Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 350

“Lin Qinghan, I know you can hear me, Lin Qinghan, I want to tell the world that I love you, Lin Qinghan!”
A noisy voice, through a loudspeaker, rang out in Lin’s cafeteria.
Lin’s employees, who were enjoying their lunch, were instantly attracted by the sound.
The sound was coming from the window.
Lin Qinghan willow eyebrows slightly frowned, walked to the window to take a look, saw Lin’s group in front of the main gate, at this time is covered with rose petals, roses spread into a peach heart, a youth is standing in the middle of that petals, holding a loudspeaker, the voice came from his mouth.
“Mr. Lin, how to deal with it?” Lina came at this time, “I let the security guards whisked away, the other party simply does not leave, it is said to be ……”
“I’ll go.” Lin Qinghan helplessly waved his hand and walked towards the outside of the canteen, she knew this youth and knew that by virtue of Lin’s security, there was really no way to shoo the other party.
Lin Qinghan just left the cafeteria, those Lin’s employees who were still eating, all with gossipy faces crowded to the window.
At the same time, some people who were still sitting in their offices also poked their heads out of the windows.
Lin Qinghan took the elevator and came to the first floor.
“General Manager Lin.” Lin’s building security guard hurriedly came over, “The other party said he had to see you, he is outside our security range, we can’t drive him away.”
“You guys go about your business.” Lin Qinghan arranged a bang and walked to the front of the company.
In front of the main gate of Lin’s group, there were quite a few people gathered at this time, all watching the action.
The young man standing among the rose petals, holding a microphone, once he saw Lin Qinghan, his face showed surprise, “Qinghan, you are finally willing to see me.”
“Ke Bin, I’ve made it very clear to you, I’m married, please don’t come and harass me again, or I’ll call the police.” Lin Qinghan said very nonchalantly.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.
Lin Qinghan frowned, “Did you not understand what I said, I’m already married.”
“You are married, but you applied for a divorce agreement from the Civil Affairs Bureau a few days ago, your ex-husband Zhang Xuan, I have investigated, I know very well what kind of person he is, say useless, are considered to be an exaltation of him, such a person, how can be worthy of you, stay with me, our two families united, is the best choice.” Ke Bin was holding a megaphone when he spoke, and his voice could be heard clearly by everyone around, including Lin’s employees.
Those employees of Lin’s were wide-eyed.
Before, Zhang Xuan unarmed climbing the eighteenth floor, save Lin Qinghan thing, until now still let people talk about, many women said, if they can also find a man as powerful as Zhang Xuan, this life is worth it.
And Zhang Xuan before, negotiated several big hospital projects, the performance in the talent market, are also spread all over the company, this a set of talent and courage all in one man, Mr. Lin to divorce?
Lin Qinghan was not surprised that Ke Bin found out about his application for divorce procedures, with the identity of the other party, can easily do this.
Lin Qinghan said in an unpleasant tone, “Whether I divorce or not is my own business, it has nothing to do with you, now please leave, or don’t blame me for not being merciless.”
“Qinghan, I don’t understand, why can you marry a loser but can’t accept me? Which part of him is worthy of you?” Ke Bin’s tone carried a deep suspicion among his words.
“You?” Lin Qinghan laughed disdainfully as Zhang Xuan’s figure came back to mind, “You’re still far from him.”
“I’m not convinced!” Ke Bin held a megaphone in his hand and shouted, “I don’t believe that I, Ke Bin, can’t compare to an invalid, Qinghan, you should belong to me, I love you, for you, I am willing to do anything!”
Ke Bin finished speaking and waved his hand behind him.
A person immediately ran up and handed Ke Bin a large bouquet of roses.
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.
Lin Qinghan frowned and looked at the person in front of her, she was sure that if Zhang Xuan was here, he would definitely be the first to, throw Ke Bin somewhere else, but he, where was he?
“Marry him!”
“Marry him!”
A time, marry him three words, from the crowd of onlookers resounded, this is all Ke Bin arranged in advance, used to set the atmosphere of people.
With the shouting of these TOs, the unknown onlookers, also followed the shouting.
Marry him three words, at this time, so that Lin’s seventeenth floor office people can hear clearly.
“Quiet!” Suddenly, a loud bellow rang out, this bellow was shouted out by a person with his voice, surprisingly, it pressed the three words marry him head on.
“Quiet!” The drink sounded again.
Those who originally shouted marry him, now all subconsciously shut their mouths, looking behind them, that quiet two words, also from the crowd.
The crowd of onlookers parted a lane.
Lin Qinghan’s heart jumped when she heard the two words quiet, she knew too well whose voice it was.
The first time I saw it, I saw it.
Zhang Xuan’s face full of disgust looked at the ground of roses, “Who ah, so unethical, throwing these garbage to others to clean up ah?”
Zhang Xuan said, walked forward, a foot towards the heart-shaped rose petals to kick.
The beautifully arranged heart-shaped rose petals, under Zhang Xuan’s kick, cut a long blank path in the middle, and from the air, it appeared that it was Zhang Xuan’s kick that split a heart into two halves.
“You!” Ke Bin looked at Zhang Xuan, he had previously investigated at the Civil Affairs Bureau and knew that this was Lin Qinghan’s husband.
“You what you!” Zhang Xuan glared at Ke Bin, then turned to the crowd and said, “These roses are too much of an eyesore, who will help me clean up and go to Lin’s finance to receive 10,000 yuan!”
After Zhang Xuan said this, the crowd of onlookers fell into a burst of silence, clean up the roses on the ground to receive 10,000 yuan, who are you kidding!
A four or five-year-old child, tiger head, peeked out of the crowd, wearing dirty, “Uncle, are you telling the truth ah? Can you really give me 10,000 yuan?”
“What he said is true, he does not give, I give.” Lin Qinghan suddenly spoke out.
The effect caused by Lin Qinghan’s words was very different from the effect created by Zhang Xuan just after he finished speaking.
“Yeah, that’s too good!” The little boy cheered, rushed out of the crowd, and went to the ground to grab the roses.
The crowd watching, really have the urge to go up to push the little boy away, but can not wipe this face, after all, so many people watching it.

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