Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 298

10:30 am.
Hang City Municipal Bureau.
Shan Zhuang put on his police uniform, put on his police rank, and sat leisurely in front of a desk, resting his feet on the desktop, enjoying the coffee his boss brewed for him.
Although Shan Zhuang has several case files in front of him, his mind is not on them at all, but thinking about which girl to go to and where to have fun.
Such a life, Shan Zhuang almost every day, in a good mood, he came to the City Bureau “patrol” some, in a bad mood, people can not see, every month the salary, the bonus, a lot.
A middle-aged man walked into the city bureau, he was wearing a civilian clothes, unfamiliar face.
“Who is that, sitting without a sitting face, or is it the police? Put your legs down for me!” The middle-aged man scolded Shan Zhuang.
Shan Zhuang raised his eyebrows, a look of displeasure to the middle-aged man, “damn, you who ah you, know what the hell is this place? You say Laozi?”
Shan Zhuang just finished cursing, he saw his father appear in the city bureau with an anxious face.
After seeing the middle-aged man, Shan Zhuang’s father immediately showed a flattering smile, “Director Zhou, how come you didn’t say anything when you came.”
Shan Zhuang’s father’s address to the middle-aged man made people in the police station stare, and Shan Zhuang also hurriedly put his feet away from the desktop.
Zhou director sneered, “I do not come again, you single director’s son, are close to take off my hat ah, single director, I came this time, is to inform you face to face, you have been dismissed, the anti-corruption bureau has begun to investigate all your accounts, including the property of your immediate family members, in recent times, you can not leave hang city at will, including your wife and children, but also to stay in hang city, who dare Unauthorized departure, to abscond with fear of crime!”
Zhou director’s words, so Shan Zhuang father face pale, he can sit to the position of municipal director, the world is clear, this is frankly, is to offend people ah!
Shan Zhuang father glared at his son, Shan Zhuang is also ashen face.
Zhang Xuan, who is in Yinzhou, looked at the text message on his phone that said the single family had fallen, indifferent smile and deleted the text message.
The single Zhuang then provoked him, but also openly used words to humiliate Lin Qinghan, how will Zhang Xuan just walk away, the single family fell, is only the first step, after, there are other punishments waiting for the single Zhuang.
At eleven o’clock, Zhang Xuan came to Hengyuan Trade, sitting in the meeting room waiting for Qin Rou.
Half an hour later, Qin Rou came downstairs, saw Zhang Xuan sitting in the parlor, slightly surprised, asked the receptionist when Zhang Xuan came, the receptionist told Qin Rou, Zhang Xuan has been sitting here waiting for more than half an hour.
Qin Rou walked into the meeting room with an apologetic face and said, “Zhang Xuan, I just wanted to call you, I may not be able to have lunch with you today, a friend I haven’t seen for a long time also suddenly asked me to have dinner.”
“Boyfriend?” Zhang Xuan asked with a smile on his face.
“No, a female friend.” Qin Rou replied, with some explanation in her words, afraid that Zhang Xuan would misunderstand something.
“It’s okay, you bring me along, I’ll treat.” Zhang Xuan guessed that Qin Rou, a friend he hadn’t seen for a long time, might be the person Wang Congfeng had arranged.
Qin Rou covered her mouth and smiled, “I am no problem ah, just afraid that you Zhang busy man broke the bank.”
The place to eat, Qin Rou’s friend has booked, is in a good Chinese restaurant, this Chinese restaurant is very petty mood, a box are not big, the decoration is very chic, in line with the modern young people’s minimalist aesthetic.
Zhang Xuan and Qin Rou joined hands into the box, found that the box is sitting two people, a female, should be the old friend Qin Rou said, the other party also looks good, is that the face is a look on several surgeries, chin and nose are looking unnatural, dress is very avant-garde, belong to the Netflix category.
There is also a young man, this person is dressed very ordinary, but the wrist wears the watch worth 300,000, proves that his identity is not ordinary, when Zhang Xuan into the box, this young man has been sizing up Zhang Xuan.
“Kang Hui, long time no see.” Qin Rou greeted the female, then put her gaze on the male, a trace of surprise appeared in her eyes, “Isn’t this Wu Han, Kang Hui, when did you get in touch with Young Master Wu.”
“Our big beauty Qin is still really busy.” Kang Hui gave a laugh, “I just said yesterday in our university group to come to you, Young Master Wu immediately contacted me, it seems that for so many years, Young Master Wu still always miss you, this is how infatuated man ah.”
Qin Rou laughed a little, did not take Kang Hui’s words, “Come, let me introduce to you, this is Zhang Xuan, my friend, Zhang Xuan, this is Kang Hui and Wu Han, my college classmates, haven’t seen for a long time.”
“Hello guys.” Zhang Xuan smiled at these two, as a greeting.
“Friends? What kind of friends? Boyfriend?” Kang Hui looked at Zhang Xuan with a gossipy face, and when she saw that Zhang Xuan’s outfit did not have any outstanding points, there was more disappointment in Kang Hui’s eyes.
Qin Rou’s pretty face slightly red, “What nonsense, just ordinary friends.”
“Well, sit down, order first.” Kang Hui did not continue to ask, directly shouted to the waiter.
The four people want five dishes, a few bottles of wine, is also considered a petty mood.
While eating, Qin Rou, Kang Hui, and Wu Han, three people are chatting about some things in college, Zhang Xuan sat next to, listened to the three people chatting, and did not make much noise.
“Qin Rou, you say you have such good conditions, why not hurry to find one, I think young Wu is really quite good, the family is so good, but the person is so simple, not ostentatious, not pretentious, how good the man ah.” When Kang Hui spoke, she kept giving Wu Han a wink.
In response, Wu Han only smiled faintly and did not say anything more.
“Ai.” Kang Hui sighed, “Wu young, you say you, have graduated for so long, when you can change this shy character, ah, just like you, how can you chase a girl, if I had you this family, long ago I do not know what kind of expansion, chasing Qin Rou so many men, you do not try hard, how to chase?”
Kang Hui is full of hate, and then put his eyes on Zhang Xuan, “This buddy, what do you do ah? Qin Rou’s partner?”
“No.” Zhang Xuan shook his head and replied, “I work as a salesman in a company.”
“Oh.” Upon hearing this, Kang Hui’s face had much disappointment, although she didn’t say anything, but she could also tell that she didn’t really want to talk to Zhang Xuan.
“Qin Rou, what do you think of our young Wu, he is so shy, why don’t you give him a chance to get along with him?” Kang Hui asked tentatively.
“It’s better to forget about it.” Qin Rou smiled faintly, “I have no idea about this for now.”

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