Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 36

At noon, two o’clock, the exhibition center specially prepared a hall, as the auction site, the people present very many people.
Zhang Xuan know, generally this kind of charity auction to the people, than that ordinary auction is more lively, if in which to hold a charity auction, the local entrepreneurs, will receive an invitation, this invitation is many people can not refuse, otherwise the next day the news headlines will be about you.
The hall has a total of 500 seats, at this time has been full, Fang Zhou, Lin Qinghan, as well as some well-known entrepreneurs of Ning Province, are sitting in the first row.
After seeing Zhang Xuan again, Fang Zhou did not have the appreciation in his eyes just now, but swept a very bland glance and averted his gaze.
Song Tao sat not far from Fang Zhou, the corners of his mouth hung a cold smile, looking at Lin Qinghan, he was sure that today will be able to stink Lin Qinghan’s reputation, not to mention the other, is her husband, enough to become a breakthrough, a vain artist, this to be known by the media, it is estimated that Lin Qinghan’s reputation will also be in ruins!
The charity auction of Chinese paintings began under the auspices of an elderly auctioneer.
At the beginning, the paintings that appeared were only worth a few thousand, these paintings were the most chased, and many people grabbed the auction, because many people present were not here to buy the paintings at all, they just wanted a gimmick, and later, when they were interviewed, this could also become a talking point, as for the good or bad of the paintings, they didn’t care, what they wanted was that they could spend the least amount of money today, and buy the name of a philanthropist.
These thousands of paintings, are from some new painters, gradually, the emergence of domestic well-known masters, the value of the works are in the tens of thousands, now can buy, more is some people who really like painting.
During this period, Fang Zhou made several bids and took the works he liked.
Soon, the auction came to the main event.
The auctioneer’s voice through the microphone, spread throughout the exhibition hall, “you all know, in my China, the Tang Dynasty, there are three well-known painting masters, the following, we will take out a pair of master Yan’s well-known work, winter plum, for auction, the official units to verify that this painting is authentic, eighty percent of the proceeds of this auction, will be donated to the Red Cross, the starting price of this painting is 100,000. Everyone please bid.”
Fang Zhou sat in his seat and looked at the winter plum displayed on the stage, his face was slightly out of place.
Now he eagerly wanted to know whether this winter plum was a real painting or not, and if it was real, then the one he bought three years ago was a fake? But the one three years ago, as well as the certificate of approval, it is difficult not to say that there are still two winter plum in this world?
As a collector of Chinese paintings, Fang Zhou would not allow himself to have a forgery in his home, nor would he allow such a genuine piece, the only one of its value, to be lost from his sight.
Just in the process of Fang Zhou’s hesitation, the price of this winter plum, has been shouted to eight hundred thousand.
Zhang Xuan sat as, crossed his legs, hands clasped behind his head, “Milan, you just said that Qinghan is going to cooperate with that Fang, if we can reach cooperation, how much money profit the company has?”
“It’s not the profit, it’s the prospect, about the future of Lin’s, if we can really reach a cooperation with Mr. Fang, how much money I can pay.” Lin Qinghan said firmly.
“Oh, I see.” Zhang Xuan nodded thoughtfully.
At this moment, the price of that winter plum, has risen to three million three hundred thousand, and the auctioneer, has shouted the words three million three hundred thousand for the second time.
Fang Zhou, who had been sitting there without saying anything, couldn’t help himself at this moment, whether it was real or fake, he couldn’t see the painting being taken away in front of his eyes, even if it was fake, he had to make sure of it!
Fang Zhou picked up the auction card in his hand and was just about to open his mouth when he heard a lazy voice ring out beside him, “Five million.”
Fang Zhou instantly turned his gaze to the owner of this voice.
Milan stared at Zhang Xuan with wide eyes, “You’re crazy! Five million! It’s already a big deal if this painting can be sold for four million!”
Lin Qinghan frowned and did not make a sound, Lin Qinghan herself was wondering, I don’t know when she suddenly felt that this Zhang Xuan, seems to be not as bad as she thought, every time at what critical time, he can do something unexpected, this time, Lin Qinghan had an intuition in her heart, that is, Zhang Xuan is not fooling around, he has his own ideas.
The auctioneer on the stage saw that someone shouted five million, his eyes just lit up, although he did not know the person who called for the price, but he knew the sign representing Lin’s that the other party was holding in his hand.
The price of five million made all the people who were just calling for bids quiet down, just like Milan said, this painting, at most four million.
The auctioneer hit the hammer three times in a row and shouted the word “Sold” out of his mouth.
Milan’s eyes were full of incomprehension, he really did not understand why Zhang Xuan did this, did he want to buy the painting and give it to Fang Zhou? Look at the appearance of Ark just now, as if he cared a lot about this painting, but would Ark accept it? For a painting of a few million, do a business of several hundred million?
Not only Milan, even Lin Qinghan also guessed that Zhang Xuan was going to do this, the two women looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time, Lin Qinghan’s gaze showed a trace of disappointment, five million she did not care, and Fang Zhou can not cooperate is also long prepared psychologically, she is now disappointed, is Zhang Xuan’s behavior, in Lin please Han’s heart, how much hope Zhang Xuan can do something unexpected, even if the sword goes off the edge, even if it does not achieve the effect we want, Lin please Han is also happy, this more or less can prove that the man of his family, is not so useless.
But he now this practice, too inferior!
Lin Please Han lowered her head and shook her head helplessly, just as she was disappointed in her heart, she suddenly heard Milan’s exclaim from her ears.
“Qing Han, look, Zhang Xuan, what is he doing!”
Lin Pleasehan looked up and saw that Zhang Xuan had already left his seat and walked to the stage, he already had the five million dollar auctioned Winter Plum in his hand.
Immediately after that, Zhang Xuan did something that made the whole audience in an uproar.
That famous painting worth five million dollars was then grabbed by Zhang Xuan with both hands and then torn with force!
This sound, although not loud, resounded in everyone’s heart, the Chinese painting that had just been bought with five million dollars, was just like that, torn!
“Oh my God!”
“What is he doing?”
“He’s sick in the head!”
“This is no way to show off your wealth!”
A cacophony of noise and shouts rang out from the stage.
Facing these voices, Zhang Xuan’s face remained unchanged as he looked at Fang Zhou, who was sitting in the first row, and said aloud, “Mr. Fang, just now I saw that you looked difficult, full of interest in this painting, yet you did not make a move at times. Your expression is torn and your fists are clenched all the time because you are not sure whether the one at your home is the real one or this one is the real one?”

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