Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 304

The crowd put their eyes on the person who issued the rebuttal, it was Zhang Xuan who had been sitting there without saying much.
Qiu Frost frowned, “Qiu Yu, this friend of yours he?”
“Cousin, brother Zhang is better at this aspect of investment, I asked him to help me analyze it.” Qiu Yu explained, then looked at Zhang Xuan, waiting for Zhang Xuan’s next.
Zhang Xuan said: “In the current situation in Yinzhou, three-dimensional parking lot is obviously not practical, the cost is high, one million is only enough to get the money for the land in the early stage, the back of the land mortgage, assessment, the interest rate from the bank loan can reach four point nine, when the parking lot is built, the interest rate is not sure how much, farming, in Yinzhou is not suitable, now the most attractive in Yinzhou, is wild purple mushrooms, can be sold at a high price of five hundred a catty, but the planting method who does not have, the risk is too big, education and medical care this piece, has been contracted by Lin, unless you do the kind of investment of twenty to thirty thousand small dining room training.”
Zhang Xuan will just Qiu Yu second uncle said of these investments, analyzed one by one.
“Qiu Yu, what does this friend of yours do? Which investment company ah?” Qiu Shu asked.
Zhang Xuan himself replied, “I am Qiu Yu’s colleague, and together we work in Lin’s as sales.”
“Sales?” A touch of contempt appeared in Qiu Shuan’s eyes, “Since when does a salesman know how to invest? Just those analysis you just did, I thought you were a boss with tens of millions of dollars.”
“Heh.” Zhang Xuan laughed lightly twice, “slightly understand some.”
“Do you understand or do we understand?” Qiu Yu sanguine discontented look at Zhang Xuan, “We the hundreds of millions of investment said to do, a small investment of a million still can not see it?”
“That’s right.” Qiu Yu second aunt also spoke out, “My husband said these investments, are he carefully help Qiu Yu this girl choose, can not, you think my husband even can not see this, deliberately let Qiu Yu lose money?”
“Brother, your eyes are a little too short-sighted, with your kind of thinking, it’s hard to make money ah.” Sun Liang also opened his mouth and said.
Zhang Xuan’s words can be said to have drawn the discontent of the entire table.
“Second Uncle, Brother Zhang is also kind, he is for my own good.” Qiu Yu hurriedly opened his mouth and spoke for Zhang Xuan.
“For your own good? For your own good is that how to cut off your fortune?” Qiu Shuan said, “Qiu Yu, you just came out of school, do not understand the danger of the human heart, some people ah, on the surface look like a human dog, but in fact the intention can be sinister, you do not just trust others, when the time to be cheated of money and sex ah!”
Qiu Yu second uncle rushed Zhang Xuan said: “Young man, this is our family gathering, this girl Qiu Yu do not know what to do, bring you along, we do not blame her, but we talk about some family matters, you should not interfere with the good.”
Qiu Yu father saw Qiu Yu second uncle some slight anger, quickly spoke, “Lao Er, Xiao Zhang also did help us a lot, he is still young, some things you do not take it to heart.”
“Heh, young is young, at home, someone spoiled, but go out into society, no one spoiled him, young man, trouble comes out of the mouth this truth, you have to think about ah.” Qiu Yu’s second uncle warned with a bad look on his face, took out a Chinese in his mouth and lit it for himself.
Qiu Yu father playing a roundabout, while indicating Qiu Yu stop talking, while rushing Qiu Yu second uncle said: “Lao Er, I actually think, you said that the parking lot is really good, I do not drive it, but also can see, now this parking space is very tight, if a parking lot, absolutely money.”
Qiu Yu second uncle inhaled deeply, said: “This is very obvious, if not from the family, I will not give you said, now I have a piece of land in my hand, right in the city center, if you want, I one million two hundred thousand let you take, also considered from the family I help you, this piece of land, the normal assessment price between two million to three million five hundred thousand, you go to the bank can casually loan the money out Although the foundation is not large, only a thousand square feet, but engage in a three-dimensional parking lot, that is more than enough.”
“A thousand square feet.” Qiu Yu second aunt continued to speak, “Brother, this is obviously the second brother to your welfare, ah, if you build a three-dimensional parking lot, on the kind of up and down several layers, on the first count three layers, a parking space, about eight to nine square, a thousand square, a floor even a hundred spaces, three layers, three hundred spaces, now the downtown parking fees, five dollars an hour, up to two dollars per hour. Daily income at the minimum, a parking space fifty-one, three hundred spaces even fifteen thousand three!”
Qiu Yu second aunt finished, took out the phone, specifically to Qiu Yu father to see the location of the land, really is in the downtown area, where every day the car is full, there is no place to park!
Qiu Yu father’s eyes, there is a strong intention to move.
If you can earn 15,000 a day, then a year down, their own loans can be paid off, the first half of the second year back to capital, the second half of the year will be a pure profit ah, a year of interest, more than five million!
“This is a good thing, is a good thing ah, Lao Er, you are really my lucky star! This land one million, not expensive, not expensive!” Qiu Yu’s father looked very excited.
“Hehe.” Qiu Yu second uncle laughed lightly twice, “You want to take, this piece of land one million two hundred thousand you take, the loan process I can help you go.”
Qiu Shuan also spoke: “Yes uncle, you say you now open a small store what is the point, every day is still busy, you want to have that parking lot, every day in the parking lot stroll, a day net income of more than 10,000, you do not know how many people want to take that land from my father’s hands, my father simply do not sell.”
“Big brother, I think it’s a good business for you.” Qiu Yu’s third aunt said.
“Suitable, suitable!” Qiu Yu’s father nodded repeatedly, “But Lao Er, I’ll give you a bottom, our family now, add up to more than 900,000, or that small store top to you forget.”
“It doesn’t matter.” Qiu Yu second uncle waved his hand, “that piece of land, I was one million two hundred thousand to take, now the price to you, do not earn you money, a family, also do not count so fine, that small store, even if you 300,000 good.”
“Okay, okay!” Qiu Yu father looked very excited.
“Big brother, the second brother said this, you also casually expressed a little, drink a glass of wine, the contract signed, that land today belongs to you, early build up, early operation early money well.” Qiu Yu third aunt continued.
Qiu Yu looked at Zhang Xuan sitting next to him.
Zhang Xuan slowly ate a mouthful of food, “Signing a contract or something, there is some rush, right?”
After Zhang Xuan finished, he looked at Qiu Yu’s father, “Uncle, one million, is not a small amount, you should not be fooled by some flowery words!”
“What do you mean!” Qiu Yu’s second uncle slapped his hand on the table and glared at Zhang Xuan.

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