Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 385

The vehicle drove to the suburbs, a mausoleum.
Apart from the driver, there were only two people, Zhu Yuanjiu and Zhang Xuan.
Zhu Yuanjiu told the driver to wait outside the mausoleum, and he and Zhang Xuan walked into the mausoleum.
“Old man Zhu, this is your Zhu family’s ancestral tomb, right?” Zhang Xuan swept around, and the names on those tombstones were all surnamed Zhu.
Zhu Yuanjiu nodded, “In a few years, I will live here too.”
Zhu Yuanjiu led Zhang Xuan to the deepest part of the mausoleum.
There, there was a tombstone with the word “Zhu Jian” written on it.
Zhu Yuanjiu walked to the tombstone without any nonsense, and pushed the tombstone with his hand deep inside, and heard a “creak”, the tombstone gradually moved away, and a secret passage leading underground appeared in front of Zhu Yuanjiu.
Zhu Yuanjiu looked back at Zhang Xuan and walked into the secret passage first.
Zhang Xuan did not hesitate, also followed.
This secret passage is very narrow, the width can only allow one person to pass, the stone steps are moss, walking on it, the soles of the feet slippery.
Zhu Yuanjiu turned on the flashlight on his cell phone and said while walking, “This place, I also learned from my grandfather’s records.”
This secret passage is not deep, Zhang Xuan felt, about thirteen meters down himself.
At the end of the secret passage, there was a stone cave.
The stone cave was not big, and by the light, the length and width was only about ten meters.
Zhu Yuanjiu stood in the stone cave and said, “What I want to show you is on the stone wall, you can see it yourself.”
Zhang Xuan’s face showed doubts, the stone wall? He took out his cell phone, turned on the flashlight light, shining towards the stone wall beside him.
The moment the light shone on the stone wall, Zhang Xuan saw a sharp sword stabbing towards himself, this scene made Zhang Xuan’s face change, his body backed up to avoid this sword mane, but suddenly found that it was not a real enemy, but a mural.
“What the hell!” Zhang Xuan frowned and looked at the wall once again.
On the wall, there was an engraving of a person holding a sword in a stabbing position, the drawing was not that vivid and did not give a three-dimensional feeling, but where did that sharpness just come from.
Zhu Yuanjiu as if he could see the doubts in Zhang Xuan’s mind, said: “When I first saw this mural, I was also shocked.”
Zhang Xuan was puzzled, “What is it?”
Zhu Yuanjiu replied, “An ancient sword art, the entire stone wall, is a record of this ancient sword art, the kind of sharpness you just felt, should be the Qi contained in this sword art.”
“What!” Zhang Xuan was shocked because of Zhu Yuanjiu’s words.
A sword art engraved on the wall, the Qi formed, would actually make him feel a sense of crisis!
Zhu Yuanjiu shook his head, full of regret, “We have always thought that we have surpassed our ancestors and can explore space and the ten thousand miles of ocean, without knowing that the might of our predecessors is not something we can imagine, if I had not seen this ancient sword art with my own eyes, I would never have believed that just something carved on the wall could make me feel a sense of crisis, nor could I believe that this thing, Qi, is really exist.”
Zhang Xuan was silent for a long time before speaking, “In terms of technology, we are beyond our predecessors, but in terms of the development of the human body’s own potential, we are inferior to our forefathers, the fastest running speed of cheetahs can reach 100 meters 5.8 seconds, the speed can reach one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour, which proves that the creatures of the earth, not unable to reach the limit, beyond the limit, only that humans have not yet mastered the way and means, or rather, have not developed their own potential to the extreme.”
There was a news report, a mother’s child was crushed under the car, when the mother alone overturned a car, that moment the human body’s potential outbreak, the energy played is unimaginable.
There has always been a speculation in the scientific community, people now play out the potential, less than one percent of the human body.
This speculation, Zhang Xuan has never doubted, because he, is one of the few people who have tapped their potential, and he also understands that in his own body, how much potential has not been tapped.
Zhang Xuan shone the light on the wall and re-examined the ancient sword art engraved on the wall.
Zhang Xuan noticed that the way the ancient sword art was developed was different from what he was familiar with in many ways.
Regular people practice sword, is focused on how they can bring out the power of the sword, while the drawings on the wall, more focused, is how to make the sword to cooperate with itself, this is the concept of the problem.
Nowadays, people think that the killing power of the sword is greater than itself, while in ancient times, people thought that the killing power of itself, is far more than the sword.
“You’re showing me this, just to tell me the reality of the existence of Qi.” Zhang Xuan turned off his cell phone flashlight, “Did those people who wanted to exterminate your Su family appear after you discovered this ancient sword art?”
“Right.” Zhu Yuanjiu nodded, “According to normal circumstances, my great grandfather and I, although several generations apart, but about such an important heritage, I could not have been unaware, like my Zhu family descendants, even after two more lives, should know about ancient martial arts, so I guess ……”
When Zhu Yuanjiu said this, he deliberately looked at Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan took Zhu Yuanjiu’s words, “Qi, was deliberately hidden.”
“Yes.” Zhu Yuanjiu said, “Now I have discovered the existence of Qi, so someone is about to destroy our Zhu family, they don’t want this to get out.”
Zhang Xuan suddenly laughed, “Old man Zhu, I’m afraid that when you first said you wanted to show me this thing, you didn’t just want me to know about it.”
“Right.” Zhu Yuanjiu was blunt, “I want to request you to open Mr. Lu’s grave mound.”
“Watch your words!” The moment Zhu Yuanjiu’s words fell, the smile on his face all but disappeared and he glared at Zhu Yuanjiu, “Do you know, what you are saying!”
“I know.” Zhu Yuanjiu sighed, “I know that my words, treacherous, but what is happening now, has gone beyond our knowledge, who is hiding the Qi, the things left behind by the old ancestors, the things that can make oneself powerful, are completely hidden, why is this?”
Zhu Yuanjiu said while walking up to Zhang Xuan, “If according to the rules of the underground world, I should call you Lord Satan, but according to the generation in China, Mr. Lu and I are of the same generation, you are his disciple, I call you Zhang Xuan, it is not too much, nowadays, the underground world is in chaos, there are people behind the scenes who specialize in stirring up the stable situation, you as Mr. Lu’s only disciple, you have a reason to stand up! Do not forget Mr. Lu’s identity at that time, you are his disciple, to inherit his mantle, as early as the day Mr. Lu left, you …… are the patron saint of Chinese ancient martial arts!”
“Do not give me this high hat!” Zhang Xuan bellowed, “Old man Lu’s tomb, no one is allowed to open!”

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