Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 316

At 2:45 p.m., those employees of the personnel department who had dispersed out, all returned to the booth, but everyone’s face carried a kind of anger, they really did not want to come back, but Manager Chen told them that the one who said, if anyone is not in place within 15 minutes, submit their own resignation letter.
Lin’s employees, all of them were forced to come back, and everyone’s heart was filled with resentment.
Zhang Xuan sat in the lounge at the back of the booth, through the huge glass window, he could see everything that was happening on the booth, he made a cup of tea and sipped it leisurely.
The HR employees next to him shook their heads in disappointment when they saw him in this state, this was really a person who came to mingle.
Soon, Lin’s booth up to job seekers, slowly dispersed, everyone’s profiles are stowed, waiting for the next notice.
Zhang Xuan’s gaze, on a long-legged, thin-waisted girl to survey, this girl stood in the crowd, extra conspicuous, only because of her beautiful appearance, and a kind of next to the incomparable temperament.
“Call her in.” Zhang Xuan reached out and pointed to this girl and ordered at Manager Chen.
This girl, Lin’s personnel department employees have also noticed, appearance is indeed superior, but the education is too low, only college graduates, no work experience, but independent business for a few years, and finally lost money.
Once you hear Zhang Xuan to call the girl over, the crowd showed a look of contempt, this is also the same goods and Wang Wei, what skills are not, but the girl has a hand, I really do not know how Lin looked at such a man.
Soon, the manager Chen called the beautiful girl over specifically.
Those who are seeking employment with the girl, also showed a long-expected look, now this subtle rules are put into the open society, beautiful women are always in demand.
At the same time, the girl’s resume, was also placed in front of Zhang Xuan.
On a simple table, Zhang Xuan sat in front of the table, drinking tea, looking at the girl’s resume, the girl was standing in front of Zhang Xuan, wearing a long red dress.
“Rui Si? This surname is quite rare, twenty-six years old, graduated from a specialist, eight years of self-employment, introduce yourself.” Zhang Xuan put his resume on the table and sized up Rui Si.
Rui Si smiled faintly, “Hello examiner, my name is Rui Si, I am interested in ……”
“Stop.” Zhang Xuan made a forbidden gesture, “I forgot to tell you, I want a self-introduction, not the kind of generalization, and do not want to hear your good words, you only need to tell me three points, first, your strengths, second, your weaknesses, and third, your view of Lin.”
Rui Si faintly froze, then pondered for a moment, “Sorry, I can’t do such a self-introduction.”
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, as if he had expected Rui Si to answer this way, he asked, “Why?”
“I can only say what I think about Lin in the first point, my disadvantages in the second point, and my advantages, to be put at the end.” Reece gave this answer.
This way of answering, in other people’s eyes, had a kind of dead-brain feeling, it was just three points, which point to put in the front to say is the same.
But in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, it was completely different.
“Very good, you are accepted.” Zhang Xuan took out his phone and looked at the time, “At five thirty, you come here and I will talk to you about the salary.”
Zhang Xuan’s words made Ruisi’s eyes light up, if you look carefully, you will find that Ruisi’s eyes, actually with a kind of approving gaze, yes, she a college-educated job seeker, with a kind of approving gaze, examining Lin’s examiner, this is a very unusual thing.
Rui Si reached out to Zhang Xuan, “You are very special, I hope we work well together.”
Among these four words of pleasant cooperation, Rui Si expressed a more different meaning.
“I hope so too.” Zhang Xuan smiled and gently shook Rui Si’s catkin.
The next person looked, Zhang Xuan so easily told the other party was accepted, this is not recruiting employees? Obviously, it is to recruit a mistress for themselves!
“I knew it, this kind of person to come, will only add to our mess, and when he is done playing, said to leave, leaving a mess for us to clean up.”
“Hey, who let people have a lot of power.”
The staff in the HR department let out a whisper.
Seeing that Rui Si applied for the job so easily, an equally good-looking woman, who was also pretty, came over and threw an eyebrow at Zhang Xuan, “Hello examiner, my name is Linda, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree and would also like to find a job.”
When Linda spoke, she deliberately opened her neckline a little more, which was really seductive and attractive to explore.
Zhang Xuan took a look at this Linda, “Find a job according to the process.”
Linda heard this, and see Zhang Xuan this somewhat cold attitude, rolled his eyes, turned around and walked away, while emitting a voice, “What big tail wolf to pretend ah!”
Linda’s resume was just rejected by Lin.
Linda’s words were unanimously agreed by those employees in the HR department, who also thought that Zhang Xuan was pretending to be garlic, just let a beautiful woman apply for the job so easily, and now he was pretending to be a decent man.
After a while, a young man in a suit with an inch haircut, holding a briefcase, came to Lin’s booth.
As soon as this youth appeared, immediately attracted the attention of many personnel department employees, they remember, this person, is one of those few quality talent.
A few people, immediately ran to the booth and went to welcome this youth into the lounge.
As soon as the youth entered the lounge, he said loudly, “I won’t beat around the bush with you guys, the Zhao’s next to me, offered me an annual salary of three hundred thousand, my intended salary, is three hundred and fifty thousand per year, now whoever can offer me my ideal figure, I will choose whichever company.”
As soon as this young man’s words fell, Lin’s employees looked at me, I looked at you, and finally put their eyes on Manager Chen, and let him decide.
“Three hundred and fifty thousand ……” Manager Chen thought for a moment, took out a pen and paper again, wrote and drew for half a day, and finally gritted his teeth, “Three hundred and fifty thousand then three hundred and fifty thousand! Can! If there is no problem, you can sign the contract now!”
This youth, is the key target of Lin’s personnel department this time, very want to sign down.
A hint of arrogance appeared on the youth’s face, “Then let’s sign the contract.”
Looking at the arrogance on the face of the youth, Lin’s employees, and did not show any dissatisfaction, this youth to really join the staff, may become their bosses at once may also be.
Zhang Xuan sat next to him, frowned and spoke out, “Manager Chen, what kind of talent is this, directly asking for an annual salary of three hundred and fifty thousand?”
“Mr. Zhang, this is Pan Guang, twenty-three years old, he has already got a double master’s degree from Beijing University, and during his school years, he has won four scholarships, while his major also matches with our two most important projects now.” Manager Chen said while giving a resume to Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan just swept a glance and spoke, “This person is not wanted.”

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