Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 371

Zhao Xiu’s words, is to Lin Qinghan to the desperate situation forced, now his words are put out, Lin Qinghan if he dares to double, he dares to follow, this kind of words, has been in revealing Zhao’s full bottom strength.
Lin Qinghan to really follow, he Zhao Xiu casually laughed twice and said concede, no one thinks Zhao’s is really conniving, after all, Lin Qinghan doubled, that will lose three billion.
But now, Lin Qinghan does not follow, that is afraid of Zhao, for Lin’s position in Yinzhou, has had an impact.
Zhao Xiu this simple approach, directly let Lin please Han in a dilemma of passive position.
Into, Lin’s loss of three billion, to buy a prestige, others behind the scenes will say Lin Qinghan is a fool.
Retreat, Lin’s will be completely overwhelmed by Zhao’s head from today.
“Mr. Lin, how about it, to follow or not to follow?” Zhao Xiu looked at Lin Qinghan with a smile on his face.
“Follow!” A decisive voice rang out.
The owner of this voice, the people present, all amazed, not Lin Qinghan, not secretary Li Na, not Zhang Xuan, but Zhou Xu!
The young proprietor of Zhou’s!
“I, Zhou’s, am willing to pay two billion, to invest in Lin’s!”
Zhou Xu’s appearance, his words, made the mouths of those present open wide, everyone looked at Lin Qinghan, admiring in their hearts, never thought that this woman, had left such a hand, when did she unite the Zhou’s on?
The smile on Zhao Xiu’s face suddenly disappeared.
Such a situation, even Lin Qinghan himself is confused, Zhou Xu’s attitude, very from the early morning to make a change, when Zhou Xu threatened himself with a piece of land, the results of the next day to give away all the land, but also gave himself several properties, the back of many projects, the Zhou did not compete with their own, today, but suddenly proposed to invest two billion?
For the Zhou, two billion, equivalent to a quarter of the entire Zhou!
“Zhou’s, are you out of your mind? Your Zhou’s has been crushed by Lin’s for so many years is not bad enough?” Ke Bin couldn’t help himself and directly opened his mouth to curse.
Zhou Xu sneered, “To fight with the Lin’s, with you guys, you’re still far from it!”
After saying that, Zhou Xu walked up to Zhang Xuan with a flattering smile, “Mr. Zhang, are you still satisfied with what I did?”
“Have eyes.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.
Receiving Zhang Xuan’s approval, Zhou Xu’s face was ecstatic, such an attitude, once again shocked the eyes of the crowd, the young proprietor of Zhou’s, giving that door-to-door son-in-law of the Lin family, showing goodwill?
Lin Qinghan is so shrewd, looking at Zhou Xu’s attitude towards Zhang Xuan, many things immediately figured out, no wonder Zhou Xu and his father suddenly came to the door of Lin’s to admit their mistakes, and also sent so many land and property to themselves, all this, all because of Zhang Xuan!
When Lin Qinghan thought of his attitude towards Zhang Xuan at that time, he was full of apologies, it turned out that he, from the very beginning, had silently paid for himself.
Lin Qinghan fixed his mind and looked at Zhao Xiu again, “Mr. Zhao, our Lin’s, now the investment has increased to three billion, look, do you still follow?”
Zhao Xiu’s face changed, now, his situation, and just Lin Qinghan became the same, with, they will lose three billion, do not follow, they just do the standing prestige, what they just said, will become a laughing stock, this is undoubtedly to lift a stone to smash their own feet.
Zhou’s sudden appearance disrupted all of Zhao Xiu’s plans.
After a dozen seconds of contemplation, Zhao Xiu haha laugh, “General Lin, really good tactics, our Zhao’s foothold in Yinzhou not long, it is the time to make friends widely, this time the project, let to your Lin’s good, in the future we get along how much more.”
Zhao Xiu this, let everyone understand, in this game, Zhao’s defeat.
Lin’s united with the original Yinzhou second group Zhou’s, now the position, will be unshakable, unless Zhao’s can come up with another amount of money beyond Zhou’s.
Ke Bin stood aside, his face gloomy about to drip water, he made two preparations today in order to revenge Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan, the first hand humiliation, but because of his own ignorance, but became a laughing stock, the second hand, the joint Zhao’s together to suppress the Lin’s, in the end, but still by the Lin’s back pressure head.
Ke Bin deadly stare at Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan, suddenly opened his mouth, “Some people, just know to rely on the blessings of elders, themselves is not at all capable, this kind of people, now is able to arrogant, but how long can be rampant in the future, it is really not easy to say, in order to fight for breath smashed billions, really love face ah.”
Ke Bin such words, is to find excuses for themselves.
However, although the crowd can hear his words are excuses, but the reason is really not rough.
It can be imagined that after this storm, Ke Bin fanned the flames a bit more, outside will be today’s events spread to the wind and rain, and even all kinds of versions.
Zhang Xuan put his arm around Lin Qinghan’s shoulder, “The more incapable people are, the more fierce they scream.”
“Joke!” Ke Bin sneered, “The surname Zhang, do you dare to compare yourself with me?”
“You’re not worthy.” Zhang Xuan gave Ke Bin a contemptuous glance, wrapped his arm around Lin Qinghan, and walked towards the outside of the banquet hall.
Ke Bin only felt that his powerful punch had hit cotton, a feeling that made him feel extraordinarily uncomfortable.
Lin Qinghan and Zhang Xuan did not stay in the Xin Kai Hotel, out of the hotel, directly drive home, as for the project, Li Na is responsible for, Lin Qinghan is absolutely at ease.
A night passed quietly.
The next morning, Zhang Xuan just got up, walked to the courtyard, punching at the old tree.
Jiang Jing, dragging a suitcase, came out of the house and stood behind Zhang Xuan, “Mr. Zhang.”
Zhang Xuan looked back and wondered, “Are you going away?”
Jiang Jing smiled faintly, “I came to ask for my resignation, during this period of time, General Lin is no longer in any danger, and I received the news that the people who wanted to harm General Lin before no longer have any missions issued by now, which also means that my mission is over.”
After Jiang Jing finished, her eyes looked at the tree in front of Zhang Xuan and continued, “Moreover, with you, Mr. Zhang, protecting Mr. Lin, it’s the same with me or without me.”
Zhang Xuan nodded, to Jiang Jing, he still has a very good feeling, this woman is willing to work hard, very responsible, “took the next mission?”
“Already took it, the employer is waiting for me to take up the post, on the side of Mr. Lin, I’ll ask Mr. Zhang to say something.”
“Good, do you need me to drive you?” Zhang Xuan pointed to the car next to him.
“No.” Jiang Jing raised the car keys in his hand, “I still like to drive alone, you know, in our line of work, there is no freedom, no vacation, usually catching up, just as a trip.”
“Then I wish you ……,” Zhang Xuan smiled faintly at Jiang Jing, “a good trip.”
“Thanks.” Jiang Jing opened the car door and sat on it.

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