Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 303

Within fifteen minutes after Zhang Xuan left the hospital, the information about Mr. Zhao and others had been sent to his cell phone.
Zhao’s Group, a company that had risen up with Yinzhou in the last month, with a corporate field that covered more than ten regions, with ample funds, and clashed with Lin’s on top of several projects.
“Zhao’s, interesting.” The corners of Zhang Xuan’s mouth grinned, “I’ll play nice with you after we settle the matter in Yanjing, for now, let you bounce around for two days.”
Zhang Xuan has decided, when this time after dealing with Wang Congfeng’s matter, will take a trip to Yanjing, the person behind completely uncovered, solve that hidden trouble, they no longer need to hide their identity, do anything, but also much more convenient.
When Zhang Xuan returned to the company, it was almost the end of the day, he still remembered that he had to help Qiu Yu look at the investment in the evening, so he said hello to Lin Qinghan and said he would not go back for dinner tonight.
After work, Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu together out of the company, the two did not take a car or anything, so walk towards the place.
Qiu Yu said, the dinner place has been booked, in the Xin Kai Hotel, her second uncle’s family and her father are already in the hotel.
When Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu just arrived at the Xin Kai Hotel parking lot, they heard a female voice ring out.
“Yo, Qiu Yu, here you are, I was going to give you a call!”
Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu both looked at the voice and saw a young woman who looked three times like Qiu Yu, walking down from a three million dollar Mercedes Benz big G, with a Chanel handbag in her hand.
This woman compared to Qiu Yu, more charming, less simple, and looks, also a few points worse.
At the same time, the main driver of the Mercedes-Benz big G, came down a young man, the youth looks average, dashing the car door closed, took the initiative to ask, “Qiushen, this is your cousin?”
“Yes, dear.” Qiu Shuan affectionately took the man’s arm, “Qiu Yu, this is your future brother-in-law, Sun Liang.”
“Hello.” Qiu Yu smiled faintly at Sun Liang.
“Hello, I often heard Qiu Frost mention you, saying that you are a beautiful woman, once I saw you today, Qiu Frost really did not lie to me.” Sun Liang took the initiative to extend his hand to Qiu Yu, acting like a gentleman, and then looked at Zhang Xuan, “This brother is.”
“This is Brother Zhang Xuan Zhang.” Qiu Yu introduced.
After a few people greeted each other, they walked together towards the hotel.
Inside a modest private room, Qiu Yu’s father, as well as Qiu Yu’s second uncle and his wife, and Qiu Yu’s third aunt and her husband, both of whom were already sitting at the table, were having a casual conversation.
The door of the private room opened, and the two sisters, Qiu Yu and Qiu Frost, walked into the private room.
“Little Yu, you’ve grown so beautiful after not seeing each other for so many years.” Qiu Yu’s second uncle laughed.
“Yes, not only beautiful, but also capable, I do not know who will have this fortune to find our family Qiu Yu.” Qiu Yu’s third aunt also said so.
Qiu Yu this has not yet shouted people, it was first said a big red face, shy.
At this time, several people in the box also noticed Zhang Xuan who came with Qiu Yu.
“This gentleman is ……” Qiu Yu’s second uncle looked at Zhang Xuan with a puzzled face.
Qiu Yu’s father, had a deep impression of Zhang Xuan, at that time, if not for Zhang Xuan, he could have been completely pitted, and could not even walk out of that casino.
“This is Little Zhang.” Before Qiu Yu could speak, his father introduced Qiu Yu’s second uncle and third aunt, “Last time, ah, thanks to Xiao Zhang’s help.”
Zhang Xuan called out hello to his uncles and aunts, as a greeting to several elders.
“Okay, then sit down, come on, order.”
Zhang Xuan sat at the table and listened to Qiu Yu’s family chatting about family matters, he found himself doing all these things all day long.
“These two years business is not very prosperous ah, before the annual profit of more than two hundred million, now can have 100 million thank God.” Qiu Yu second uncle sighed while drinking wine, he patted Sun Liang’s shoulder, “This is still thanks to Xiao Sun’s family gave some help, otherwise even this 100 million can not keep.”
Sun Liang laughed, “Uncle Qiu you say this is out of place.”
Qiu Yu third aunt ate a mouthful of food and said, “Second brother, not that the coal business has rebounded in the past two years, the coal mine you received more than 300 million last time, how are the benefits ah?”
“Not bad, in terms of the current sales, a year back to capital, next year will be profitable.” Qiu Yu second uncle replied.
A trace of joy appeared on the face of Autumn Rain’s third aunt, “Good, second brother, when I first said the additional 30 million dollars of capital, you can not refuse ah.”
“Which can.” Autumn Rain second uncle waved his hand, “all self family, you chase on the line.”
“Haha, second brother, I’ll drink to you.” Autumn Rain’s third aunt raised her glass.
“Dad!” Qiu Shuan sat aside and pouted, “You let Sun Liang also chase some funds into the well, not much chase, how about just 30 million?”
“Little frost.” Sun Liang pulled the sleeve of Qiu Shuang, “Love is love, business is business, how can I take advantage of your family?”
Qiu Yu’s second uncle let out a big smile, “Xiao Sun ah, all of our own family, let’s not talk about two families, let you chase 30 million in.”
Sun Liang face a happy, quickly raised a glass of wine, “Then thank you uncle.”
Qiu Yu father and daughter listened to the family conversation, some bitterness in the heart, there is no contact for some time, did not expect the family have developed into such, and then look at their own it, if not for the good luck some time ago, a car, now even owe money do not know how to pay.
Qiu Yu father is listening to the side dry anxious, could not help but ask: “Lao Er, you guys said this time a small business to take care of us, what is ah.”
“Oh yes.” Qiu Yu second uncle ate a mouthful of food, “there is a small business, but a million of funds is definitely a bit lacking, at least a million and two hundred thousand or so to do.”
“Ah?” Qiu Yu’s father heard, his face darkened, “One million two hundred thousand …… this …… this can not get out ah.”
“I say eldest uncle, you really can’t do business ah.” Qiu Shuan spoke, “now doing business, who all take cash out ah, are using the bank’s money to make money for themselves, you last time did not say that Qiu Yu body has a small one million it, you then take your store to the bank mortgage, casual loan a two hundred thousand out, business this thing, is money rolling money, you see those big entrepreneurs, who did not have a debt of tens of billions of dollars. ”
“Good.” Autumn rain three aunt nodded, “big brother, you are a little too pedantic thinking, look at me, now driving millions of cars, the bank owes more than two hundred million, and the result? Earn more!”
“This ……” Qiu Yu’s father’s face showed a difficult look, he is poor and scared, also owed money owed scared, now once you hear the loan, the heart feels no spectrum.
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are talking about.
“Yes, there are several projects, you can choose yourself, three-dimensional parking, breeding, education, medical, you can choose a little.”
As soon as the words of second uncle Qiu Yu fell, I heard a rebuttal business ring out.

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