Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 299

Kang Hui and Wu Han sat in a row, she secretly pulled Wu Han’s sleeve and gave Wu Han a wink, meaning to let Wu Han show a little.
A trace of cowardice appeared on Wu Han’s face, unmoved.
Zhang Xuan sat aside and secretly observed the actions of Wu Han and Kang Hui, trying to see who was wrong with the two, but now it seems that there is nothing wrong with either of them.
Originally, Zhang Xuan thought it was Kang Hui, but it turned out that Kang Hui showed everything, not at all like to harm people, as for that Wu Han, timid, few words, and listen to Kang Hui’s words, this Wu Han is not what lack of money master, there is no need to do something for Wang Congfeng.
“Wu young, you must think clearly ah, chasing Qin Rou people, can be a sea of people, you do not work hard, when Qin Rou was married away the day, there are you cry, if I, out to invite a beautiful woman to dinner, at least have to clip a dish or something, right?”
Wu Han took a deep breath, as if he had made some kind of decision, picked up a piece of pot stickers and put it on Qin Rou’s plate, “Qin Rou, eat some main food.”
Seeing Wu Han’s enlightened action, Kang Hui nodded in satisfaction.
And Zhang Xuan, at this moment, his face changed violently, he was sure, it was Wu Han!
What made Zhang Xuan sure was not the pot stickers that Wu Han gave Qin Rou, but when Wu Han reached out to put the pot stickers on Qin Rou’s plate, Zhang Xuan clearly saw a very conspicuous bruise on Wu Han’s wrist, and this bruise, not a day or two to form.
A big young man, why would there be such a bruise on the wrist, making people think deeply while pondering the authenticity of this Wu Han’s identity.
“Thanks.” Qin Rou smiled faintly at Wu Han, picked up the piece of pot sticker, and was ready to put it into her mouth.
“This is stuffed with leeks and eggs, don’t you not love leeks, give it to me.” Zhang Xuan reached out and grabbed the pot sticker from Qin Rou’s chopsticks when she was about to put it in her mouth.
This action of Zhang Xuan made all three people in the box change their faces.
Qin Rou’s face was full of doubts, she never had the habit of not loving to eat leeks, and Zhang Xuan’s current practice, also completely different from his usual character, with Qin Rou’s intelligence, immediately guessed that there may be something here.
Wu Han’s face, on the other hand, was more than a little nervous.
Kang Hui is still more dissatisfied, “I say Zhang Xuan, what do you mean by this, this is the youngest Wu to Qin Rou clip, and not for you.”
“Qin Rou doesn’t like to eat this stuff, I’ll pick out the leeks for her.” Zhang Xuan said, and was ready to pick open the pot stickers.
Wu Han, who had been silent and timid, suddenly stood up, “I’m going to go to the toilet.”
With that, Wu Han was ready to walk towards the outside of the box.
“Go to the toilet? Wait before you go!” Zhang Xuan kicked the compartment door shut, leaving Wu Han with no way out.
“Zhang Xuan, what are you doing?” Qin Rou pulled Zhang Xuan’s sleeve, she was somewhat shocked by Zhang Xuan’s abnormal attitude.
Kang Hui slapped the table, “No, I said, the surname Zhang, what kind of attitude is this?”
Zhang Xuan ignored Kang Hui, but looked at Wu Han and said, “Sit down!”
Wu Han subconsciously re-sat on the chair, his face filled with a trace of fear.
“Young Master Wu, your family’s business, what’s its name?” Zhang Xuan picked a random question and asked.
“This ……” Wu Han opened his mouth, unable to answer for a moment.
Kang Hui was dissatisfied, she looked at Zhang Xuan and spoke, “Surnamed Zhang, what does the name of Wu Han’s family business have to do with you?”
“I didn’t ask you!” Zhang Xuan fiercely glared at Kang Hui.
Under Zhang Xuan’s glare, Kang Hui subconsciously closed her mouth.
“Answer me, your family’s business, what is its name!” Zhang Xuan once again looked at Wu Han.
“I …… I ……” Wu Han opened his mouth, then his neck snapped, “What does this have to do with you!”
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, “Then, let me ask you something else, this watch in your hand, what brand is it?”
This question, let Wu Han performance slightly calmer, “Patek Philippe 6104G-001 series, the price of two hundred and ninety-three thousand eight hundred, what is the problem?”
Zhang Xuan snickered, “Take a good look, is this really a Patek Philippe? This is obviously a Vacheron Constantin 000P-8200, Mr. Wu, can’t you even tell what your own watch is? Is this watch yours?”
“Joke, if it’s not mine, it’s yours! I just remembered that I was wearing a Patek Philippe when I went out and ended up wearing the wrong one, this Vacheron Constantin, it’s my favorite one!” Wu Han spoke while covering the watch with his sleeve.
“Young master Wu, take a good look, this piece, it is Patek Philippe 6104G-001 ah, you did not recite the wrong lines.” Zhang Xuan once again smiled.
Wu Han’s face changed violently, he knew that he had been tricked.
“The surname Zhang, what exactly do you mean, what watch does the youngest Wu wear, does it have anything to do with you?” Kang Hui once again spoke out, while saying to Wu Han, “Young Master Wu, you don’t need to pay attention to him!”
Qin Rou’s beautiful eyes were also full of doubts, but she did not say anything, she knew that Zhang Xuan did so, there must be Zhang Xuan’s reasons.
Zhang Xuan shook his head at Kang Hui, “What watch he wears, of course, has nothing to do with me, but this piece of pot stickers he clip over, and I can have a relationship!”
Zhang Xuan mouth, the word “up” fell the moment, Zhang Xuan used chopsticks to plate the piece of pot stickers violently separated.
A red maggot appeared in the eyes of several people.
The moment the maggot appeared, Qin and Kang Hui both subconsciously screamed, and Wu Han’s face became extraordinarily ugly.
“Young Master Wu, how much benefit did the Zheng family give you to let you do this kind of thing that can put you behind bars?” Zhang Xuan inserted a chopstick into the maggot’s body, and the maggot completely wilted after squirming madly for a few times.
“This …… this …… this is what is going on ah!” Kang Hui, who had just spoken for Wu Han, had a slightly shaky voice at this time.
This maggot’s appearance is really too bluff, and women themselves are afraid of this kind of thing, even if men see it, will subconsciously a shiver.
Qin Rou settled down, looked at Wu Han, did not say anything, asked to Zhang Xuan, “Zhang Xuan, what is this?”
“A kind of compulsion that someone wants to put in your mouth to make you withdraw your complaint.” Zhang Xuan replied to, at the moment his words fell, Zhang Xuan fiercely shot out his hand and grabbed towards Wu Han’s neck.
Where could Wu Han dodge Zhang Xuan’s action, he was grabbed by Zhang Xuan’s neck, and his face instantly turned red with suffocation.
“Tell me, you are Qin Rou’s classmate, how did the Zheng family find you, and also, this identity of a big young man, you have been pretending since you were in college?”
Zhang Xuan finished asking the questions before letting go of Wu Han’s neck.
Wu Han gasped greedily.
“Wu Han, what the hell is going on here!” Kang Hui was on the side, asking anxiously, her gaze this time looking at Wu Han again was full of strangeness.

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