Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 369

Lin Qinghan was so grabbed by a woman’s hand, feeling extraordinarily awkward, wanting to pull his hand back, only to find that the other party had an extraordinarily deadly grip.
“Surprisingly, it’s real! Incredible, really incredible, this kind of thing, how could it be made into a ring?” The woman stared at Lin Qinghan’s hand, to be precise, at the ring Lin Qinghan was wearing on her hand, and kept letting out an exclamation.
The woman snapped her head up and looked at Lin Qinghan, “Where did you get this ring?”
“It’s from my husband.” Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan.
At the same time, the woman also looked at Zhang Xuan and kept nodding her head, “Awesome! Really impressive! This kind of thing can be made into a ring and given to someone? How much did you pay for this piece of Mantech gold? Ten billion magnesium gold? Twenty billion magnesium gold?”
This woman’s words, listening to the surrounding people, is confused.
“The surname Zhang, what kind of trick are you doing, from where did you hire such an actor? Acting skills are also too pompous, right?” Ke Bin snorted, “Just this aluminum ring, but also ten billion dollars? You laugh me to death!”
The woman with black-framed glasses turned around and glared at Ke Bin, “I don’t blame you for not understanding, please don’t mislead people here, comparing Mantech gold to aluminum alloy, your ignorance will be made fun of!”
Ke Bin glanced at his mouth, “What are you pretending to pretend, and Mantech gold, I’ve never heard of it.”
“Of course you haven’t heard of it.” The woman rightfully said, “This kind of thing, not everyone can hear about it!”
Ke Bin was so disliked a few times, his face was very unpleasant, just about to make a sound to reprimand, then heard a voice sounded.
“Professor Liu! Professor Liu!”
The voice came from outside the crowd and seemed anxious.
“It’s here, don’t shout.” The woman with the black-framed glasses waved her hand.
The crowd was pushed away and a middle-aged man was seen standing in front of the woman with an anxious face, “Professor Liu, you’ve suddenly disappeared, you scared me to death!”
See the middle-aged man, many people onlookers, shouted a Mr. Wang good.
This Mr. Wang, is to bring the capital city experts to choose partners, everyone is polite to him.
Mr. Wang waved his hand at the surrounding people, and then said to the woman, “Professor Liu, here, are all entrepreneurs from Yinzhou, you can talk to them and choose your intended partner.”
Mr. Wang’s words caused Ke Bin’s face to change, this woman, was actually the expert from the capital this time? That super genius who claimed to be, at the age of thirty, with four doctoral degrees?
Professor Liu didn’t even care about Mr. Wang, his gaze went back to the ring on Lin Qinghan’s hand, “This thing, can you show it to me?”
Lin Qinghan also did not expect that this woman was an expert in the capital, and it was all up to her to decide whether she could win the bid this time, so after Professor Liu made this request, Lin Qinghan took the ring off and gave it to the other party.
Professor Liu held the ring in his hand like a precious treasure and kept sighing, “It’s really mantua gold! Mantechnated gold made into a ring, what a big deal! Wait! There are words on it? Did your husband engrave this word too?”
Professor Liu stared at Lin Qinghan with wide eyes and shock in his eyes.
Lin Qinghan nodded, “Yes, he’s a man who doesn’t know how to behave, so he can carve these four words.”
Professor Liu shook his head, “If this does not understand the style, there is no romantic man in the world! Mantech gold on the engraved words! In this world, your husband is the first person to do such a thing.”
The people around, listening to Professor Liu’s words, only felt confused.
“Professor Liu, what exactly is this Man-Tc gold that you are talking about?”
“Rare metal.” Professor Liu heavily said these four words, “Note, when I say rare metal, I don’t mean something like gold that is rotten in the street, the known Mancetium gold in the world, adds up to less than one cubic meter, its preciousness, is not something that can be imagined.”
When Professor Liu said this, people around were in an uproar, only one cubic meter in the world, how valuable it must be? No wonder Professor Liu just asked that Zhang Xuan, the ring is how much money to buy, if really as Professor Liu said so rare, such a small piece, should also be worth ten billion magnesium gold price.
Ke Bin face is extremely ugly, he just said loudly that this is the actor Zhang Xuan found, did not expect to be that expert in the capital, himself and said that this is an aluminum alloy ring, in the end it all turned out to be less than a cubic meter of mantechnical gold all over the world combined.
Professor Liu held this ring, “Man technetium gold, is the world’s known, the hardest metal, almost every country, want to have a piece as research, but the entire world production is so much, many countries want to have, there is no way, China once used a piece of Man technetium gold about the same size as this ring for rent, the cost of a year, is one billion magnesium gold. ”
Professor Liu’s words, once again let the crowd reveal a shocked expression, just a small piece, the country to rent out, a year rent one billion magnesium gold? This rent alone, on top of the entire fortune of most people present!
Including Lin Qinghan, are staggered by this price.
Cheng Jiaxin’s face was particularly ugly, she was just showing off her ten-carat diamond ring, worth more than three million, but now she found that her diamond ring was worse than the ring on Lin Qinghan’s hand, not even garbage.
Professor Liu spoke again: “I’m talking about, only the lease price, want to buy such a piece of Mantech gold, unless there are special channels, you simply can not buy, this metal, even with a laser, can not be cut intact, need to use the laser to grind, grinding such a ring, the human and material resources to be consumed, is simply unimaginable, the most important thing is that someone is still on it carved words!”
Professor Liu said that when it comes to engraving, even she herself could not believe it, if she had not seen it with her own eyes, if someone had told Professor Liu that Mantechnite gold could be engraved, Professor Liu would have thought that the other party was crazy.
Even now, Professor Liu felt that she was not crazy, she looked at Zhang Xuan, “Can you tell me, how did you carve the words on this?”
“It’s simple, just grind slowly.” Zhang Xuan shrugged his shoulders.
Professor Liu listened to Zhang Xuan’s words, a pair of eyes stared at him for a long time before spitting out two words, “…… bully!”
Professor Liu’s words, completely refresh the cognition of those present, those who just mocked Zhang Xuan, now ashamed, even embarrassed to raise their heads, take their own ignorance to mock others, think of all the shame to home.
In particular, Ke Bin and Cheng Jiaxin, including the formation also spoke to send a diamond ring Zhao Xiu, at this moment only feel a blue and purple face, ugly to see the extreme.
Lin Qinghan pretty face red, she simply did not expect, Zhang Xuan gave himself a gift, but so valuable, initially, she thought it was just an ordinary aluminum ring, at this moment, she felt, she is the happiest woman in the world.

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