Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 330

When the police captain saw Zhu Ling trying to make a phone call, he immediately rushed up and tried to grab Zhu Ling’s phone, only to have Zhang Xuan grab his wrist.
“What for, grabbing something?” Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows.
“Obstructing the office! We can detain you, let go!” The captain of the passenger police bellowed.
Zhang Xuan turned his head and saw that by this time Zhu Ling had already dialed the phone and was saying something on the phone, only then did Zhang Xuan let go of the police captain’s wrist, walked over to Zhu Ling and asked, “What did your uncle say.”
Zhu Ling replied, “He said let me stand still here, someone will come to deal with this matter.”
Just as Zhu Ling finished speaking, he heard a loud bellow not far away.
“Make way, all make way!”
Then, a middle-aged man in civilian clothes was seen running over with an anxious face.
The original arrogant police captain and others, as soon as they saw the middle-aged man, they hurriedly changed into a respectful look and stood at attention and said, “Good day, station chief.”
The middle-aged man did not even look at the police captain a few people, eyes swept around, and asked loudly: “Which one is Zhu Ling Zhu girl.”
“I am.” Zhu Ling stretched out his small hand.
“Good day, Miss Zhu, Mr. Zhu asked me to come, are you in some kind of trouble here?” The middle-aged man asked politely to Zhu Ling.
The captain of the police took one look at this attitude of the middle-aged man, and his face changed violently, somewhat pale.
“It’s these people.” Zhu Ling reached out her hand and pointed at the few people of the captain of the passenger police, “They joined hands with the crooks and cheated people’s money, I broke them down, and they said I brought contraband.”
“Simply lawless!” The middle-aged man bellowed, turning his head to glare at the police captain and others, “Cheating? Slander? How dare you! I think you are wearing these clothes for nothing! All of you go to the police room and wait for the punishment!”
The police captain and others were shaking with fear, not daring to breathe, how could they have thought that this little girl in front of them, a phone call to the station manager, and also let the station manager so respectful?
The middle-aged man finished reprimanding, and then looked at Zhu Ling, revealing a smile, “Zhu girl, what do you think should be done with these people.”
Zhu Ling indifferently waved her hand, “Oh, I don’t care, just don’t let them continue to harm people anyway, I’m leaving.”
Zhu Ling put on his bag and jumped towards the entrance of the station.
Zhang Xuan dumbfounded smile, Zhu family’s energy is still big ah.
The incident just happened, for Zhang Xuan or Zhu Ling, is just an episode, but for the police captain and other people, their life, it is estimated that they are planted here, Zhu family people personally put the word, the station manager can easily let these people, there are ghosts.
Zhang Xuan came to the station platform, the car has entered the station, check the ticket, Zhang Xuan towards a soft sleeper compartment, soft sleeper space private, not easy to show their faces, but also to better hide their whereabouts.
Zhang Xuan just entered the door of the soft sleeper compartment and saw a playful little loli sitting on another bed in the compartment.
“Huh? Little brother, you’re on this train too?” Zhu Ling saw Zhang Xuan and asked curiously.
“Well, I’m going to Yanjing.” Zhang Xuan nodded and deliberately asked, “What about you?”
Upon hearing this, Zhu Ling revealed an excited expression, “Wow, me too, what a coincidence.”
Zhang Xuan smiled and nodded, “It’s quite a coincidence.”
Zhang Xuan knew Zhu Ling, but Zhu Ling did not know Zhang Xuan, if Zhu Ling knew that this person in front of her, and her grandfather is very close, certainly the first time to slip away, she sneaked out this time not enough to play, do not want to be taken back by grandfather so soon.
“Little brother, you just helped me, wait I’ll treat you to dinner.” Zhu Ling narrowed her eyes and smiled.
Zhang Xuan nodded, and did not say anything, to the bed a lie, closed eyes to rest.
After 10 pm, the sky had completely darkened.
Zhang Xuan lay in bed, listening to the pleasant voice of Zhu Ling in his ears, but felt that this trip, not bad, not as boring as imagined.
In a daze, Zhang Xuan gradually fell asleep.
The night is getting deeper and deeper.
The train made the sound of “Kuch Kuch”, the entire carriage, a silence, Zhu Ling is also tired of playing, lying on the bed with his legs, crystal drool from the corners of the mouth out.
Zhang Xuan, who was sleeping, at this moment suddenly opened his eyes, his body quickly jumped up from the bed, and then without making a sound, went to the door of the soft sleeping compartment, listening carefully.
Years of life-and-death battles, so Zhang Xuan extra sensitive nerves, even if he is sleeping, as long as there is a little breath of danger, will immediately wake up from a deep sleep.
Zhang Xuan heard, there are two light footsteps outside the box, is coming along the box where he is.
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath, and when the other party took the next step, he pulled open the door of the compartment and poked one hand forward.
The two people standing in the box, apparently did not realize that such a sudden change would occur, one could not react, directly by Zhang Xuan pinch the neck, and the other, backed up quickly, pulling away.
In the darkness, Zhang Xuan glanced at the two men outside the door, each holding a dagger in his hand, to bring the dagger on the train, obviously prepared.
Look again, these two people have thick legs and calluses on their palms, they are by no means an ordinary thief class.
“What are you people!” Zhang Xuan said in a low voice.
The man who was stuck in Zhang Xuan’s throat, his face turned red and tried hard to break Zhang Xuan’s hand, but he could not do it at all.
The other man said, “Kid, our target is the girl inside, it has nothing to do with you, don’t ask for trouble!”
“Sorry, I, for one, just like trouble.” Zhang Xuan grinned and threw a fierce punch, hitting the abdomen of the man he was pinching.
Zhang Xuan’s punch hit the other person, making him unable to even make a scream and find it difficult to catch his breath.
Seeing this, the other person took a dagger and stabbed at Zhang Xuan, but he was kicked in the chest by Zhang Xuan and flew out backwards.
It can be said that in almost an instant, Zhang Xuan finished the two killers.
Facing these two people, Zhang Xuan did not show any mercy, looked out of the window, because the train was moving fast, the scenery outside the window was also flying past, Zhang Xuan waved two hand knives, cut on the necks of two people, and then threw them into the bathroom, two daggers, also placed on these two people, when the police saw in the morning, naturally these two people will be taken away.
Zhang Xuan also thought for a moment while doing these things, if the red hair here, I’m afraid will directly tear these two people, through the bathroom drainage out of the car.
The Zhu family, not what the bright consortium, but the ancient martial arts family with a long history of heritage, the people who can make a move on the Zhu family, compared to the ancient martial arts family, the ancient martial arts family to make a move, death or injury will not alarm society.
Inside the box, Zhu Ling is whirring and sleeping, on the outside of everything that happened, simply do not know.

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