Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 315

In nearly half a month’s time, the emergence of the Zhao Group, and the Lin Group, a lot of open and dark fights have occurred.
Zhao’s group’s appearance, is to let many people unexpected, this group’s registered capital, are up to eight billion, behind a mysterious consortium support, the first day of the establishment of the time, from the field to transfer hundreds of elites, to maintain the company’s operation, but also took a lot of single.
The original Lin’s, the market share in Yinzhou amounted to about forty-eight percent, the emergence of the Zhao Group, so that the Lin’s share of this amount, a drop of thirteen percent, only thirty-five percent still pinched in hand.
The Zhao Group’s market share in Yinzhou now reaches 25 percent, just ten percentage points lower than Lin’s.
You know, this is the result of Zhao’s group only appeared half a month.
The usual business negotiations, Lin’s and Zhao’s will compete.
On the bid competition, Zhao’s is also Lin’s strongest opponent.
This time, the job fair, Lin’s and Zhao’s, are also competing for talent.
Lin’s and Zhao’s divided in an exhibition hall, each exhibition hall, there are dozens of booths, some small businesses, will gather in groups of three or five in a small booth, after all, this booth, just the cost of up to eight hundred thousand, a business certainly can not afford to pay, all the many companies will join together, together to pay, if you can find useful talent, the money spent on worth, can not find, as a loss-making deal.
The Lin’s and Zhao’s, on the other hand, have a booth, where their own business names are hung in big, hot gold letters, and the booth is filled with corporate culture and the need for talent.
At the booth, Lin’s HR department, at the moment, was anxious.
“How is it? Have you signed the most promising ones this time?”
“Not yet, Zhao’s offer is at least one level higher than ours, this is deliberately targeting us.”
“They’re just trying to get in trouble with us!”
While a group of people from the business division were discussing fiercely, Manager Chen from the HR department came over.
“Well, you guys have to slow down first, just received news, wait Lin’s husband is coming, by Mr. Zhang is responsible for this recruitment, all of us, just assist him.” Manager Chen spoke to the crowd.
Manager Chen’s words, let the personnel department crowd astonished.
“What? Mr. Lin’s husband is coming?”
“What’s he coming for? Does he know how to recruit?”
“Please, Manager Chen, we have enough chaos here, please don’t let anyone come and add to it, okay?”
A burst of complaints, who does not know, these people who entered the company by virtue of nepotism, how many of them are really capable? Before that Wang Wei, sitting in such an important position in the company, every day, in addition to eating, drinking and playing, is to cause trouble for others.
Although Zhang Xuan this person, they have not contacted before, but just think, but also can think of some.
Personnel Manager Chen does not know what’s in everyone’s mind, this Zhang Xuan, he also contacted before, the first day of work himself asked for a security position, the result of the General Manager’s aunt to stunned, from this can be seen, this is definitely an arrogant and domineering, acting recklessly people, he came here, if only nothing is okay, but let everyone listen to him.
This matter is arranged by General Manager Lin, Manager Chen again have opinions, but also do not dare to say ah, he now only hope that Zhang Xuan is a reasonable person.
“But this Xuan, the last time the building fire, he did not want to save Mr. Lin, should not be an excessive person, right?”
“Oh, my wife if a market value of tens of billions of dollars company boss, I also do not want to save, come here today, he can help, count me!”
“That’s right, to me I also play with life, look at us every day, not all play with life to make money, play once to earn ten billion, who all play!”
Personnel Department employees, are showing a look of anger.
“All right, all less talk about it, and so on people will come, may not stay a while to go.” Manager Chen said comfortingly.
“Waiting for him to leave, it will be too late, now the remaining talent is only a few, when the recruitment can not recruit people, and not deduct his salary, we still have a family to support it!”
“You silly ah, now all scattered, and so he came, say we are busy to go, he can not call you back it! Go go go, all scatter out.” Manager Chen waved his hand.
Those employees didn’t hesitate when they heard that.
“Go, go, go, slip away first.”
“Let’s go.”
A group of people, in pairs, left the booth, and soon, there was no one left in the recruitment booth belonging to Lin’s, except for a few people who were sitting on duty.
At 2:30 p.m., Zhang Xuan wandered slowly to the convention center.
Inside and outside the exhibition center, it can be said that there are a lot of people, now the per capita employment pressure is high, among the five people, there is one without a job, the remaining four, there is a good treatment of only one, the remaining three, all wavering.
This recruitment, not only the jobless to take a chance, some people who have a job, also took a special leave to see if they can find a job with a higher treatment.
Zhang Xuan came to the exhibition center, took a look at the thumbnail, and found Lin’s booth.
By the time he arrived at Lin’s booth, the booth was already crowded with job seekers, all handing in their resumes, and whoever’s resume was to pass, would be able to participate in the next step of the interview.
For most of the job seekers, it is Lin’s choosing them, only a very small part of the elite, only by them to choose Lin’s.
Now Lin’s, precisely this kind of elite is lacking.
Manager Chen had been standing in front of the booth waiting for a long time, and when he saw Zhang Xuan, Manager Chen was the first to welcome him.
“Mr. Zhang, you’re here.” Manager Chen looked at Zhang Xuan, he and Zhang Xuan had met before, looking at Zhang Xuan’s cheap casual clothes, how he could not accept that this was the husband of General Manager Lin, the husband of a boss worth ten billion dollars.
Zhang Xuan nodded, looked at the stage, frowned and asked, “This crowded a little too many people, if I remember correctly, this time your personnel department came twenty-three people, the efficiency is not so bad, right?”
Manager Chen smiled awkwardly, usually it would not be crowded with so many people, but just know that Zhang Xuan is coming, people are dispersed out, naturally the efficiency of work has decreased.
“It’s like this, Mr. Zhang, this time, we have a few quality targets, but we haven’t taken them down yet, so everyone is out.” Manager Chen explained.
“Out? Let’s all come back, you can’t even handle your own front door, what are you running around for!” Zhang Xuan scolded.
Manager Chen had some difficulties, “But those quality talents ……”
Zhang Xuan looked at Manager Chen and said indifferently, “I’m in charge here.”

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