Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 319

“How much did it cost to sign?” Manager Chen asked excitedly.
“Manager, say it out you do not believe ah, annual salary of 100,000, eat performance one percent of the commission.” The employee’s face carried a copy of incredulity.
“One hundred thousand dollars a year! Eat commission?” Manager Chen had some difficulty in believing that the person whom Mr. Lin intended to sign for five million at that time was now signed by Mr. Zhang at this price?
This employee from the HR department, when he looked at Zhang Xuan sitting in the lounge again, there was no longer the same dissatisfaction in his eyes as before.
Zhang Xuan signed this talent at this price, Mr. Lin to know, the entire personnel department, will be praised, with Mr. Lin’s character, bonuses or whatever will definitely not be less, this talent, compared to the kind of high school students who just have a diploma to be much more powerful ah.
At that time, the corporate donations of the dragon domain investment ran away, how many people want to recruit the dragon domain investment that investment appraiser, there is no way, the other party is also a disappearance is several years.
Chen manager side of the shock is not finished, another female employee ran out from the lounge, “Chen manager, good thing, good thing ah, just Mr. Zhang recruited that big sister, you personally to call back the resume that, surprisingly, was then the developer of the Qinxin Garden heart project, just a few years ago, the rumor of the wind and fire, everywhere in the newspaper to borrow money that, and finally the project was taken down by others, earned More than a billion.”
“She?” Manager Chen frowned slightly, “Her resume does not have a previous record?”
“Yes, at that time is not her capital chain broke, the loan can not be repaid, was sentenced to a financial fraud, this time just out, because of the matter of the previous record, can not find a job, did not expect to be recruited by Mr. Zhang, outside were rumored ah, this sister was set up, or long ago was worth billions of old boss!
This female employee’s voice just fell, another excited voice came from the lounge side.
“Manager Chen! You may not even believe it when you say it ……”
Zhao’s personnel manager stood aside, listening to these employees of Lin’s talking about the good news, his face gloomy almost dripping water, that one of the top talents in the field, but was signed by Lin’s at such a low price, and are commission system, with these people’s skills, as long as one can fully play out, the benefits for the enterprise, are unimaginable, and then look at this Pan Guang, the head of Zhao’s, have the urge to smack him, a just graduated student, they even gave 300,000 yuan a year, compared to, he is simply a fool!
Manager Chen stood on the stand, looking at Zhang Xuan sitting in the lounge, is slowly sipping tea, the heart of contempt has long disappeared, only deep admiration! This Mr. Zhang, really is not as simple as it seems, his way of doing things, really can be described as profound two words.
6 p.m., the Convention and Exhibition Center closed, the large job fair is also even completely ended, each company, have a lot of gains, but to say that the biggest gains, or Lin’s.
Just half an hour after drawing up the salary contract, Lin’s personnel department employees found that Zhang Xuan signed those people, almost all of them are talents, and these talents, but also previously ignored by themselves and others.
“Mr. Zhang, we are curious, how on earth did you do it? Those talents, on their resumes, many things were not written.” Manager Chen couldn’t help but ask.
After Manager Chen asked this question, those employees in the HR department, also looked at Zhang Xuan with an inquisitive face, this was a question they all wanted to know as well.
Zhang Xuan smiled, “It’s actually very simple, Manager Chen, if I ask you to apply for a career with an annual salary of one million now, will you go?”
Manager Chen shook his head, “No.”
“Why?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“I know I don’t have the ability.” Manager Chen replied matter-of-factly.
Zhang Xuan snapped his fingers, “That’s right, think differently, a person’s resume is ugly, no education, no awards, but he dares to apply for some important positions, this kind of people, you have to learn to ask, not because the other party’s resume is directly rejected, and the way to ask is also very simple, I only used a method, first let the other party talk about their strengths, then their weaknesses , and finally to elaborate on the other party’s view of Lin.”
“What difference does it make?” Manager Chen asked in confusion.
“Of course there is.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “the casting of a business, equivalent to a building, your personnel department, is equivalent to the building’s material auditor, for example, a brick fell off one wall, you will choose the most suitable brick to buy and install up, or generalized buy a variety of sizes of bricks, and finally choose one closest to the size of the installation up?”
Manager Chen didn’t even think about it and replied, “Of course, I will choose the most suitable one to buy.”
Zhang Xuan nodded, “Right, I raised these three questions, a capable person, he has a ninety percent chance, will put their own views on Lin’s first, because he is very clear about their own positioning, very clear about their own to the company, what can be done, even the first day of work, without the arrangement of superiors, he will take the initiative to do some work, rather than, to work The first day of work, silly sitting in front of the desk, waiting for their superiors, to assign themselves to some work they do not understand.”
Listening to Zhang Xuan’s words, Lin’s employees, all have a sense of sudden enlightenment, heart to Zhang Xuan, is also full of admiration.
“Mr. Zhang, this time, we have really learned!” Manager Chen held up his thumb and said from the bottom of his heart.
At this moment, these employees of Lin’s personnel department, are ashamed of their previous thoughts, feel ashamed.
Originally thought that the president’s husband, to this is to cause trouble, in the end, the other party’s means, I do not know how many times higher than their own, at the same time after this incident, they can also understand why they are just an employee, and this Mr. Zhang, can be the boss, in the limitations of thinking, they are obviously confined, it is difficult to have better development.
Manager Chen called and reported the “results” of today’s battle to Lin Chenhan, and likewise, told him about Zhang Xuan’s finding of many quality talents.
After listening to this, Lin Jianghan was not surprised at all. After all this time, Zhang Xuan had become an image of an excellent man in Lin Jianghan’s heart.
Top of Lin’s building, Lin please Han sat in his office, crooked his head to think, took out his cell phone, dialed Zhang Xuan’s number, before the phone dialed, the woman said to herself: “Well …… this is as a reward for you today, treat you to a big meal well. ”
The phone was broadcast and the voice of occupied line came from the receiver.
Lin Qinghan waited five minutes and called Zhang Xuan again, but it kept showing no answer.

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