Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 357

The time came to eleven o’clock at noon, and inside the Chinese Medicine Hall, some noisy voices gradually appeared.
“President Ma, why don’t you give the little divine doctor a call?” Yan Li listened to the various voices ringing around him, and was somewhat anxious inside.
This time, many physicians, were specially invited from all over the country, that day Zhang Xuan’s disappearance, let many people some dissatisfaction.
This time, Yan Li is trying to take advantage of Zhang Xuan’s momentum, so that Chinese medicine completely rise.
President Ma looked at many people’s faces, has shown impatient look, nodded and gave Zhang Xuan a phone call.
Within a few seconds of the phone call, Zhang Xuan picked up.
President Ma heard that the phone seemed very noisy.
“That little divine doctor, ah, where have you arrived?” President Ma asked over the phone.
“Oh, President Ma, I’m already at the Chinese Medicine Center ah, it’s been almost an hour since I arrived.” Zhang Xuan’s puzzled voice rang out over the phone.
Zhang Xuan’s words gave President Ma confusion, it’s been an hour?
“Little miracle doctor, why didn’t you give me a notice when you arrived, everyone is still waiting for your lecture.” President Ma was on the other end of the phone with a smile on his face.
“Lecture? I lecture? I paid 150,000 to attend the class, and you want me to lecture?” Zhang Xuan asked in a very puzzled manner.
President Ma’s heart was astonished, 150,000 into the venue? What do you mean?
Look again, the phone has been hung up by Zhang Xuan.
Yan Li saw President Ma finished the call and asked, “How is it, has the little miracle doctor arrived?”
President Ma’s face bitter, “Master Yan, it seems, there is a problem ah.”
“What problem?” Yan Li frowned and asked, not today the little miracle doctor is not coming again, right?
President Ma shook his head, do not know how to explain to Yan Li, he got up.
In the Chinese Medicine Museum, a podium has been set up for Zhang Xuan and so on training.
President Ma went to the podium, picked up the microphone, “Hey, everyone quiet, quiet.”
As soon as President Ma made a sound, the originally noisy Chinese medicine hall, immediately became quiet, everyone looked towards President Ma.
At the same time, President Ma stood on the podium, his eyes swept the stage, and in the crowd, he saw Zhang Xuan’s figure.
President Ma got down from the podium and walked towards where Zhang Xuan was.
The eyes of the people in the hall moved with the figure of President Ma.
President Ma walked up to Zhang Xuan and cautiously asked, “Little divine Doctor, is something wrong?”
“No.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “What could be wrong, I’m waiting to listen to the lesson here.”
“Little divine Doctor, don’t say angry words.” President Ma had a pleasing smile on his face, “What do you mean when you say 150,000 to enter?”
“What do you mean?” Zhang Xuan’s face was strange, “Isn’t it your medical association’s explicit price tag? Admission fee, fifty thousand a person.”
“What!” President Ma was shocked, “An explicitly priced fee? Who dares to do that.”
“Oh?” The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth hung a hint of playfulness as he looked at President Ma, “Everyone knows this, you wouldn’t be unaware of it, would you, President Ma.”
President Ma’s face suddenly panicked and waved his hands repeatedly, “Little divine Doctor, I swear on my honor, I absolutely don’t know about this matter! My medical association, too, will definitely not engage in such a thing.”
Zhang Xuan patted Xu Wan’s shoulder, “Xiao Wan, tell President Ma what’s going on.”
Xu Wan nodded and spoke, “President Ma, it’s your medical association’s Vice President Xiao, who is responsible for collecting money, this matter, has spread in our school, my brother-in-law’s class, 50,000 a class place.”
“How outrageous!” President Ma let out an angry bellow, this bellow, the people in the hall were startled, everyone did not understand, why President Ma was so angry.
President Ma’s gaze swept throughout the Chinese Medicine Hall, and finally, at the entrance of the Chinese Medicine Hall, he saw the figure of Vice President Xiao.
At this moment, Vice President Xiao is chatting with Shang Qiaoshan in a whisper, from time to time a dirty smile on his face, Shang Qiaoshan also a pouting look, completely unaware of the President Ma who is already angry over there.
Zhang Xuan walked towards Vice President Xiao, “That Vice President ah, I want to ask, this class is still lecturing ah?”
“What’s the hurry?” Vice President Xiao glanced at Zhang Xuan, “If you are too slow, you can go first!”
“But I’ve paid the money, I’m a little bit lost, can you refund my money?”
“Refund?” Vice President Xiao laughed, “You want to go, who am I to refund your money?”
“You said ah, if you do not listen to the class, then refund my money.” Zhang Xuan shrugged his shoulders.
“Joke, it is you who do not listen, not the little divine doctor does not speak, if it is the little divine doctor does not speak, I refund you ten times!” Vice President Xiao impatiently waved his hand, “Either wait and go, or leave if you want, don’t bother me.”
Shang Qiaoshan hands clasped chest, sneered, “Some people, ah, do not have that ability, do not come to play a swollen face fat, what, now regret it?”
“All right.” Zhang Xuan rested his hand and walked towards the side.
Watching Zhang Xuan leave, Shang Qiaoshan glanced at her mouth, thinking what is this thing?
“Xiao Hua, I hope you can give me a reasonable explanation.” President Ma walked over with a black face from the side.
“Old Ma, what’s wrong with you? A serious face?” Vice President Xiao asked in confusion.
“What’s wrong with me? Xiao Hua, don’t you know clearly what you have done yourself?” President Ma’s face was extraordinarily ugly.
Vice President Xiao’s heart jumped and he said, “What is it? Old Ma, just say what you have to say, don’t make it mysterious.”
“Okay, you let me say it is right, then I ask you ……”
President Ma was just about to open his mouth when he was interrupted by a voice.
“Hey, hey.” Zhang Xuan’s voice, came from the stereo.
When Vice President Xiao took a look at Zhang Xuan standing on the stage, his face changed and he yelled at the people beside him, “What’s that for, who told him to get on the stage, get him down!”
Vice President Xiao was afraid that Zhang Xuan would say something on stage that he shouldn’t say.
“If he doesn’t go on stage, who will?” President Ma stopped the person beside Vice President Xiao.
“Old Ma, this time it’s the Little God Doctor giving a lecture, how can you let an unrelated person on stage, quick, quick, quick, let him come down!” Vice President Xiao’s face was full of anxiety.
President Ma looked at Vice President Xiao, word by word, and said firmly, “He is the little divine doctor you are talking about.”
“What? He is the little divine doctor!” Vice President Xiao’s eyes were wide with disbelief in his eyes, this man, he was the Little God Doctor?
“What, are you surprised?” President Ma snickered.
Vice President Xiao, his face froze, staring dumbly at the stage, his heart, at this time, could not be more chaotic.
This time the collection of money, is his Xiao Hua joint some people, secretly made out, only for some school students, and even made up as long as you can listen to the class, later graduation will be able to enter the Lin’s thing, Xiao Hua collect money, is also very cautious, must know the root before they dare to collect.
But now, Xiao Hua found that he had gotten into trouble, gotten into a big trouble!

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