Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 324

When Zhang Xuan saw Wang Congfeng, once he saw the other party’s somewhat pale face, he understood that this woman, definitely went to try to have surgery to remove the worms.
To make a person like Wang Congfeng hand over her shares, unless she was forced to go out of her way, it was absolutely impossible for her to give in.
With this share transfer contract, Zhang Xuan has the power of life and death of the Zheng family in his hands. As long as he wants, he can withdraw the 20 percent of shares originally belonging to Wang Congfeng at any time, and the Zheng family will naturally collapse.
Wang Congfeng used this share free gift contract, in exchange for the snare drum, it can be said that this time, she deeply understand what is called a cocoon.
The first time after getting the snare drum, Wang Congfeng was ready to send someone to take it to Hengyuan Trade, and use it to threaten Qin Rou, so that Qin Rou will withdraw her complaint and release Zheng Chu.
“Oh yeah, there’s something I have to tell you.” Zhang Xuan opened his mouth before Wang Congfeng left, “The compulsion you had someone put on Qin General of Hengyuan was also uncovered by me.”
Zhang Xuan’s words, like a pot of cold water poured on Wang Congfeng’s head, making Wang Congfeng flabbergasted on the spot.
Zhang Xuan grinned, revealing a mouthful of white teeth, leaving Lin’s company, the car that Bai Chi found for him, was already in place.
At the same time, Duhai.
Lin Qinghan arrived here at noon, this time to Duhai, she is not simply to avoid Zhang Xuan, a more important point, is to find someone joint venture.
Although Zhao’s only appeared just half a month, but the threat brought to Lin’s, the outside world can see clearly, as Lin’s president Lin Qinghan, and how can not feel, just half a month, let Lin’s more than ten percent less market share, to now, this situation is still continuing to ferment, if you let Zhao’s so suppressed, Lin’s is likely to have a crisis.
Zhao’s appearance, giving people the feeling is too bizarre, who do not know who is standing behind Zhao’s in the end, that a shot at eight billion dollars, even Lin’s can not do, you know, now Lin’s total assets, just over ten billion.
The first day of Zhao’s establishment, and Lin’s stock war, in that stock war, Zhao’s and Lin’s each lost about three hundred million, when Lin’s thought Zhao’s just come to occupy a mountain, Zhao’s with huge funds, smashed down several projects, not even consider whether to make money.
Secondly, some of the enterprises that cooperate with Lin’s, are tapped by Zhao’s, in the distribution of benefits, at least ten percentage points higher than Lin’s.
The whole Yinzhou land price, because of Zhao’s appearance, was speculated to a peak, originally Lin’s about to three thousand a flat to take the land, because of Zhao’s appearance, a full rise to five thousand, which let Lin’s invested several hundred million more into.
In the construction of factories, the introduction of goods, trade channels above, Lin’s more or less have been affected and impacted.
Zhao’s how rich, Lin Qinghan does not know, who is standing behind Zhao’s, Lin Qinghan also does not know, she only knows, their own Lin’s, no bottom card, encounter this powerful opponent, either choose to die, or choose to explode, with Lin Qinghan’s character, naturally will not choose the former, she wants to explode, resistance to the end.
To fight this mysterious consortium, Lin’s can no longer take the old road, can not be stable, must do breakthrough.
In fact, Lin Qinghan’s best choice is in Hangzhou, if you can cooperate with Xiao Shan, for Lin Qinghan, is definitely a good thing, but Lin Qinghan still want to rely on themselves, she herself, is such a strong character.
Lin Qinghan has an old classmate in Duhai, the development is quite good, this time to come, is to hope that her old classmate, introduce some entrepreneurs to her, so that she has the opportunity to talk to people to cooperate.
In a cosmopolitan city, there is a huge flow of people.
Lin Qinghan stood in front of a five-star hotel and broadcasted the phone, “Nana, I’m here.”
“Arrived? Wait, I’ll come downstairs to pick you up right away.” A female voice full of surprise rang out from Lin Qinghan’s phone.
A few minutes later, an avant-garde beauty appeared at the entrance of the hotel, waving her arm at Lin Qinghan, “Qinghan!”
“Nana.” Lin Qinghan smiled slightly and walked up to the beautiful woman, “I haven’t seen you for so many years, you’re still the most trendy one.”
Lin Qinghan looked at the other party’s upper body only wore a corset, can not help but some admiration, they do not have such courage, or rather, the family education since childhood, so Lin please Han is a very conservative woman in thinking.
“You are also the same, the most beautiful one.” Cai Na took Lin Qinghan’s hand, “Go, today the field are about, there are many gentry above, with your charm, want to find people to throw money to you, that is not a matter of minutes.”
“Not money, it’s cooperation.” Lin Qinghan deliberately corrected.
“Oops, it’s pretty much the same.” Cai Na waved her hand, “Anyway, there is money to be taken.”
Cai Na dragged Lin Chen Han and walked towards a banquet hall.
Before reaching the banquet hall, Lin Qinghan could hear the sound of music coming from there.
Cai Na pushed open the door of the banquet hall, luxurious decoration into Lin Qinghan eyes, even the most high-end Yinzhou Xin Kai Hotel, but also can not compare to a third of this place, that into the eyes to give people the feeling of grandeur, not by the style of decoration can be piled up, the banquet hall next to the two load-bearing pillars, carved with a winged phoenix, ferry has a whole layer of gold, rich and powerful.
“Yo, Nana, this is your friend ah, is a big beauty ah!” A young man with all his body covered with brand names walked over and curiously looked at Lin Qinghan, “Hello beautiful, my name is Ban Lu.”
“Hello.” Lin Qinghan shook hands with the other party, and when she noticed that Ban Lu wanted to grab her palm with force, Lin Qinghan took a step ahead and pulled her small hand out.
“Tsk, a woman with character.” Ban Lu did not see Lin Qinghan’s small action and smashed his mouth.
“What’s the use of having a personality, in this era, there are more women with personalities.” On the side, a net red-faced beauty came over with a smile, “Those people from the countryside, who have just entered the city, always like to show their personality, but what happens? In the end, as long as the money is smashed into place, I guarantee that they are more obedient than anyone else.”
When Ban Lu heard this, he just smiled and did not refute, he also agreed with this net-face woman, that kind of woman with character, he Ban Lu has seen too much, in the end, in front of money, that so-called character, all no longer exists.
“Yah! Where is this beautiful woman, I have not seen before.” Another young man came from the side, this young man’s body was dressed up, adding up to more than half a million.
Although there are many beautiful women in this banquet hall, but Lin Qinghan, is definitely the most attention-grabbing one, exquisite features without powder, it does not lose any one in this banquet hall, unique temperament makes her stand here, such as a crane standing in the crowd.

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