Jiang Jing seemed to see a sleeping beast awakening with a jolt.
“Mr. Zhang, it’s still being investigated.”
“Checking?” A look of dissatisfaction appeared in Zhang Xuan’s eyes.
Under this kind of gaze from Zhang Xuan, Jiang Jing hurriedly lowered his head, somewhat not daring to look Zhang Xuan squarely in the eye.
“Why are you getting so angry.” Lin Qinghan grabbed Zhang Xuan’s big hand, “It’s not Jiang Jing’s fault, if it wasn’t for her tonight, how could I be standing at home peacefully now, okay Jiang Jing, you go out first.”
As soon as Lin Qinghan’s words fell, Jiang Jing hurriedly put the medical kit down and walked outside the villa to patrol out.
“Well, you don’t blame Jiang Jing, that thing today, who can’t react ah.” Lin Qinghan pulled Zhang Xuan’s hand up and placed her other hand in the middle of Zhang Xuan’s palm.
Squeezing this soft, boneless hand, Zhang Xuan took a long breath, “You’re hurt, let me rub your medicine first.”
“Mm.” Lin Qinghan nodded.
Zhang Xuan picked up the medical kit, sat on the sofa with Lin Qinghan, and carefully applied medicine to Lin please Han.
“Did you solve the matter in Hangzhou?” Iodine was applied to the arm with stinging pain.
“It’s settled, maybe in a couple of days, you’ll be able to see the news.”
“So.” Lin Qinghan pursed her red lips, “What about Milan?”
“Milan? She said to me today that she was also going back to Enamel, so let’s find her to play sometime.” Zhang Xuan was completely unaware of the difference on Lin Qinghan’s face.
Lin Qinghan nodded, “What do you think of Milan?”
“How about what?” Zhang Xuan, who was rubbing medicine for Lin Pleasehan, asked without raising his head.
“Just how is she as a person.” The woman’s face carried curiosity.
“She ah, is a female rascal.” Zhang Xuan glanced at his mouth, this woman drove a car, much more fierce than himself.
Lin Qinghan’s big eyes slithered around, “Did you really have a private life with her before?”
When Lin Qinghan asked this sentence, Zhang Xuan suddenly reacted, he smiled a little embarrassed, “which is what private lifelong ah, as a child and do not know what to say, this can not be taken seriously.”
Zhang Xuan’s words just fell, Lin Qinghan said: “But she took it seriously.”
Zhang Xuan looked up and found that Lin Qinghan was looking at himself.
“Wife, what’s wrong with you.” Zhang Xuan reached out and waved his hand in front of Lin Pleasehan’s eyes.
“You know, Milan told me a long time ago that she had been looking for that person back then, and I really didn’t expect that person to be you, and what you thought was a joke at first, she always took it seriously.”
“It’s not serious either, maybe it’s because my mom saved her life at first that she felt it was more important.”
“It’s because of that that she took it seriously, I understand very well how much one can become attached to a person when they are saved by that person.” Lin Qinghan’s body emitted a soft tremor, “You know, from the time I knew you were the one Milan was looking for, I’ve been blaming myself, I admit, when you first entered my home, I was uncomfortable with you, even disgusted with you, it was your efforts, your kindness to me, that changed my view of you, I really felt like a selfish person, I was passively accepting good of you, passively accepting something that others are after, want to have, and still feel justified.”
“Wife, what is wrong with you?” Zhang Xuan grabbed Lin Qinghan’s hand and asked worriedly.
“Nothing.” Lin Qinghan pulled her small hand out of Zhang Xuan’s palm and wiped her eyes, “I …… I just feel unworthy for you, I don’t know why you treat me so well or why you came to our house as a house son-in-law, with your excellence, there is no need to be like this, I am thinking, do I deserve I’m wondering if I’m worthy of you or not.”
Lin Qinghan’s appearance made Zhang Xuan feel a moment of panic, he grabbed Lin Qinghan’s jade shoulder, “Honey, did someone say something to you?”
“No, it’s me who’s thinking, I ……”
“Don’t think nonsense.” Zhang Xuan reached out, wiping away the tears on Lin Qinghan’s cheeks, “You are the best, understand, everything is no match for you.”
Zhang Xuan wrapped his arms around Lin Qinghan and embraced him towards his arms, but was pushed away by Lin Qinghan with his hands.
“I …… am going to bed, you just came back, rest early too.” Lin Qinghan pushed Zhang Xuan away, moved her long and slender legs and ran towards upstairs.
Back to her bedroom, Lin Qinghan head to cover herself in the quilt, that day Qin Rou’s words, has been circling in her ears.
The first time I saw you, I was in the middle of the night.
The first thing you need to do is to get to know the person you are talking to.
The night was silent.
Jiang Jing guarded the courtyard door, recalling just Zhang Xuan’s gaze, still makes her feel a burst of fear.

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