Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 352

Zhang Xuan’s words, let Lin Invitation Han, into a burst of silence, she obviously did not expect, Qiu Yu’s departure, is this reason, she was even wondering before, is the reason for Zhang Xuan, let Qiu Yu not continue to stay in the company.
Now hearing Zhang Xuan’s explanation, it made Lin Pleasehan have a feeling that she was the bad guy.
“Zhang Xuan, I ……” Lin Invitation Han opened her mouth, and an apology unconsciously appeared on her pretty face.
“Honey, I know why you are angry, you saw me go home with Qiu Yu that day, right?” Zhang Xuan walked to Lin Qinghan’s desk, “that day, I originally wanted to contact a friend in the enamel country, let Qiu Yu take Uncle Qiu to that treatment, so I accompanied Qiu Yu home to pack the luggage, who knew that you saw ah, you also did not give me the opportunity to explain.”
Lin Qinghan small mouth a pout, a face aggrieved said: “that I asked you that day, you also do not give me the truth, only that you went to the hospital, you give me that I can not understand you?”
“Not afraid that you do not understand, is that you, ah, cold outside and hot inside, if you say, it is not let you also worry for nothing, Uncle Qiu’s situation I saw, want to wake up, can only rely on his own.” Zhang Xuan’s face with worry, “You say, this person ah, too fragile, what happened last time, is crushed Uncle Qiu’s hope for life ah.”
Lin Qinghan gaze out the window, “I wonder how that girl Qiu Yu is doing now, she is still in the internship stage, not even a college diploma, and now she has gone to the field, a person burdened with her father’s medical bills, it must be very hard.”
“Yeah.” Zhang Xuan sighed with emotion, “She is a person with high self-esteem and does not want to trouble us, I hope life will be kind to her.”
Thinking about Qiu Yu’s plight, the two sighed.
Zhang Xuan once wandered alone, very clear, alone outside, how difficult, not to mention a girl, but also with a very sick father, the good thing is that Qiu Yu has some savings, this point makes Zhang Xuan reassured a lot.
“Wife, we have this misunderstanding lifted, let’s not divorce it, you said I have no relatives in Yinzhou, you want to throw me out of the house, where do I live ah!” Zhang Xuan deliberately showed a bitter face.
Lin Qinghan listened to this, cold snort: “less here to play pitiful, you Zhang Xuan is what kind of person, what status, I do not know, but you also do not take me as a fool cheat, that brother of yours, shouting your big brother that Feireth, he said a word, you can make those Duhai wealth of hundreds of billions of big bosses before and after, with your status, and I divorce, there are too many women to choose right! ”
“Wife.” Zhang Xuan rubbed his hands, “Listen to my explanation ah, before not to you, there is a reason.”
Now that Zhang Xuan had solved that potential threat to the Su family, there wasn’t much need to hide his identity or anything.
Lin Qinghan directly waved his hand, interrupting Zhang Xuan’s words, “You don’t need to explain to me, what identity you Zhang Xuan is, has nothing to do with me Lin Qinghan, and don’t say that I Lin Qinghan climbed on this big tree of yours.”
Zhang Xuan smiled bitterly, this is really a woman who wants to be strong.
“Okay, wife, since you do not want to listen, I will not say, anyway, the two of us together, ah, is a strong combination, you have your ability, I, a small fortune, need to invest in places, you do not hesitate to ask, the money we share 50-50, absolutely do not let you take advantage of me!”
Zhang Xuan waved a big hand, said with great pride.
Lin Qinghan eyebrows crossed, “What do you mean? So clear with me?”
“No, no, no.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand, “This is not a joke with you, you are my wife, my is not your.”
“Hmph, that’s more like it.” Lin Qinghan nodded in satisfaction.
Zhang Xuan helplessly shook his head, this woman’s heart, ah, the needle under the sea, elusive.
Zhang Xuan chatted in Lin Qinghan’s office for a while, then left first to go to the market to buy food, ready to cook a big meal for Lin Qinghan.
The company has a lot of things to do, she would like to go with Zhang Xuan to buy food, to buy all that she wants to eat.
Zhang Xuan lifted the misunderstanding with Lin Qinghan, humming a little song in a happy mood, and left Lin’s building.
The first foot of Zhang Xuan just left Lin’s, a male and a female two young people, stepped into the Lin’s group gate.
One of the women with a disgusted look at the Lin’s group hall, “What a shitty place, I really can’t figure out, that woman named Lin, just let her live in this self, the family head why do you want to bring her back?”
“Let’s see the person first, and bring the family head’s meaning to.” The male youth spoke.
The woman glanced at her mouth, her eyes are hidden jealousy, the same is the Su family juniors, they are the side line, can enter the Su family group, as a senior executive, can be happy to take off, and this woman surnamed Lin it, when the old master banished an illegitimate daughter, is that illegitimate daughter left a wild child, to put it bluntly, if it is not the Su old master that a note, the Su family will not recognize such a person, let alone take over the Su family business.
“Two, who are you looking for?” Lin’s front desk beauty came over and asked politely.
“You have someone named Lin Qinghan here, right?” The young woman said arrogantly.
“Madam, may I ask if you are looking for Mr. Lin? If you want to see President Lin, you have to make an appointment in advance.” The company receptionist asked.
“An appointment? You need to make an appointment just to see her?” The young woman glanced at her mouth, “Tell her that someone from the Su family is here!”
The two words Su family, through the company receptionist, reached Li Na’s ears, and through Li Na, conveyed to Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan, who was busy with the task at hand, when she heard the two words Su family, her body couldn’t help but tremble.
“Su family ……” Lin Qinghan kept muttering these two words under her breath.
“General Lin, how about it, do these two people want to see?” Lina asked.
“See, let them on …… no, I’ll go down.” Lin Qinghan hurriedly got up, tidied up the broken hair in front of her forehead, and walked quickly towards the elevator.
Li Na saw Lin Qinghan’s attitude and was greatly surprised, she did not understand why the two words Su family would make Lin always have such a big reaction.
Lin Qinghan took the elevator to go downstairs, her mood, extraordinarily complicated, when she was a child, her mother said to her, she still, to this day, remember very clearly.
The day her mother died, she was unwilling to do so. Her greatest wish was to have her name written in the family tree, and that family was the Su family.

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