Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 296

“There are patients?” Zhang Xuan looked out at once.
“Yes.” President Ma nodded without the slightest concealment, “It is said to be accidentally poisoned while picking medicine, our hospital has been checking for seven hours now, but there is no solution at all, little master, can only rely on you ah.”
Zhang Xuan did not rush to agree down, but asked, “What is the patient’s origin?”
“This ……” President Ma shook his head, “I do not know.”
“Then let’s take a look first.” Zhang Xuan gave President Ma an ambiguous answer.
President Ma hurriedly led the way and brought Zhang Xuan towards the ward.
Still at the door of the ward, Zhang Xuan heard the sound of scolding coming from inside the ward.
“You quacks, what kind of face do you have to live in this world? Do you know what my husband’s status is? If something happens to my husband, I want you all to get lost and have your medical licenses revoked!”
“A bunch of trash! Rubbish!”
Hearing this scolding, Zhang Xuan frowned, he practiced medicine to save people, itself is to see the mood, only the kind of people who make contributions to society, or Zhang Xuan look good, he will give a helping hand, but now this person inside, obviously not in the scope of Zhang Xuan’s help.
“This you do not even know what comes?” Zhang Xuan asked, usually people who dare to be so arrogant will tell their bottom line at the first opportunity.
“I really don’t know.” President Ma let out a bitter smile, “just a hand of the Health Bureau called me specifically in the middle of the night last night, let me take special care of it.”
“All right, let’s see first.” Zhang Xuan nodded and pushed the door into the ward.
In the ward, there are many doctors around, the last time Zhang Xuan did the tumor removal surgery for Milan, so he has a lot of fame in the hospital, those helpless doctors look at Zhang Xuan came, more or less show a look of relief, there is this miracle doctor in, there should be no problem.
Zhang Xuan took a look at the patient lying on the bed.
A middle-aged man, sturdy, should have been exercising all year round, at this moment this middle-aged man, all over the body spread a kind of deep purple, pupils covered with blood, breath weak, body from time to time issued spasms, obviously in great pain.
“How is this poisoning?” Zhang Xuan asked.
The middle-aged woman glanced at Zhang Xuan and did not speak.
President Ma returned a cry, “Picking medicine.”
Zhang Xuan asked again, “Picking what kind of medicine, where did you pick the medicine?”
“Does this have anything to do with you? What do you think you do?” The middle-aged woman glared at Zhang Xuan.
Like accountants, doctors are all about seniority, and a young face like Zhang Xuan’s would naturally not be taken seriously.
Zhang Xuan glanced at the middle-aged woman and did not say anything, “President Ma, fetch me a pack of silver needles.”
President Ma hurriedly moved and quickly fetched a pack of silver needles and handed it to Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan took out a silver needle, looked at it and then, with a slight force on his wrist, stuck the tip of the needle into the middle-aged man’s foot, twisted it lightly twice and then took it out.
Once the needle is out, the bottom of the middle-aged man’s foot will reveal some black blood.
Zhang Xuan frowned for a few minutes and asked again, “I need to know the specifics, where to pick the medicine and what kind of medicine?”
The middle-aged woman frowned and said in a warning tone, “If you see a doctor, see a doctor, don’t ask what you shouldn’t know!”
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath, “I need to know the exact situation in order to prescribe the right medicine.”
The middle-aged woman ignored Zhang Xuan, but looked at President Ma and questioned, “I said do you have any rules in your hospital? Just treat the disease, are there some things that people like you can know?”
“This ……” President Ma’s face showed a trace of difficulty, the doctor treatment, pay attention to a look, smell, ask questions, which is a very important part, but now the other party is not even willing to say how poisoned, which is a little bit let people do not know how to start.
“If you do not want to say, this disease, I can not cure.” Zhang Xuan put down the silver needle, “President Ma, forgive me for not being able to do anything.”
“This ……” How can President Ma not see that Zhang Xuan is not doing his best at all, he spoke out to the middle-aged woman and persuaded, “Madam, you just tell little master how your husband was poisoned, little master is a miracle doctor. ”
“He? A miracle doctor?” The middle-aged woman disdainfully glanced at Zhang Xuan, no matter from which direction, she could not see that Zhang Xuan has a little bit of the appearance of a divine doctor, “If you can’t cure, you can’t cure, don’t give me the pretense here, this kind of people I look at is annoying!”
“Whatever.” Zhang Xuan indifferent smile, “President Ma, I came here today, is to tell you about the training, you see this week, you choose a time, notify.”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he turned his head and left.
Before Zhang Xuan could take a few steps out, the door of the ward was pushed open by a nurse.
The nurse’s face was filled with panic, “Dean, another patient has come, and the situation is exactly the same as the one last night!”
As the nurse finished those words, the faces of President Ma and the middle-aged woman changed at the same time.
“Doctor, doctor, please, please save my father!” A cry rang out from outside the ward.
Immediately after that, I saw a young beauty who looked 17 or 18 years old and very beautiful running into the ward, that pearly appearance caused people’s hearts to ache.
“Yo, that old ghost of yours is still alive? What a fortunate life!” The middle-aged woman in the ward made a laughing sound.
“It’s you!” As soon as the young beauty saw the middle-aged woman, hatred grew in her eyes, “You are the one who harmed my father, we were kind enough to help you, but you were kind enough to return the favor!”
Zhang Xuan saw that outside the ward, a middle-aged man was sitting in a wheelchair, also purple, his eyes were covered with blood, his breath was weak, and the symptoms of the patient on the bed were exactly the same.
Zhang Xuan observed that the middle-aged man sitting in a wheelchair, the tiger’s mouth has a thick layer of calluses, which is by no means dry farming, its knuckles are also much thicker than normal people, is a practitioner.
Zhang Xuan walked up, grabbed the wheelchair man’s wrist, gently sensed at his pulse, “your pulse is accelerating, not only poisoned, but also injured?”
The wheelchair man nodded feebly.
“It’s the two of them, they both injured my father!” The beautiful woman stared at the woman in the ward with hatred in her eyes.
“Give me the specifics, you guys this is not the poison from picking medicine, right?” Zhang Xuan looked again, at the neck of the wheelchair man, there were many tiny wounds.
“Of course it’s not any medicine picking!” The beauty shook her head hard, “my father is an antique collector, some time ago, there is a new unearthed artifacts in the desert, my father specifically went to shoot over, last night, met these two people’s car broke down, my father was kind enough to take them a ride, who knows they have long plotted my father shot that artifact, my father fought with them, the result is that my father was injured and became like this, is The two of them, they poisoned my father!”

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