Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 346

“Master Zhu, I, Su Wu, would like to toast you.” In the Su family hall, Su Wu raised the wine cup in his hand and drank the wine in the cup in one gulp with great bravado.
“It looks like a few of you have a good taste in elegance.” A frivolous voice came from the front door of the Su family hall.
As soon as this voice sounded, everyone in the hall looked towards the door.
Zhang Xuan stood in front of the door, his gaze sizing up Su Wu’s father and son.
“It’s you!” Su Wu’s pupils shrank as he looked towards Zhang Xuan, “You’re not dead!”
“Disappointed?” The corners of Zhang Xuan’s mouth grinned, “Did Dark Night’s people tell you that I’m dead.”
Su Wu’s gaze was somewhat gloomy, the people of Dark Night had, indeed, told him that Zhang Xuan was already dead.
“Yesterday let you get away with it, today you dare to come to my Su family on your own initiative, just in time, new hatred and old hatred, let’s settle it together!” Su Wu threw the wine glass in his hand hard to the ground.
“Coincidentally.” Zhang Xuan laughed lightly, “I also have new hatred and old hatred, you slandered me for kidnapping Zhu Ling and sent someone to assassinate my wife, all these things, today we settle them together.”
“Your wife?” Su Wu subconsciously doubtful cry.
Zhang Xuan mouth lightly spit: “Yinzhou, Lin Qinghan.”
“That bitch is your wife! The person following her around is you!” Su Wu’s face changed fiercely, they searched for the expert hiding beside Lin Please Han for so long, but they didn’t find out that people had found themselves here before them.
Zhu Ling trotted to Zhu Yuan Jiu’s side and pulled Zhu Yuan Jiu’s arm, “Grandpa, it wasn’t little brother Zhang Xuan who kidnapped me yesterday, little brother Zhang Xuan all told me that it was their Su family who kidnapped me!”
“Niece Zhu Ling, don’t listen to such thieves’ nonsense.” Su Wu voiced out.
Nangong Jingyun waved his hand at Nangong Yu, who took small steps to Nangong Jingyun’s side.
“What’s going on?” Nangong Jing Yun frowned, confused, his heart was filled with doubts yesterday when Su Wu found him and told him that Zhang Xuan was the real culprit behind the kidnapping of Zhu Ling.
Nangong Yu whispered what Zhang Xuan had just said to Nangong Jinyun.
Nangong Jing Yun frowned, “Even if it is as he said, all these things are planned by the Su family, what will he take to seek justice, Zhang Xuan this child I like, you call your second uncle, let him bring people over now, no matter what today, can not see him in trouble.”
Nangong Yu nodded and secretly sent a message to his second uncle.
Zhu Yuanjiu stroked his granddaughter’s head, “Okay, good boy, this matter grandpa to handle.”
“Grandpa, you must believe what I say, little brother Zhang Xuan is definitely not a bad guy.” Zhu Ling was still unsure and spoke again.
Su Wu sneered and looked at Zhang Xuan, “I don’t know what method you used to confuse niece Zhu Ling, if you think that this is your bottom line today, I have to say, I really think highly of you, this is my Su family, not a place for curmudgeons like you to spread their wings!”
Su Wu finished, picked up his phone and sent out a voice message, “Have everyone come to the hall.”
Once Su Wu sent out this message, only about ten seconds, a dense footsteps sounded, saw a crowd of people, black pressed around the Su family hall door, there are more than thirty.
The Su family is different from the Nangong family, because of the early death of the old man Su, the Su family is divided into two factions, so there are many people in the family, such as Su Lie, travel will bring a large number of people.
Su Wu sneered and said to Zhang Xuan: “Kid, I know you are very capable of fighting, if you can, you fight and try?”
Just as Su Wu’s words fell, he heard a cacophony of noise and shouting coming from outside the door.
“What’s going on! What are you guys doing!”
“Who let you in?”
“Get out! Do you know that this is already illegal?”
Hearing the noise, Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows, “You Su’s are the only ones who can call people, but I can’t?”
A servant of the Su family rushed into the hall and said anxiously, “Mr. Su, it’s not good, hundreds of people have barged in outside!”
“Hundreds of people!” Su Wu’s face suddenly changed and he rushed out of the hall.
Nangong Jing Yun, on the other hand, looked at Zhang Xuan with a somewhat odd face, this boyfriend of his daughter, he can’t be some kind of mob boss, right?
Zhu Yuanjiu, after hearing the Su family subordinate say the number of several hundred people, his eyes were filled with shock.
Hundreds of people? The light island act, a hell walker, can shock a party, not only because of the special identity of the hell walker, but also because of the super strength of the hell walker, can become a hell walker people, that are through the hell-like refinement.
The hundreds of Hellwalkers came out in unison, Zhu Yuanjiu can think of the grand scene, I’m afraid it will make any person’s legs weak.
Outside the hall, a wild laughter rang out, coming from Su Wu.
“Hahahaha! What the heck, hahaha! Kid, are you here to be funny with me? Huh?”
Originally, when he heard hundreds of people barging in from within the manor, Su Wu was a bit flustered, but now he was, not flustered at all, only comical in his mind.
He swept a glance at these hundreds of people, that one, there are men and women, old and young, the oldest hair head white, feel the walking is not smooth, the small kind, the height is only one meter four, look as thin as wood, those men, not many strong body, women are, some even or hospital nurses, wearing nurses uniform to.
Such a group of people, in Su Wu’s eyes, can only be summed up in four words.
The rabble!
“What are all these? Are they crowd actors? Kid, did you invite these people to demonstrate with my Su family?”
Su Wu’s laughter rang out unceasingly.
Nangong Jingyun and Nangong Yu were also ready to go out and see what kind of people Zhang Xuan had called in.
“All sit down, don’t go out.” Zhu Yuanjiu spoke up and stopped both Nangong Jinyun and his father and daughter.
“Elder Zhu, you are ……” Nangong Jingyun was a bit confused.
“Sit down and listen to me.” Zhu Laozi’s voice was flat as he spoke, but his words had a flavor that could not be denied.
Nangong Jing Yun father and daughter look at each other, honestly sitting in their seats, did not leave the hall, with doubts in their eyes.
Zhu Yuanjiu gave Su Wu a sad look, he understood that no matter what, Su Wu would not survive today.
“Doctor? Nurse? Student? Kid, are you brain-damaged, or do you think that my Su family is brain-damaged?” Su Wu snorted.
“You should feel honored.” Zhang Xuan spoke softly.
“Honored? Kid, are you fucking kidding me?” There was sarcasm in Su Wu’s eyes.
Zhang Xuan slowly walked out of the hall and sighed lightly, “It has been a long time since anyone has been worthy of my attention, and in the past, your Su Family, was not qualified.”
Zhang Xuan stood in front of the Su family’s hall door and reached out with a wave of his hand.
In this simple action of Zhang Xuan, the hundreds of “rabble” in Su Wu’s eyes, all hands reached to the back of the waist, and then slowly took out a ghost face mask with fangs and put it on their faces.

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