Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 318

Zhang Xuan stretched out two fingers, “the interests of the company, I do not consider for the time being, first of all, personal interests, you give me a condescending face, is to affect my mood, in my opinion, a good mood is also a reflection of interest, so you have affected my personal interests, including in the company, you will also affect the mood of other colleagues, so I will be the first time to get you out. ”
“Ridiculous, what do you think you are? I have the ability, which company will rush to take me!” Pan Guang said arrogantly.
Pan Guang’s arrogance came from his heart, he thought from the bottom of his heart that he was a high achiever graduated from Beijing University, double master’s degree, came to this small city of Yinzhou, no matter which company he went to, there would be people scrambling for him, and he was superior to others.
Zhang Xuan shrugged, “Whatever you think, you want to say ability, I have to ask you, what ability do you have, to three hundred and fifty thousand a year? Academic qualifications represent your ability?”
“Of course!” Pan Guang’s head shot up.
Zhang Xuan beckoned, “Rui Si, come on, what did you do for the eight years you were self-employed?”
Ruisi replied, “Internet sales.”
“Internet sales?” Zhao’s personnel manager heard this, the look first froze, then laughed out loud a few times, disdainful, “really interesting, now is not an individual, there is an Internet sales in the resume, self-employment experience, who does not know, your so-called Internet sales, but is to pay one or two thousand dollars agency fee, in the social platform to do some things for sale only! ”
Rui Si explained a bang: “I sell is the domain IP, sold for eight years.”
After Rui Si said the words domain IP, whether it was Zhao’s HR manager, or Chen’s manager, including that Pan Guang, there was a touch of doubt on their faces.
Zhang Xuan spoke: “The so-called domain IP, is the website sold many years ago, only now in a different form, just now I personally conducted a private investigation, the most expensive website in China, the official URL of 361 Security Guard, is purchased with 100 million, Rui Si, say, you eight years of time, the total profit how much.”
Rui Si nodded and continued, “Eight years, I am more foreign domain IP for speculation sales, the total profit did not count, the best time, a year’s profit reached forty-seven million magnesium gold.”
“Pretentious!” Pan Guang glanced at the mouth, “forty-seven million magnesium gold? You really earn so much money, still need to come to this small city to work?”
Rui Si indifferently rested his hand, “The money lost just.”
“Oh, a sentence lost all, who would not say ah.” Pan Guang had disbelief written all over his face.
“I don’t know if what she said is true or not.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “But the financial magazine back then, I can still believe it.”
Zhang Xuan pulled out a website from his phone, it was a magnesium financial magazine from four years ago, and on the cover of the magazine, it was clearly Rui Si who was standing in front of them at this moment.
On the cover of the magazine, the introduction to Rui Si only had one short sentence.
Cross-generation business woman.
Zhang Xuan laughed: “URL you guys see clearly, is it real, whether it is P-image, you can inquire yourselves, do you think, such talent is a vase, or you signed, this so-called double master’s degree, without a little achievement, the arrogant high school student, is a vase?”
Listening to Zhang Xuan’s words, Zhao’s HR manager’s face was a little ugly, a person who was on the cover of Magnesium Economic Weekly, no one is a simple person.
This Rui Si can make a loss of business, you can only say that she has some bad luck, did not catch the time, but absolutely can not deny her ability, if she can be given a suitable platform, the benefits she brings, is huge!
Zhang Xuan looked at Pan Guang and shook his head, “Education does not mean your ability, when you can really turn your education into ability, then you will be qualified to put your arrogance on display, but right now, with all due respect, you are just a newcomer who can’t do anything.”
Zhang Xuan finished speaking and turned around to walk into the lounge.
Pan Guang stood there with an ugly face, how could he not think that a person with just a specialist’s degree could be on the cover of Magnesia’s Economic Weekly!
Manager Chen flipped through his phone, on top of the URL that Zhang Xuan just opened, he really saw the introduction of Rui Si, and on top of this magazine, the evaluation of Rui Si was very high, and there were even some financial predators who spoke specifically to recognize Rui Si.
Manager Chen put away his phone and looked at Ruisi again, his eyes were full of excitement and thrill, this is definitely a talent, and a super talent! One million annual salary to sign this kind of person, is definitely the company big profit! As long as she can be given a platform, the value she plays, is unimaginable! Even can surpass Mr. Lin! You know, Mr. Lin is such an outstanding woman, but has not been in any financial newspaper!
The gold content of financial newspapers, people in the industry understand.
This one Rui Si, top ten Pan Guang!
Manager Chen’s previous somewhat gloomy mood, swept away, the two-day job fair, even if the recruitment of more talent, but also topped a Rui Si.
Manager Chen put himself in his place, if it is now his own three hundred and fifty thousand annual salary signed on Pan Guang, and let Zhao’s one million annual salary signed on Rui Si, they know Rui Si’s ability, will definitely be depressed a few days sleep, Rui Si such people, is the real top talent ah!
Zhao’s personnel manager, his face is no longer just that smug, he knows, he lost to Lin’s in this encounter.
“Manager Chen! Oh my god, it’s amazing!” An employee from Lin’s HR department ran out of the break room with an excited face.
“What, you guys know about it?” Manager Chen asked curiously, seeing how excited these people were, I guess it was because they knew about Rui Si’s ability.
“What did you know?” This employee who ran out excitedly, showed a trace of doubt.
“Then why are you so happy?” Manager Chen asked.
“Manager Chen! Just now! A person recruited by Mr. Zhang, the male in his forties, with little education, he was actually the appraiser of the previous Dragon Domain investment!” The employee blurted out.
“What!” Manager Chen’s face was shocked, and then became overjoyed.
Long domain investment, Yinzhou people have almost heard of, this is a very small company, when only two people, in the hands of the start-up capital of less than a million, but in just one year, made into tens of millions of companies, such a development speed, can not be separated from the Long domain investment appraiser, his eyes, quite poisonous, even Lin Qinghan, then offered a high annual salary of five million, wanted to poach the other party, but was rejected by the other party.
Now, this person, unexpectedly recruited by Zhang Xuan?

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