Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 339

On Su Wu’s phone, there was a picture of Zhang Xuan.
“How about it, did you find out?” An old man with somewhat white hair, leaning on a cane, slowly walked behind Su Wu.
“Dad.” Su Wu got up and gave the old man a seat.
“You sit.” The old man put his hand on Su Wu’s shoulder and pressed it hard, “My old bones, I don’t know how long I can stand, I can still stand, just stand more.”
Su Wu threw the phone to the wooden table in front of him, shook his head, “did not find out, this kid does not know where it came from, even from the official channels, can not be found.”
Zhang Xuan’s news, is the official red letter confidential, except for the top few people, no one can find out.
The old man sighed, “you have to know that the land of China, countless people, although our ancient martial arts family is large, but there are still many high people, we can not reach, this young man, I’m afraid that is a disciple of a high person, his matter, can be put first, wait for the matter of Yinzhou, and then solve him is not too late, I asked you to send someone to Yinzhou, you sent someone to go? ”
“Already moved.” Su Wu nodded, “only, that surnamed Lin’s side, there is a mysterious expert protection, this time, that mysterious expert, so far we do not even know what it looks like, direct action, will not expose us, then in the side of the family master is not good to explain?”
“Accountable?” The old man coldly snorted, “I do things, when I have to give him an explanation, back then we are sorry for that woman, but does not mean that the entire Su family to pay! The world is big, our Su family still has a long way to go, we can not stop at the hands of a girl, remember, kill one person, a thief, kill ten thousand people, is the king! If our Su family wants to stand at the top of this world, we need these dead bones to pave the way.”
Su Wu, who was a bit hesitant, nodded after hearing these words from the old man, “Got it, father.”
Su Wu and the old man had just finished their conversation when they saw a youth running over with a panting voice, “Second master, second master, we found it, we found that kid!”
The old man raised his head, looked to the sky and said indifferently, “Tell me.”
“Now there is news everywhere that Nangong Yu brought a man home and will soon be engaged, and that man is the one who was at the combat hall yesterday and injured Su Zheng.”
When the old man heard this, he didn’t make a sound, but he could see that the hand he was squeezing his cane, was much harder.
“This kid, is provoking our Su family!” Su Wu slammed the stone table and shouted angrily, “Now who doesn’t know that my son Su Lie is pursuing that girl child of the Nangong family, now he is trying to slap our Su family’s face like this.”
The youth who passed the message, stood to the side with his head lowered, not daring to speak.
Su Wu looked at the old man, “Dad, this can’t be tolerated! If this is tolerated, our Su family’s reputation will be lost not to mention that it can also make many people associate it with something.”
Su Wu there are words in this, his Su Wu’s style of action, many people are clear, is a master of not taking losses, if now being provoked so much, are not saying a word, anyone will find Su Wu’s wrong.
The old man looked to the sky, pondered for a few seconds, then spoke: “Take someone to the Nangong family.”
Su Lie of the Su family, in this circle of Yanjing, is still quite famous, highly educated, good family, handsome, and high level of ancient martial arts.
Since Su Lie began to pursue Nangong Yu, many people, in private, have treated these two as a family, really is a golden boy and girl match.
This person, Su Lie, is extremely small-minded, especially in relation to Nangong Yu.
When a Yanjing young man, openly pursuing Nangong Yu, the result was broken legs by Su Lie, dare not show his face, when this incident, many people interested in Nangong Yu, all put away their thoughts.
Now, there is a gossip, in just a few hours, in this circle in Yanjing spread everywhere, an unknown kid, went to the Nangong Yu family, likely to be engaged to Nangong Yu?
Such news, naturally, also reached Nangong Yu’s ears.
“Su family this is deliberately come to find trouble here, let’s go first!” Nangong Yu stood in the manor and prepared to leave.
Nangong Yu had only just said these words when he saw a whole row of Audi A6s, parked in front of the Nangong family manor.
Seeing these cars, Nangong Yu’s face darkened, “Coming so fast?”
That row in the front of the Audi A6 car door open, a height of one meter eight, wearing a black suit, handsome young man walked down from the back row, this youth with a kind of aura that people dare not look straight, he seems to be the pride of heaven, with a kind of scrutinizing gaze, looking at the door of the Nangong family manor.
Immediately after that, the whole row of Audi car doors all open, came down clear black people, standing on both sides of the Nangong family gate.
Nangong family gate slowly opened, the first young man hands behind his back, slowly walked into the Nangong family manor.
“Sister Yu, why is this man here?” Zhu Ling stood beside Nangong Yu, “Isn’t this the Su Lie that you hate the most.”
“It is very annoying.” Nangong Yu looked at the youth who slowly walked and nodded.
Su Lie, this person, in the eyes of others, is excellent in all aspects, except for one thing, too arrogant.
In fact, Su Lie’s arrogance, in the eyes of others, is also very normal, but in Nangong Yu, he did not have the capital of arrogance, Nangong Yu still remember, the Bright Island Lord, in the style of action, are not as wild as Su Lie.
Su Lie walked up to Nangong Yu, his gaze swept Nangong Yu’s whole body, then spoke: “Yu’er, I heard that you played a childish game and brought a man home?”
“What does it have to do with you?” Nangong Yu glanced at Su Lie.
“Heh.” Su Lie laughed lightly twice, his gaze shifted and locked onto Zhang Xuan, who was standing beside Nangong Yu, and questioned softly, “Are you the man that Yu’er brought back? What benefits were promised to you? Are you worthy of Yu’er? What do you count as?”
Although Su Lie’s voice was not loud, his tone and look were filled with a strong sense of threat.
“Su Lie, what does it matter to you what kind of boyfriend I find, now please leave!” Nangong Yu uttered a warning.
“What do I count as?” Zhang Xuan laughed a little, “No talent, I’m just a fortune teller.”
“Oh? So?” Su Lie snorted.
“So I would like to ask, you are standing in front of me, please tell me, what do you count?” On Zhang Xuan’s face, he still kept a smile on his face.
Su Lie’s expression changed violently, “Kid, you’re provoking me?”
“Of course not.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “I’m just, simply looking down on you.”

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