Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 336

Yanjing this place, to say that can play, in fact, not a lot, most of them are some view ah, with a commemorative place.
Along the way, Zhu Ling the girl, chattering non-stop, and Nangong Yu walking together, two very different women, attracted a lot of turn back, a woman playful and lovely, a woman floating like a fairy.
Zhang Xuan said little all the way, but also quite interested in the places to go.
Over the years, although Zhang Xuan went to many places, it can be said that the world ran once, the most prosperous places, he has stayed, enjoyed, the most bitter places, he has also stayed, but the bias has not been a good appreciation of the scenery.
Almost noon, Nangong Yu’s cell phone ringing non-stop.
Although Zhang Xuan could not hear what Nangong Yu said, but could see that when she called, her eyes were filled with impatience, after hanging up the phone, Nangong Yu simply turned the phone off.
After doing all this, Nangong Yu looked at Zhang Xuan and pursed her red lips.
“Beauty, something you want to ask me for help?” Zhang Xuan took the initiative to ask.
Nangong Yu faintly stared, then nodded her head.
“Yes there is a small favor, can you, when I ……” Nangong Yu hesitated a little, “boyfriend?”
“Sorry.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “I’m married.”
Nangong Yu waved his hands one by one, explaining, “Not let you really be my boyfriend, is to let my father take a look, our family, revered martial arts style, my father had to let me marry a powerful fighter, but I do not like him, you can help me?”
Nangong Yu also do not know how to explain to Zhang Xuan ancient martial arts family matters, can only use a sentence advocating martial arts style to summarize it.
Zhang Xuan heart snickers, this three years have not seen, Nangong Yu his father is still the same ah, hope that their own girl to find a good kung fu young man, before her father also took Nangong Yu’s picture, on the Bright Island to choose a son-in-law, and finally alive by the Nangong family a few older generation caught back, said to face the wall for a month, it seems that now, still has not changed ah.
Zhang Xuan deliberately asked: “to introduce you to a boxing powerful? The other party has won any awards?”
“Award ……” Nangong Yu feel a little unclear with Zhang Xuan, the disciples of ancient martial arts family, is not allowed to participate in what sparring ah, free combat such items, “nothing award, he is a family are practicing martial arts. ”
“Oh, okay, no problem.” Zhang Xuan than an OK gesture, this how to say is also the year with their own ass behind the crying snot, can help or to help the well.
See Zhang Xuan promised, Nangong Yu is also a happy heart, simply turn off the phone reopen, dial a number over, “you wait at home, I’ll take him back now!”
After Nangong Yu made this call, the scenic area also do not go, driving with Zhu Ling and Zhang Xuan on the outskirts of the city.
Zhu Ling also looked excited at the thought that something so interesting was going to happen soon.
Zhang Xuan remembered that the Nangong family mansion is on the outskirts of the city, there is a manor, some branches of the larger ancient martial arts family, there is still a tradition of leaving a manor, the family’s younger generation to live in the city, the elders will retire in the manor, what to eat are also their own seeds, about a self-sufficient, but also means that the ancient martial arts continue to flourish.
Nangong Yu drove to the entrance of the manor, the manor gate locked.
Nangong Yu pressed the horn several times, the door did not open the meaning.
“I guess the system is out of order again, let’s walk over.” Nangong Yu said, opened the door and got out of the car.
Next to the Nangong family gate, there was a small door that allowed people to enter.
This manor, Zhang Xuan has been here before, now look, and before there is almost no difference, is a field planted pepper now planted tomatoes, the whole manor, give people an ancient feeling.
Nangong Yu walked in the manor, his gaze a little puzzled, “strange, how a person is not?”
Normally, the Nangong family manor, from nannies to cooks, plus Nangong Yu’s parents, and some elders, there are more than ten, but now it looks like the whole manor is looking very empty.
Nangong Yu walked to a room and just wanted to open the door.
“Watch out!” Zhang Xuan suddenly let out a stern cry, pulled a hand Nangong Yu, a delicate body obediently jumped into Zhang Xuan’s arms, Zhang Xuan’s footsteps slightly withdrawn.
The next second, at the place where Nangong Yu just stood, the door was kicked open from the inside and a bright dagger appeared.
“Kid, quite a quick reaction!” A hoarse voice rang out, and from inside the house, a man dressed in black with a mask came out.
“It just so happens that the Nangong family’s first lady has returned on her own, and saved us from having to go looking for it, all in one go!”
Not far behind Nangong Yu, several more figures came out, all holding sharp blades, machetes, sticks and sticks of one kind or another.
“Resign yourself to your fate, Miss Nangong.” A shrill laugh rang out.
A total of more than ten figures, forming a circle, surrounded Zhang Xuan three people in the circle, all masked, can not see the appearance.
Nangong Yu’s face slightly red from Zhang Xuan chest up, sweeping a glance at these ten people, as if suddenly thought of something, the face of a nervous look changed, shaking his head at one of them.
That person saw Nangong Yu’s action, deliberately turned his head and drank at Zhang Xuan: “Kid, we just want this girl in front of us, it has nothing to do with you, now get lost, it’s not too late!”
“Uh ……” Zhang Xuan looked at it and asked with a curious face, “You guys are, robbing?”
“It’s to take a life!” A man took a step forward with a machete.
“Ai.” Zhang Xuan sighed, “I will not roll, you vermin, not enough to make me roll.”
“Vermin?” Once the man with the knife heard Zhang Xuan’s words, his anger did not come to a head, and immediately waved the machete in his hand and slashed at Zhang Xuan’s body.
As the man shot his knife, the man standing behind him warned in a very low voice: “Be careful, don’t hurt anyone.”
Zhang Xuan saw the person with a knife towards himself, instead of retreating, he stepped forward, and then kicked out a foot, before the person could swing the knife down, he was sent flying by Zhang Xuan’s kick.
It was not until the man with the knife fell to the ground that the remaining ten or so men in black reacted.
“Yah-ha, still a tough guy, let’s all go together!”
More than ten men in black looked at each other and came at Zhang Xuan in unison.
Zhu Ling looked anxiously at the side, “Sister Yu, what’s going on? Uncle Nangong they will not have an accident, how can little brother Zhang Xuan beat so many people ah.”
Nangong Yu rolled his eyes, “Do not worry, your Uncle Nangong and them, is fighting with your little brother Zhang Xuan.”
“Ah?” Zhu Ling some reaction, she looked at those people in black, “Sister Yu, you say these people, is Uncle Nangong them?”
Nangong Yu sighed, resignedly nodded, stall such a fun-loving family, sometimes it does make people very distressed.

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