Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 386

Zhu Yuanjiu looked excited and reached out to grab Zhang Xuan’s shoulders, “Do you want to watch the ancient martial arts of China break down? The Qi that everyone possessed at the beginning has now become a legend, do you want the ancient martial arts to become a legend in a hundred years?”
Zhang Xuan shook his shoulders to shake off Zhu Yuanjiu’s hand and walked towards the entrance of the stone cave with big steps, “There will not be that day.”
Zhu Yuanjiu took a big step towards Zhang Xuan to chase after him, and was just about to speak when Zhang Xuan glared again.
Zhang Xuan’s eyes, like a sharp blade, pierced Zhu Yuanjiu’s heart, making him swallow back the words he was about to say.
In the dim tunnel, Zhang Xuan looked straight at Zhu Yuanjiu, “You know, if I didn’t know your relationship with old man Lu, I would have had a reason to kill you for what you just said!”
Zhu Yuanjiu froze abruptly, then as if he thought of something, his head lowered, “I was the one who was abrupt.”
“Alright, let’s go.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand, “First figure out who the person hiding behind is and what their purpose is.”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he followed the tunnel and returned to the surface.
After leaving the mausoleum, Zhu Yuanjiu did not say a word, the two first returned to the Zhu family, and also to the meal, Zhu Yuanjiu has long ordered people to prepare the wine and food, many varieties of dishes, the amount is small, a bottle of good wine, two people to eat, will not look humble, and will not waste.
Zhu Yuanjiu did not call his descendants to accompany, Zhu Yuanjiu very clear, and Zhang Xuan to eat at the same table, their own Zhu family descendants, not yet have that qualification.
Zhang Xuan’s arrival did not alarm too many people of the Zhu family, except for a few people who knew that the Zhu family had come to the noble guest of the famous family head, most of the rest of the people, the matter is not yet known.
Before the meal was over, one of the Zhu family’s sidekicks approached Zhu Yuanjiu and cautiously asked, “Family head, everyone is here, shall we start?”
Zhu Yuanjiu nodded, “Let’s begin.”
The Zhu family disciple bowed and retreated, and then, Zhang Xuan heard a loud shout from outside the house.
The word “begin” fell, and there was a sound of gongs and drums beating.
Zhang Xuan saw that many of the Zhu family’s children had come out of the residential area and arrived at the martial arts stage, and there were more than fifty young faces alone.
Zhu Yuanjiu said, “The Zhu family is facing a great calamity this time, so all the children who are still outside have been recalled, so let’s take this opportunity to test their skills.”
Zhang Xuan nodded, this is, to put it bluntly, is a family competition, this kind of family-wide competition, if you can achieve excellent results, it will certainly attract the attention of the family, these Zhu family’s younger generation, are also fist pumping.
The world will always belong to the younger generation, this Zhu family competition, the participants are also young people.
Zhu Yuanjiu wiped his mouth and saw that Zhang Xuan had also eaten almost, so he offered an invitation, “Want to come with me to see? You’ve been standing too high for so many years, and you’ve also left the younger generation as a group, right?”
Zhang Xuan smiled and nodded, “Fine, let’s take a look then.”
Zhang Xuan and Zhu Yuanjiu came to the martial arts arena together, those Zhu family children, once they saw Zhu Yuanjiu arrive, their bodies subconsciously boarded up quite a bit, and at the same time, they were also curious about who this young man who was following the family head was.
In front of the martial arts stage, there was a spectator seat.
Zhang Xuan and Zhu Yuanjiu sat in the middle of the viewing gallery, a place to take a seat, so that many people guessed that this might be the son of which big family, representing their fathers to come, with the most central piece of the capital that has a connection, otherwise absolutely can not sit together with the family head.
The martial arts performance of the Zhu family soon began, with a special person presiding.
“Son, cheer up, if you can win three rounds today, that house you mentioned, I’ll pay for you!”
“Girl, earn some gas, if you can win one round, a car under half a million, you can choose whatever you want!”
Around the martial arts stage, a lot of cheering and applause sounded.
The ancient martial arts family, advocating martial arts style, the most important thing in the family is the practice of martial arts, in the Zhu family, a double doctorate genius, definitely not as strong as a big competition champion to the sense of glory, this has been the concept that has remained in everyone’s mind since ancient times.
Soon, the stage fight will begin, those young generation a fist, a kick, fighting feverishly, some women, but also a woman’s momentum, beat some male retreat.
Zhu Yuanjiu looked at the appearance of these juniors on the stage with their vigor and vitality, and his face unconsciously showed a smile.
“What do you think?” Zhu Yuanjiu looked at Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan nodded, “powerful, the strength is much stronger than when we fought, but the family competition, less ruthless, the future to be subjected to a lot of trials and tribulations.”
Zhu Yuanjiu thought deeply, “Yes, they are always in the family, have not gone out, much less really touched the underground world, that is a man-eat-man place, ah, really do not know how they should spend.”
Zhang Xuan patted Zhu Yuanjiu’s shoulder, “Old man, this kind of thing, you should not worry about it, children and grandchildren have their own blessings, your initial contact with the underground world, but also do not know anything, there are things that need to slowly endure themselves.”
“So to say, but ……” Zhu Yuanjiu thought for half a day, and finally just a heavy sigh, “hey!”
The big competition proceeded very quickly, this is not the kind of ring boxing, need to score points, fight several rounds, the real competition, almost within two minutes of the pair of moves can be over.
Fighting is a rather physically demanding thing, an ordinary person would be tired enough just to swing at the sandbags for a minute, let alone the actual battle, even if these Zhu family children are practitioners, a few minutes down, but also physical exhaustion is serious, simply can not drag too much time.
There was a youth that caught Zhu Yuanjiu’s attention, whose strength completely surpassed all the Zhu family’s children, and won all the way with a crushing posture.
“I heard that Brother Zhu Zhong was diving into cultivation, and it’s really true, he’s too powerful.”
“No one is a match for Brother Zhu Zhong at all.”
“It seems that only the older generation can fight against Brother Zhonghua.”
“It’s not easy to say, even the older generation is not necessarily a match for Brother Zhong.”
The younger generation next to the martial arts stage, looking at the person standing on the stage, all could not help but sigh.
The Zhu Family Grand Tournament, there are not so many rules, winning people, want to rest, want to continue to fight, are free.
Generally speaking, after one person fights, physical strength is seriously depleted, will choose to take a short rest, and then fight the next game, and this Zhu Zhong, one person has already fought seven games in a row, each opponent, was defeated by one move.
“Decisive strikes, precise timing, not bad, a good seedling.” Zhang Xuan looked at Zhu Zhong on the stage and nodded, “This person, you can cultivate him, he is very talented when it comes to opponents.”
Zhu Yuanjiu smiled and nodded, he was also very happy that the Zhu family had produced such a talent.

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