Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 378

The sharp pain coming from his palm spread to Cheng Guang’s whole body, he stretched out his other hand with difficulty, obediently grabbed the rice on the table and stuffed it into his mouth.
Xiao Bo and the others looked at this scene and were filled with shock, was this still the Cheng family dude they knew?
The agitation that occurred on Zhang Xuan’s side immediately attracted the attention of the entire hall, people who were still eating, whether those at the guest tables or the main table, all looked this way, and when they saw Cheng Guang being pinned to the table and pierced through the palm of his hand with a fragment of porcelain plate, the first time they wondered if they had seen wrong.
This is the Cheng family! Ning Province deserves to be the number one family! The second son was actually treated like this.
Qin Rou watched this scene, although surprised, but also can understand, Cheng family is strong, but compared to Zhang Xuan, still almost, Zhang Xuan’s former title of the god of Wall Street alone, is enough to let him crush the Cheng family.
The Cheng family’s servants rushed over at the first opportunity, and some guests tried to show their goodwill to the Cheng family by making drinking noises.
“What are you doing! Quickly let go of Mr. Cheng!”
Facing the eyes locked on himself, and those drinking on, Zhang Xuan ignored it, he pressed Cheng Guang’s head so hard that Cheng Guang’s face was deformed against the table.
“Eat faster.” Zhang Xuan still expressionless said.
Cheng Guang immediately accelerated the action of his hands, and grabbed another dish and stuffed it into his mouth before he could swallow it.
“All give way!” A drinking voice sounded.
“Cheng Qing is here.”
“The eldest son of the Cheng family, the future heir.”
“Let’s see how Cheng Qing handles this, daring to bully the Cheng family like this, it’s the first time I’ve seen it in my fifty years of life.” An entrepreneur stared over here and said.
Xiao Bo and others, also saw Cheng Qing coming, took the initiative to make way for Cheng Qing, this is the future helmsman of the Cheng family, it can even be said that from now on, until old, as long as they still want to mix in this mu of Ning Province, they have to make good friends with Cheng Qing.
Xiao Bo and others guessed that this Zhang Xuan dare to beat Cheng Guang, but did not dare to do anything to Cheng Qing, after all, in the identity, Cheng Qing is not know how many grades higher than Cheng Guang.
Cheng Qing was still in the other room with Master Cheng, when he heard that Cheng Guang was beaten, Cheng Qing rushed out at the first time, although he did not have any good feelings towards his brother, but how to say is also Cheng family, in their own home was beaten by others, that is to beat the face of the Cheng family.
Cheng Qing pushed the crowd away in anger, but when he saw Zhang Xuan, who was pressing Cheng Qing, all the anger on his face disappeared in a flash, Cheng Qing, was the first person who had seen Zhang Xuan’s energy.
Zhang Xuan casually took out a gift and made him Cheng Qing the successor of the Cheng family.
“Brother Zhang Xuan ……” Cheng Qing called out Zhang Xuan, then no more words, nor any action, just stand in front of this table.
Zhang Xuan looked at Cheng Qing, did not speak, put his eyes back on Cheng Guang, “Eat quickly.”
Cheng Qing’s attitude towards Zhang Xuan, as well as Zhang Xuan’s attitude towards Cheng Qing, made it clear to those present.
The future heir of the Cheng family, surprisingly polite to this young man, instead of this young man, to the Cheng family heir love and ignore, and, the Cheng family heir now does not dare to do anything, can only watch their own brothers suffer humiliation.
This young man, in the end what is the identity!
Such doubts, filled the hearts of everyone.
Xiao Bo and others, swallowed saliva fiercely.
The entire Cheng family hall, at this moment became eerily silent, no one spoke, everyone looked at Zhang Xuan side, the hall, can only resonate, Cheng Guang non-stop swallowing food sound.
“My Sun Cheng Guang, which big shot did he offend?” An old voice broke the silence of the hall.
The people around, also because of this voice, made a rustling discussion sound.
“Old master, it’s the old master who is here.”
“Make way for Old Master Cheng.”
“Let’s see how Master Cheng handles it, this is estimated to be the young master of which family, Cheng Qing does not dare to casually provoke, but the face of the old master, how he has to sell.”
“Yes, no matter who it is, in Ning Province, you have to give face to the old master.”
Hearing Elder Cheng’s voice, Xiao Bo and the others’ hearts rose with a burst of secret joy, they were still mocking Zhang Xuan before, saying all kinds of arrogant and unpleasant words.
But in the end, they found that Zhang Xuan’s dominance, Zhang Xuan’s identity that Cheng Guang and Cheng Qing did not dare to offend, so that what they just did, became a joke, this feeling, let them extraordinarily uncomfortable, they are now, very much want to see this Zhang Xuan defeated, especially Xiao Bo, himself in front of his favorite woman, lost such a big face, if the surname Zhang can also be disgraced, their own this is nothing.
Xiao Bo and the others don’t think that Zhang Xuan can really not even give face to Old Master Cheng.
The crowd dispersed again, the old man Cheng leaned on his crutches and came over.
Zhang Xuan raised his head at the same time and looked towards Old Master Cheng.
Zhang Xuan’s face was expressionless, his eyes were cold, and just a glance gave Elder Cheng a feeling of falling into an ice cellar.
“It’s you?” Elder Cheng never expected that the person Cheng Guang had offended would be Zhang Xuan.
Last time when Ning Changhe fell, eight people came from the topmost level of Huaxia, a matter that Elder Cheng knew very well.
Before Zhang Xuan took out the gold melon tribute tea, the old man was guessing that the son-in-law of the Lin family, it is likely to be which red son, Ning Changhe fell out of this matter, the old man is very clear in his mind, after this Ning Province, is no longer the Cheng family, but the Lin family to make the decision!
Zhang Xuan’s background, is the old man Cheng simply do not dare to offend.
Zhang Xuan looked at Elder Cheng and spoke coldly, “Do you know how to educate your offspring?”
Zhang Xuan spoke, using a questioning tone.
“Little brother Zhang, if Cheng Guang has offended you anywhere, I apologize to you on his behalf.” Elder Cheng spoke sincerely, and this kind of attitude made the entire hall, have a feeling of disbelief.
Old Master Cheng, actually took the initiative to make friends with this young man on an equal footing, and even apologized to him?
“What I’m asking is, do you know how to educate your offspring?” Zhang Xuan spoke again.
Master Cheng, in the eyes of others, was the most powerful person in Ning Province, but in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, he had seen too many powerful people, Master Cheng was not even a fart when placed in front of those people, and those powerful ones were all respectful to Zhang Xuan, hating to be a subordinate to him.
Master Cheng was questioned by Zhang Xuan in front of so many people, his face was a bit embarrassed, but he did not dare to say anything more, he only had to answer honestly, “I did not teach properly.”
“If you can’t teach, I’ll help you teach.” Zhang Xuan grabbed Cheng Guang’s hair and picked him up, “The dishes on this table, your Cheng family come over and finish eating, no leftovers, and this spit in my plate, who spit, who licked it up for me!”

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