Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 380

Zhang Xuan told Qin Rou to get off at a random place, he was afraid that this female rascal would have any mischievous intentions against him again.
Qin Rou looked at Zhang Xuan, who was just overbearing at Cheng’s house and now looked like a little daughter-in-law, and laughed.
After separating from Qin Rou, Zhang Xuan made a phone call to Bai Chi.
“Boss, I was about to call you when your call came.” Bai Chi’s voice rang out.
“What’s wrong?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“Boss you talk about your business first, this is more complicated for me to say.”
“You give me the phone number of the stone king of cloud province, I have something to find him.” Zhang Xuan said the cloud province stone king, is in that part of the cloud province, engaged in gambling industry to get the biggest one, others to have the stone king’s phone, that exists in the phone are not comfortable, have to keep in mind, and then the cloud province stone king gave his phone to Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan did not even look at it.
“Boss, what do you want his phone? Then go gambling stones, that old boy should probably cry!” The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers, and to provide the best possible service to its customers.
Zhang Xuan listened to the words of Bai Chi, also thought of his own before, when he was in the heat of the moment, a few days, so that the largest stone gambling farms in Yunnan Province all shut down, he smiled and said: “Introduce a business partner to him to meet, the phone number to send on the line.”
“Oh, okay, I’ll send you this, boss, you’re going to be okay, I have something to say to you here.”
As soon as Bai Chi’s words fell, Zhang Xuan heard a beeping sound on his phone, a message from Bai Chi with the phone number of King Shi.
“Go ahead.”
“Boss, when old man Zhu met with you in Yanjing earlier, did he say anything to you?” Bai Chi asked first.
“Said a little.” Hearing Bai Chi mention this, Zhang Xuan’s face was a few shades heavier, “What’s wrong?”
“Recently got the news that someone wants to destroy the Zhu family, it is said that the Zhu family knows some great secret, someone wants to silence, Zhu old man sent us a request for rescue, do you want to see ……” Bai Chi said this, did not say more.
“Book a ticket, I want to go to the Zhu family trip.” Zhang Xuan said without even thinking about it.
What Zhu Yuanjiu said to him that day had been weighing on his mind, and he had planned to make a trip to the Zhu family once his misunderstanding with Lin Qinghan was cleared.
“By the way, the whereabouts are confidential.” Zhang Xuan reminded.
Hanging up the phone, Zhang Xuan sent King Shi’s phone number to Qin Rou, who sent back a kissing expression, making Zhang Xuan cry and laugh.
Within a few minutes, Bai Chi sent Zhang Xuan a message again, a ticket booked for Zhang Xuan, a flight at 7pm.
Zhang Xuan took a car, came to Lin’s building, went straight up to the top floor and went to Lin Qinghan’s office.
The name that Zhang Xuan had in the business department had long existed in name only.
In Lin Qinghan’s office, a beautiful young woman, is sitting on the sofa opposite Lin Qinghan’s desk, “Miss Lin, you are the future head of the family, I give you these things, you may not understand for the time being, but you want to take charge of the Su family, these things always have to face, our Su family, in the ancient martial arts family, also occupies a certain position. ”
Lin Qinghan did not work, she quietly listened to the other party, the other party just said something to her about the Su family, what ancient martial arts, what major families, all beyond Lin Qinghan’s perception.
“Miss Lin, I give you these, still hope that you keep it confidential, you are already married, but this kind of thing, even your most loved one, you can not easily tell him, ancient martial arts is hidden by the official, except for a few people, the rest of the people simply can not touch, you do not tell your lover, is not to hide something from him, but to protect him, understand? ” The young woman stressed again and again.
Lin Qinghan nodded, trying to digest what the other party had said.
“Your husband is and the family head is a business friend, they are in business dealings, will not involve ancient martial arts, I give you this, is a precautionary shot in advance, want to really understand the Su family, you still have to go with me to Yanjing, to the Su family, the family head has instructed, I came this time, not only to bring you back, but also to bring Su Si Yue aunt, together, bring aunt, home! ”
“Go home ……” Lin Qinghan murmured these two words, a heart beating wildly, before his mother was born, the greatest wish, is to be able to return to the Su family.
The word home, before for Lin Qinghan, how distant, how she hoped to wait until this day, and now, when these two words in front of the eyes, Lin Qinghan actually some fear.
“Yes, go home, only you and Aunt Su go back, this time back, to give you contact with ancient martial arts these, your husband is not suitable together, this, also hope you can understand.”
At that time, Zhang Xuan did not want to let Lin Invitation Han know the relationship between him and Su family, as well as the previous conflict, so he gave Lin Invitation Han lie that he had business dealings with Su Yu before.
This time, when Su Yu sent someone to pick up Lin Jianghan from Yinzhou, he didn’t say too much, only that he and Zhang Xuan were business friends, and that no one in the Su family, except Su Yu himself, knew Zhang Xuan’s true identity, and those who knew Zhang Xuan’s identity were long gone.
Lin Please Han took a deep breath and nodded, “Then when will I go back with you.”
Just as the young woman finished her words, Zhang Xuan pushed the door and walked in.
Seeing Zhang Xuan, the young woman immediately closed her mouth, afraid that Zhang Xuan would hear something he shouldn’t hear.
Zhang Xuan looked at the young woman sitting in the office and asked at Lin Qinghan, “Wife, there are friends, so I’ll talk to you later.”
“No need.” Lin Qinghan waved her hand, “This is Su Mi.”
“From the Su family?” Zhang Xuan placed his gaze on the woman.
Su Mi got up, walked to Zhang Xuan, and extended her hand at Zhang Xuan, “Mr. Zhang, how are you?”
“Hello.” Zhang Xuan politely shook hands with the other party.
Lin Qinghan said to Zhang Xuan, “Husband, Su Mi is here this time to pick up me and my mother to go home and leave today.”
Zhang Xuan nodded, “How long will it take to go back.”
“I don’t know.” Lin Qinghan shook his head, Su Mi said those things about ancient martial arts, she is now full of doubts, this time to go back, she does not know how long to stay, may be a few days, there may be as long as half a month.
“Be safe on the way.” Zhang Xuan did not say anything more, nor did he ask much, since Lin Qinghan did not take the initiative to let himself follow, then there is her idea, this Zhang Xuan can also understand, after all, Lin Qinghan back to the Su family, also have a lot of family matters to deal with.

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