Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 306

Zhang Xuan opened his mouth and said, “That one just now, is the current helmsman of Zhou Group, all of Zhou’s land, he knows, it looks like, Mr. Qiu, he doesn’t know you.”
Zhang Xuan eyes indifferent.
Qiu Yu second uncle full of doubt, “you say that is the helmsman of the Zhou Group is, I have worked with the Zhou Group for so long, I do not know!”
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, I just need to make the people who should believe believe it.”
After saying these words, Zhang Xuan glanced at Qiu Yu’s father.
At this moment, Qiu Yu’s father’s gaze was filled with complexity, he certainly knew that the youth just now, was the one at the helm of Zhou’s.
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan snapped his fingers, “Let’s talk about the next issue, you, Sun Liang, and the Lin Group’s relationship, the truth is what, you yourselves know best in your hearts but, of course, in order to let you die, do not hold on here, or let this girl Qiu Yu tell you, I and Lin Group’s president Lin Qinghan, what is the relationship.”
“Brother Zhang he ……” Qiu Yu looked at his cousin, “Brother Zhang he is the husband of President Lin, this matter is known to the whole company.”
Qiu Frost, as well as Sun Liang’s eyes, at the fall of Qiu Yu’s words, glazed over.
“You guys don’t need to be shocked, superfluous explanation, there is no need, now pay attention to my hand.” Zhang Xuan took out his cell phone, pressed three buttons, “I have entered a good alarm number, now, you can choose to remain here, let the police to deal with a fraud case, or immediately leave, I give you three seconds to choose, if you do not choose, I will help you choose the second.”
Zhang Xuan gaze swept a circle of these relatives of Qiu Yu, softly spoke: “One!”
When Zhang Xuan counted out one, Sun Liang did not say a word, the first to rush out of the box, Qiu Shuang look, also followed and ran outside the box.
“Two.” Zhang Xuan spoke out again.
Qiu Yu three aunt couple glance at each other, lowered their heads, did not say a word towards the box outside.
Qiu Yu second uncle and his wife took a look, which still dare to continue to stay here, rushed to seize the door out.
In a flash, the entire box, only Qiu Yu father and daughter, and Zhang Xuan.
Looking at the empty compartment in an instant, Qiu Yu’s father’s face was filled with dullness.
As for Qiu Yu, his eyes were also red.
Now the two of them, how do not understand what happened, such a thing, for the father of Qiu Yu, is very difficult to accept.
Just that sat, are his own brothers ah, with blood relations, a mother out of the womb, grew up playing together in the mud!
“Uncle, I know it’s hard in your heart, but there are some things I still want to say, don’t be blinded by the so-called affection, some times, you think it’s your closest people, but actually not that.” Zhang Xuan shook his head and sighed, “You and Qiu Yu this girl alone for a while, there are some things that have to be thought out by themselves.”
Zhang Xuan finished, patted Qiu Yu’s shoulder, “Girl, persuade your father well.”
Zhang Xuan got up, left the compartment, for the two people will close the compartment door, in the moment Zhang Xuan closed the door, the compartment, the sound of a grown man’s cry.
Zhang Xuan sighed, walked to the front desk of the hotel, left the place after settling the bill for both Qiu Yu father and daughter.
Strolling home, by the time he arrived home, it was already after eight o’clock in the evening.
Lin Qinghan was sitting on the sofa watching TV as usual, when Zhang Xuan could see the woman’s back as soon as he entered the door.
“Back, why did you just call me suddenly to ask that question?” Lin Qinghan sat on the sofa with her long, white legs crossed in front of her.
Zhang Xuan told Lin Pleasehan what had just happened at the hotel.
In response, Lin Qinghan can only let out a sigh, Qiu Yu family met such relatives, and she is not it, when Wang Wei, for his own personal desires, are trying to destroy the Lin’s.
“This girl recently in the company’s performance is good, willing to work hard, will learn, but also diligent, do you think I should give her a promotion or something?” Lin Qinghan asked.
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “No, she is still too young, directly to her promotion, attracting gossip is one, for her growth is also not conducive, or let more suffer, sharpen it.”
Lin Qinghan nodded, “Let’s do as you say.”
The two people in the conversation did not notice that Lin Qinghan, now, had subconsciously let Zhang Xuan make the decisions on some things.
Zhang Xuan poured himself a cup of tea and refilled Lin Qinghan’s cup, sat on the sofa and watched the TV series together with Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan kept looking at Zhang Xuan beside her with her afterglow, and then spoke somewhat tentatively, “Honey, you told Qiu Yu today that I listen to you at home, do you want this kind of life?”
“Uh.” Zhang Xuan suddenly looked embarrassed, he just came back on the way, he was worried that Lin Qinghan asked this question, hey, only blame their own morning bragging too proud and forgetful, did not carefully observe the surrounding environment.
“Husband, do you want it?” Lin Qinghan asked again.
“No, don’t want it at all.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand repeatedly, “I just like the way you are now, let me do everything, let me spoil you and spoil you, just like that, you must not listen to me on everything!”
Lin Qinghan was Zhang Xuan said the pretty face a red, white Zhang Xuan a glance, “beautiful you, right, tomorrow noon, go to grandpa’s house for dinner.”
For the Wang Congfeng tomorrow to the compulsion of this, Zhang Xuan has long been prepared, nodded, “OK.”
A night without words, the next morning, Zhang Xuan crawled out of bed, thinking about making a breakfast, and so a refrigerator, empty scene let Zhang Xuan silently walked out of the house, towards the vegetable market.
At ten o’clock in the morning, Lin Qinghan did not need to go to the company today, deliberately slept a lazy sleep, got up and found that Zhang Xuan was not at home, she did not care much.
Just as she was about to go to the bathroom to wash up, Lin Qinghan’s phone rang and it was Secretary Li.
Lin Qinghan picked up the phone and before she could speak, Secretary Li’s anxious voice rang out over the phone, “Mr. Lin, it’s not good, Mr. Zhang has beaten up the prince!”
“The prince!” Lin Qinghan’s heart was shocked, “Which country’s prince!”
Beating the prince, a member of the royal family of another country, Zhang Xuan’s guts are too big, what is this encounter!
Secretary Li was silent on the phone for five seconds before he reopened his mouth, “Mr. Lin, the prince is a star, in China, the first in popularity, is a deserved flow superstar ah! Now Mr. Zhang is already in the police station, the other party wants to sue our company, lawyers and so on are in the police station, there is already a mess, you quickly come to see.”
Lin Qinghan did not care to wash up, casually chewed a piece of gum, wore a piece of ordinary casual clothes, so the face rushed to the police station.

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