Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 355

After solving the matter of the Su family, Zhang Xuan’s whole person also relaxed a lot, do not have to worry about Lin Qinghan’s danger all the time, and he no longer has to hide his identity everywhere.
Early in the morning, Zhang Xuan gave Lin please Han to say that he wanted to engage in training, and went directly to the Chinese Medicine Museum.
At this moment, in front of the Chinese Medicine Museum, there were countless luxury cars parked, and the crowd was dense and noisy.
The two women, Xu Wan and Sun Lan, were standing in front of the Chinese Medicine Pavilion, waiting for Zhang Xuan.
“Xiao Wan, brother-in-law his reputation is a little too big, right? Look, so many famous doctors, some of whom are usually seen on TV, are now running over to study.” Sun Lan looked at the surrounding crowd and felt a little shocked.
“Either how can speculate to fifty thousand dollars a class.” Xu Wan also a little unreal sense, still remember the first time I heard of brother-in-law, the family disdain, saying what no talent, eating soft rice and other words, but this is to be considered no talent, then who can have talent?
Xu Wan and Sun Lan both stood waiting at the agreed place with Zhang Xuan, which if Zhang Xuan did not take them in, they would not even have the qualification to stand at the door and listen.
“Yo, isn’t this Xu Wan and Sun Lan? What, you two poor bastards, you can also buy a place?” A stylishly dressed girl walked over and looked at Xu Wan and the two of them with flirtatious eyes.
“Shang Qiaoshan, are you finished? What do you have to do with us coming here? If you have money, go somewhere else to fool around, don’t show off here!” Sun Lan looked at the visitor with disgust.
This Shang Qiaoshan, a classmate of the two, has only one hobby, that is, showing off the rich, and, she loves to show off in front of Xu Wan very much, which makes Sun Lan look down, Xu Wan in school, extraordinarily low-key, if not for the last incident, even Sun Lan did not know that Xu Wan is a member of the Lin family.
“What, poor still won’t let me talk?” Shang Qiaoshan squinted at Xu Wan, “Look at what you’re wearing, look around, who is so shabby like you, you’re really giving our school a bad name!”
“I’m here for the class, not the beauty pageant, what do you have to do with what you wear?” Xu Wan, a good-tempered person, was also made a little impatient by Shang Qiaoshan.
“Listen to the lesson? Just you?” Shang Qiaoshan snickered, “50,000 yuan, you can get out of it you?”
“Who said I need to buy a place?” Xu Wan asked rhetorically.
Sun Lan also spoke at the side, “Yes, we do not need to buy a place at all, brother-in-law just take us in.”
“Joke, who do you think your brother-in-law is?” The first thing you need to do is to get a place in the classroom.
I don’t know where the news came from, said that the school, as long as who listened to the class today, after graduation allocation or something, absolutely no worries, if good luck, can directly into the Lin’s hospital.
Lin’s reputation in Yinzhou, where a Yinzhou people, that is like a thunderclap, corporate treatment, but also most people’s second choice.
“Xiao Wan, eh, Sun Lan is also here?” Zhang Xuan walked over from the side, he just arrived.
“Brother-in-law!” Xu Wan.
“Hello brother-in-law.” Sun Lan also called out sweetly, while subconsciously sizing up Zhang Xuan, who was wearing a casual outfit today.
Sun Lan can’t help but think, although the Lin family as the first big family in Yinzhou, but the Lin family people, but really a low-key, Xu Wan as Lin Qinghan’s sister, in school, never said his family, brother-in-law is, as the husband of the Lin Group’s General Manager Lin, dressed ordinary, which is like those people, a little bit of money, hate the world to know the same.
Shang Qiaoshan is also measuring Zhang Xuan, when seeing Zhang Xuan that is not what brand-name casual clothes, the contempt in his eyes more thick, “Xu Wan, this is your brother-in-law, what makes him bring you in? By talking big?”
When Zhang Xuan gave a lecture at Silver University before, not everyone went.
Xu Wan glanced at Shang Qiaoshan, too lazy to explain to her.
“This your friends?” Zhang Xuan asked curiously to Xu Wan.
Before Xu Wan could say anything, Shang Qiaoshan said proudly: “Friends? I make friends, not just anyone!”
“Oh.” Zhang Xuan nodded, one look at Shang Qiaoshan’s appearance, Zhang Xuan can also think of what kind of person this is, did not say more to Shang Qiaoshan, “Xiao Wan, Sun Lan, let’s go in first.”
“Good.” Xu Wan and Sun Lan nodded at the same time and followed Zhang Xuan towards the door of the Chinese Medicine Museum.
“Big talker!” Shang Qiaoshan clasped her hands to her chest and looked ahead with cold eyes.
A puzzled voice rang out from behind Shang Qiaoshan.
“Huh, Qiaoshan, haven’t you gone in yet? The divine doctor will be here soon.” A middle-aged man, came from behind Shang Qiaoshan.
As soon as Shang Qiaoshan saw this middle-aged man, the arrogance on her face, instantly turned into aggravation, “Godfather, why did you only come, I’m getting bullied to death?”
“Bullying?” The middle-aged man was startled for a moment, then revealed a caring face, “Who dares to bully you, give Godfather the word, Godfather clean up them!”
“That’s them!” Shang Qiaoshan stomped her foot, reached out and pointed ahead.
Today there are too many people coming to the Chinese Medicine Museum, Zhang Xuan three people are still in a long line.
The middle-aged man took a look at Zhang Xuan three, found three unfamiliar faces, not which famous doctors or something, but also reassured a lot, boldly rushed Shang Qiaoshan said: “Good baby, they how you? Godfather give you the decision.”
“Godfather ……” Shang Qiaoshan tone a whine, “you did not say, this time to listen to the class, a person’s place at least fifty thousand dollars?”
Shang Qiaoshan this coy tone, to the middle-aged man bones are almost called crisp, “Yes, indeed, fifty thousand a place.”
“Then how can the three of them get in, two of them are my classmates, they do not seem to be able to shell out 50,000 yuan to come, godfather, this time who can enter the door, not you to manage it, you do not know, they just how arrogant, just said their brother-in-law can bring them in, simply do not put me in the eye! Shang Qiaoshan a pouting, heart is full of dissatisfaction.
This time, although Shang Qiaoshan always put 50,000 a place in the mouth, but in fact, she did not spend a penny this time, but also pay a certain price, if really look at Xu Wan and Sun Lan so easily to listen to the class, her heart is absolutely not acceptable.
As soon as the middle-aged man heard Shang Qiaoshan’s words, he understood what was going on. He patted Shang Qiaoshan’s shoulder, then walked to the long line and pointed at Xu Wan and the three of them and drank: “Those three! Yes, that’s you, what are you doing? Who told you to stand in line? Are you qualified to go in?”
The middle-aged man’s shout was so loud that it immediately made all the people around them focus their attention on Zhang Xuan and the three of them.
Shang Qiaoshan stood aside and watched the scene with satisfaction.

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