Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 308

Zhang Xuan sipped his tea and slowly said, “Wife, you’re here, take it easy for now.”
“Not in a hurry! I can’t be in a hurry! What is the matter, why do you have to hit someone! Can’t you be more mature!” Lin Qinghan’s face was filled with anger, and a hint of disappointment.
“I’m already mature, otherwise, I would definitely have killed him on the spot!” On Zhang Xuan’s body, a hostile aura steeply emerged, and this hostile aura caused a panic in the heart of Director Wei, who was standing at the side, for no reason.
Even Lin Qinghan, who was in a state of anger, also had a frozen face, she had never seen Zhang Xuan behave like this, he just spoke in a manner that made himself, felt …… afraid?
Li Na pulled Lin Qinghan’s sleeve, advised: “Lin, you also do not rush, Mr. Zhang is not that kind of impulsive person, must be the other party did something excessive, so that Mr. Zhang so angry, you listen to Mr. Zhang first.”
Lin Qinghan took a deep breath and nodded, “Okay, Zhang Xuan, tell me, why, why did you hit someone, always give me a reason!”
Zhang Xuan look back to calm, “The reason is very simple, that person, can not control their mouth, his fans, also can not control their mouth, I just hit people, did not kill them, is already merciful to them!”
Director Wei stayed at the side extremely embarrassed, he is at least a police chief, this big man has been in front of himself saying what to kill who, what can he say.
Lin Qinghan was exasperated by this explanation from Zhang Xuan, “You mean, they just opened their mouths and cursed people, and you did it?”
“Yes.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head.
“Childish!” Lin Qinghan bellowed, “You’re already an adult, because of this little thing, you took action!”
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “Wife, you don’t understand.”
“What do I not understand, tell me!” Lin Qinghan stared closely at Zhang Xuan, wanting an explanation.
Zhang Xuan looked at Lin Qinghan’s appearance and sighed, “Okay, you come with me.”
Zhang Xuan got up and took the lead to walk out of the interrogation room.
Director Wei is a mess, this big shot, really did not put this incident at ease ah, the interrogation room out on the utterance.
Lin Qinghan followed behind Zhang Xuan, wanting to know how Zhang Xuan was going to explain.
Zhang Xuan walked to the police station lobby, his appearance, immediately attracted the attention of the prince’s agent.
“Police! What are you police officers doing, who let him walk out! And those two misogynistic things, they are also accomplices!” The prince agent shouted while reaching out and pointing at the two youths sitting in the corner, wearing female clothes.
The originally calm Zhang Xuan’s eyes instantly became full of fury when he heard the words of the prince’s agent, and he took a big step towards the prince’s agent.
The fury in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, the aura he carried, seemed to make the temperature of the surrounding air drop a lot, the beast-like gaze, let a person look at it will be fearful.
Prince broker looked at Zhang Xuan towards himself, suddenly some panic, “you …… you …… what you want, I police ……”
“Police you!” Zhang Xuan cupped his fist, not caring where this is, rushed to the prince broker, a punch in the other side of the stomach.
This punch up, the prince agent as if the whole person is fixed in general, you can see, her face is distorted, the body subconsciously bowed up, a face in this instant held red.
“Zhang Xuan, what are you doing!” Lin Qinghan hurriedly rushed up and pulled Zhang Xuan, “This is in the police station! Police station!”
“Mr. Zhang, take it easy for now, don’t be impulsive.” Chief Wei also rushed up and blocked between Zhang Xuan and the prince’s agent.
The prince agent’s body spasmed from Zhang Xuan’s punch, so painful that she couldn’t even speak, and it was only after half a minute that she gritted her teeth and squeezed out a sentence, “I’m going to sue him, I’m going to make him sit in jail for the rest of his life!”
Lin Qinghan heart anxious, this in the police station, in front of the police beat people, this is what kind of nature ah, even with Lin’s influence, can not just forget, moreover, Zhang Xuan hit, or a popular star’s agent, including the other party’s lawyer, were also present, will this scene in the eyes.
“Have you made enough noise! Ah! Did not make enough noise!” Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan’s face and screamed.
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “Wife, you don’t understand.”
“I don’t understand, then you let me understand!” Lin Qinghan anxious tears came out, this other party to really pursue down, Zhang Xuan will have a long time, spent in the big jail!
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath, nodded, pointed at the prince’s agent, and said to Director Wei: “Director Wei, right, you now, keep an eye on her, if her mouth is cheap again, I dare not guarantee that I will do something that you dare not imagine next.”
When the word “matter” fell, Zhang Xuan slammed his fist to the desk beside him, the solid wood desk, under Zhang Xuan’s fist, collapsed.
The original was still ready to put the harsh words of the prince agent, raw to the mouth of the words swallowed back into the stomach.
The back of Director Wei, is also cold sweat, this big man’s combat power is so strong, and the background is hard scary, he really want to do something, they really can not do, then, the bad luck is their own ah.
Lin Qinghan was equally startled by Zhang Xuan’s action, she really could not figure out what kind of language to make Zhang Xuan angry to such an extent.
“Wife, come with me, I’ll introduce two old friends to you.” One second, Zhang Xuan, who was still furious, had all the tenderness in his eyes when he shouted the word wife.
Lin Qinghan subconsciously nodded her head.
Zhang Xuan took Lin Qinghan, walked to the corner of the police station, the two youths dressed in women’s clothing, these two youths, very ordinary-looking.
“Wife, let me introduce to you, this is Yu Hao Yu, this is Yu Hao Yuan, these two are cousins.”
“Brother Zhang, sister-in-law.” The two youths sitting in the corner looked at Zhang Xuan with grateful faces and greeted Lin Qinghan.
“Hello guys.” Lin Qinghan nodded at the two, and then looked at Zhang Xuan with a puzzled face.
Zhang Xuan said to Yu Hao Yu and Yu Hao Yuan, “Come, take off your tops.”
Hearing Zhang Xuan’s words, Lin Qinghan’s eyes became even more puzzled, not understanding what Zhang Xuan was going to do.
Yu Hao Yu and Yu Hao Yuan looked at each other and slowly took off their upper body female clothes.
The moment they both took off their tops, Lin Qinghan’s beautiful eyes gradually enlarged, including those police officers in the police station, and Chief Wei, all looked at the two with a shocked face.
In Yu Hao Yu and Yu Hao Yuan’s body, there are dense scars all over, some scars, like centipedes, staggered on their bodies.

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