Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 307

Silver State Police Station, at this moment is already full of people.
All kinds of media, reporters, has blocked the police station door, the prince’s fans, are also holding signs, blocking the police station door, dozens of police officers in front of the police station pulled up a cordon to maintain order!
“Severe punishment! Severe punishment must be meted out!”
“Dare to beat up our prince, who is he to do so!”
“Our prince is so handsome, who will be responsible for the damage!”
A group of female fans screamed in excitement.
Inside the police station, more than a dozen lawyers were in unison to voice out what happened this morning.
The police chief of Yinzhou is now anxiously sweating, this time, not a trivial matter, ah, the one who hit, the background is so big that he dared not think, and the beaten, and is the most popular traffic superstar in China today, every move is much attention, a little not handled, his career will be the end of the road.
A corner of the police station, there are two young people dressed in women’s clothing, these two young people silently stay here, not a word.
Zhang Xuan sat in the interrogation room, he was not handcuffed, instead, there was a good cup of tea brewing in front of him, the police locked him in the interrogation room, only to avoid those reporters, and crazy fans.
A middle-aged woman wearing black-framed glasses, full of anger, scolded Chief Wei, “I really overestimate the security environment of your Silver State, people are fighting and causing trouble at will. I want to file a complaint against you! I want all of our Prince fans to complain against you together!”
“Ms. Wu, take it easy, take it easy, I believe there must be a reason for this matter.” Director Wei tried his best to comfort, this person in front of him, was Prince’s financier and had a lot of influence.
“Take a breather? How do you want me to take the heat off? Do you know that what happened today will affect our prince’s career in the future!” Prince’s agent’s eyes were red with anxiety.
When Lin Qinghan arrived at the police station, he was also shocked by the scene in front of him. The entire police station was surrounded by a black mass of people, at least 500 people, all shouting for the prince, saying that the perpetrator should be severely punished.
Secretary Li was waiting for Lin Qinghan outside, and the moment he saw Lin Qinghan’s car, Secretary Li walked up quickly.
“Mr. Lin, you’re here, this is a big deal.” Secretary Li’s face was full of anxiety.
“What’s going on?” Lin Qinghan asked with a frown as soon as he got out of the car.
Secretary Li shook his head, “I’m not sure of the details, I went to the market in the morning to buy food, on the way home, I saw Mr. Zhang beat people up, the other side had a lot of bodyguards and agents, said to sue Mr. Zhang, I was in a hurry, said we Lin will be responsible for this matter, first Mr. Zhang bail down, but how to deal with the back, I do not know. ”
“You did a good job.” Lin Qinghan gave Li Na an approving glance as she tried to calm herself down and asked, “This prince, who is he anyway? How popular is it?”
“Extraordinarily popular!” Lina did not think at all, nodded hard, “all major video sites have a star ranking, the prince are ranked first, there are all kinds of fan support groups, out of this incident, just half an hour, the network’s largest social software is close to being blown up by the prince’s fan group! If this matter is not handled properly, the public opinion alone is enough to destroy our Lin’s ah!”
Lin Qinghan didn’t even go into detail to analyze, just a little thought, and then he could realize the importance of the matter.
“Where is Zhang Xuan?” Lin Qinghan asked.
“He’s already been taken away by the police.” Li Na pointed to the door of the police station.
“Go, first ask Zhang Xuan what happened here!” Lin Qinghan walked towards the police station with big strides.
Now at the entrance of the police station, a cordon was drawn up, prohibiting anyone from entering.
When Lin Qinghan and Li Na came, naturally, they were also stopped.
“Madam, you can’t go in.”
“I am the wife of the person in question.” Lin Qinghan explained her identity to the police.
The moment Lin Qinghan’s words fell, a bellowing sound rang out behind her, and a girl who looked like she was only 15 or 16 years old cursed, “Bitch, it was your husband who beat up our prince, bitch!”
“How dare you show your face, beat her to death and avenge our prince!”
“Beat her up!”
A group of crazy groupies surged towards Lin Qinghan, waving their arms incessantly, if not for the police stopping them, just by looking at the state of these fans, there was no doubt what kind of crazy things they could do.
Lin Qinghan frowned more tightly, she saw that these fans, almost all of them young girls, had fallen into a state of frenzy for the prince.
A slender arm crossed the police’s defense line and came towards Lin Qinghan’s face.
“Mr. Lin, be careful!” At the critical moment, Li Na pushed Lin Qinghan, but was hit by that slap.
A crisp sound rang out, and Li Na’s face had an additional red five-finger mark.
The one who moved to hit was a girl around sixteen years old, with a hateful gaze in her eyes, that gaze could not wait to tear Lin Qinghan apart, and her mouth cursed, “Bitch, I will beat you to death to avenge our family prince!”
Such a scene caused Lin Pleasehan to completely freeze.
“Mr. Lin, go in first, you can’t stay here.” Li Na hurriedly pulled Lin Qinghan’s arm and rushed towards the police station.
“Wait.” Lin Qinghan shook off Li Na’s hand, took a deep breath, ignoring the scolding in front of her, she looked at the girl who hit her and rushed the police officer in front of her, “Officer, please arrest this person, she just hit my friend.”
Just that slap, the police officers also saw clearly, did not speak, immediately arrested the girl who hit.
Lin Qinghan watched the girl being arrested into the police station, before stepping towards the police station door.
The bureau is in a state of chaos.
As soon as Chief Wei saw Lin Qinghan, he immediately recognized this Lin’s president and hurriedly walked over.
“President Lin, you’re here, this time it’s a problem with your staff, we police are also trying our best to adjust, don’t be anxious yet.” Chief Wei spoke out to comfort.
“Where is Zhang Xuan? I want to see him.” Lin Qinghan’s beautiful eyes had some anger in them.
“This ……” Director Wei’s face showed a hint of difficulty, “I’m afraid this is a bit out of order, only immediate family members and lawyers can see Mr. Zhang now.”
“He is my husband!”
When Chief Wei heard this, he hurriedly shut his mouth and personally took Lin Qinghan to the interrogation room.
Lin Qinghan originally thought that Zhang Xuan would be leaned in the interrogation room, which made her worry on the way here, but when she saw Zhang Xuan sitting there, still sipping a cup of tea, the anger in her heart could no longer be suppressed, the scene where Li Na had just been slapped was still vivid in her mind.
“Zhang Xuan! What have you done! Do you know what kind of chaos is going on outside!

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