Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 356

There were a lot of people lined up in front of the Chinese Medicine Center, and now they all looked at Zhang Xuan and the three of them with the appearance of watching the hilarity.
Zhang Xuan frowned and looked at the middle-aged man, “What are you doing? Does it matter to you whether we are qualified to enter or not?”
“What do I count as?” The middle-aged man sneered, “Here, who can enter and who can’t, I’m the one who says so. What is the status of you three? Who told you to stand in line here?”
The middle-aged man’s voice was loud, there were so many people present, he was deliberately making Zhang Xuan three people embarrassed.
It could be seen that the onlookers had reached out to point at the three people and say something, and some of them even showed ridicule.
Xu Wan pulled Zhang Xuan’s sleeve, “Brother-in-law, this is the man, who sells places in the school.”
“Just him?” Zhang Xuan sized up the middle-aged man in front of him, he had wanted to ask President Ma what this was all about today, who thought that the right person would walk right in front of him.
“You’re from the Medical Association?” Zhang Xuan asked.
The middle-aged man was full of arrogance and tilted his head, “Of course.”
Zhang Xuan asked again, “Who can listen to the class this time and who can’t, is it your call?”
The middle-aged man smiled and nodded his head, not saying anything.
Zhang Xuan looked puzzled, “How can I trust you?”
“Heh.” The middle-aged man snorted and casually took out a document and put it in front of Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan saw that on the other party’s document, the title of Vice President of the Ning Provincial Medical Association was written, but for this middle-aged man, Zhang Xuan had never seen it before.
Similarly, Zhang Xuan had never seen the other party, and the other party had never seen Zhang Xuan.
“How about it, do I need to elaborate to you what the vice president means?” The middle-aged man sneered.
Zhang Xuan heatedly smiled, took the initiative to put his arm around the other party’s shoulder and whispered, “Oops, vice president, ah, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, just now it was my eyes that didn’t know Taishan, I heard my sister-in-law say that you have places for sale here?”
The middle-aged man looked at Zhang Xuan this ingratiating look, the arrogance on his face heavier, “What?”
“Look ……” Zhang Xuan rubbed his hands, “I’ll buy three at a time, can you give me a cheaper price?”
Hearing Zhang Xuan said to buy three places, the middle-aged man’s face showed a look of intent, this is more than 100,000 extra money into the account ah.
But soon, the middle-aged man put the impressed look away and put on a high posture, “Cheap? You think I can’t sell this spot? Look around, how many people want to go in and listen to the class but no way! If you want to listen, listen, do not listen, forget it, I do not lack you one or two people.”
Zhang Xuan revealed a difficult face, “but this 50,000 a person, but also a little too expensive, and you are sure you can listen to it, if you can not listen to what to do?”
“Fifty thousand is still expensive? If you can learn a hand or two from the divine doctor, enough to eat for the rest of your life, do not worry about listening, really do not listen, I ten times to compensate you!” The middle-aged man waved his hand and said confidently.
Zhang Xuan gritted his teeth, “Okay, then I’ll buy three places, directly to you transfer 150,000 okay?”
“Okay.” The middle-aged man was delighted in his heart, but his face was light and airy as he took out the receipt QR code and asked Zhang Xuan to scan it.
Soon, 150,000 was Zhang Xuan transferred to the other party’s cell phone.
“How about big brother, I can get in here, right?” Zhang Xuan asked with an excited face.
“Okay, go in.” The middle-aged man waved his hand while giving Zhang Xuan three plastic plates, “When you enter, just take this out and show it to someone.”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head repeatedly and took the plastic plates.
The middle-aged man walked away with an arrogant face, and when the other party left, Zhang Xuan’s face suddenly darkened, looking at the sign in his hand, so that the matter of selling places this time, there is more than one person to operate, President Ma really does not know anything?
Zhang Xuan returned to the long line.
Xu Wan curiously asked Zhang Xuan what happened, Zhang Xuan waved his hand indifferently, “Nothing much.”
On the other side, Shang Qiaoshan looked at Xu Wan’s three people still standing in the line, waiting for the queue to enter, her heart was not happy and said to the middle-aged man, “Godfather, why are they still standing there.”
“My good baby yo.” The middle-aged man with a happy face touching Shang Qiaoshan’s face, “Today you can bring Godfather a lot of benefits, you are not looking at a 50,000 bags, wait Godfather will go to buy you, these people, but to send us money to ah, look, this is what.”
The middle-aged man gave Shang Qiaoshan a look at the receipt of 150,000.
Shang Qiaoshan looked at the long string of zeros, her mouth opened wide, “Godfather, this is all they gave?”
“Mm.” The middle-aged man nodded, “That kid swelled his face to make it fat, and took out all his savings.”
The middle-aged man found it hilarious when he thought about Zhang Xuan’s fleshy look just now.
“Haha!” Shang Qiaoshan looked very happy, “Let that Xu Wan still pretend with me, saying that her brother-in-law can bring her in, but in the end still have to pay, wait until the school, I have to publicize this, see that Xu’s face where to put!”
Zhang Xuan, Xu Wan and Sun Lan came to the Chinese Medicine Center.
Outside the Chinese medicine hall, Xu Wan and Sun Lan thought there would be a lot of people, came in and realized that their own ideas, or a little not enough to open up, the whole Chinese medicine hall, dense with people, walking is not convenient.
“Brother-in-law, your influence is also too big!” Xu Wan looked at Zhang Xuan with admiration, they study medicine, the biggest goal, is to become a divine doctor, now, the divine doctor is standing beside himself.
Zhang Xuan rubbed his nose, he did not expect that he only showed a few hands acupuncture method, so many people came.
He bought a spot for 50,000 a piece, and could only stand here, not even a place to sit.
Zhang Xuan took Xu Wan and the three of them, found a relatively less crowded place, stood there, and waited.
The time passed, and there were more and more people in the Chinese medicine hall.
The time Zhang Xuan agreed with President Ma was 10:00 a.m., and now it’s already 10:30.
In the middle of the Chinese medicine hall, Yan Li looked at his watch and said to President Ma: “President Ma, is the little divine doctor still not here?”
President Ma shook his head, “Not yet, wait a little longer.”
Yan Li looked back and frowned, “President Ma, this is a little too many people.”
Ma will sigh, “the little doctor’s reputation is too full, old Xiao said to me, many people have come from far away to learn, he could not refuse, simply let everyone listen, now the decline of Chinese medicine, we are positive nature, we can not throw cold water is not.”
Yan Li nodded, President Ma said this is also reasonable, this is also a trend in the rise of Chinese medicine, for him the older generation of Chinese medicine, is also very happy to see a scene.

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