Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 388

Zhu Zhong looked at Zhang Xuan, who was standing across from him, and spoke, “You came on stage to show off these casual achievements of yours to me?”
Zhang Xuan smiled and shook his head, “Just to tell you that people who practice martial arts should always keep a humble heart, the word invincible, from ancient times to the present, only losers dare to say it.”
“Huh!” Zhu Zhong sneered, “So, you want to have a couple of moves with me?”
Zhang Xuan stretched out a finger and shook it from side to side, “Not to play two moves, but to tell you that your body is still far from the same generation, wait I will stretch out my right fist to hit your face, you should guard well.”
“Arrogant!” Zhu Zhong shouted angrily.
What Zhang Xuan did, put before the duel, is outright contempt, any person with confidence will feel angry when being belittled by the other side.
People on the stage bristled, “This person really is usually let down too much, right, tell your opponent what you are going to do before you make a move, and this can still win?”
“So those people who usually fight with him, they all lose on purpose.”
“Let’s see how Brother Zhu Zhong will educate him.”
All kinds of voices rang out from the stage.
Zhang Xuan squeezed his fist and looked at Zhu Zhong, “How about it, are you ready, I’m going to count to three and I’m going to make a move.”
“Kid, you will pay the price for your arrogance!” Zhu Zhong’s face was furious.
“One.” Zhang Xuan’s feet retreated slightly and made a power pose.
Zhu Zhong placed his hands in front of his chest, one in front of the other, one up and one down, making a fighting ready pose.
“Two!” Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, bowed his body forward, and stood on tiptoe.
Zhu Zhong stared closely at Zhang Xuan.
“Three!” Zhang Xuan bellowed, and his entire person, also at this time, scurried out like an arrow off the string, fast as a phantom.
Zhu Zhong only felt a blur before his eyes, then a strong wind came towards his face, at this moment, he felt as if he was suppressed by something, even his limbs were stiffening, not listening to his own commands.
After that strong wind had passed, Zhu Zhong saw that Zhang Xuan’s fist, was stopping in front of his own eyes, less than a centimeter away, while he, at the moment, was still maintaining that fighting ready posture just now.
“I said, I’ll throw my right fist and hit you in the face.”
Zhang Xuan’s voice, sounded in Zhu Zhong’s ears.
A sweat, dripping down Zhu Zhong’s ear temples, Zhu Zhong swallowed his saliva fiercely, with disbelief in his eyes.
The people on the stage didn’t even see what was happening, they only saw the phantom flash, and then, the other party’s fist, had stopped in front of Zhu Zhong’s face.
“So strong!”
The two eldest generation of the Zhu family exclaimed, not to mention Zhu Zhong, even Zhang Xuan’s movements, put them up, there would not be a second result.
Zhang Xuan put away his fists, put his hands behind his back and looked at Zhu Zhong, “Remember, people who practice martial arts, at all times, keep a humble heart, the world is big, there are many things you don’t know, and there are more things to learn, even more!”
Zhang Xuan said, twisted around and walked towards the stage, his words, not only for Zhu Zhong, but also for himself.
At the moment Zhang Xuan turned around, Zhu Zhong fell to the ground as if he had lost all his strength, and the title of invincible in his generation seemed like a joke.
Zhang Xuan returned to the bleachers and asked to Zhu Yuanjiu, “Am I a bit too hard to suppress, you, the junior, may not be able to come back.”
“Without being hard he won’t understand the greatness of this world, I owe you a favor for this incident.” Zhu Yuanjiu once again clasped his fist to Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan did not say anything, sat down in his seat and continued to watch the Zhu Family’s Grand Competition.
Originally, the younger generation of the Zhu Family was competing for supremacy, and some of them, although they were not as good as Zhu Zhong, were thinking of showing off their skills, but Zhang Xuan’s strike just now had frustrated all of them, and they could not bring themselves to do so.
This was a good thing and a bad thing, but overall, the benefits outweighed the disadvantages. Zhang Xuan’s suppression made the Zhu family gather some sharpness and have more respect for ancient martial arts in their hearts.
After the competition, Zhang Xuan had nothing to do, he was alone in the Zhu family garden, Zhu family people, look at Zhang Xuan’s expression, all different from the previous days, everyone’s eyes, with a little fear.
About who is going to make a move on the Zhu family this matter, Zhang Xuan heart also does not have a definite, and Zhu Yuanjiu said hello, Zhang Xuan left the Zhu family Chuang Yuan, he now has another thing, to understand.
Qi, what exactly is it!
Compared with the normal ancient martial arts families, Bright Island has strong and weak, strong in strength, in this regard, Bright Island can be said to be the world’s first, weak, it is weak in the bottom.
Ancient martial arts families, such as the Zhu family, have notes left by their ancestors, relics, while Zhang Xuan, nothing, he can rely on, only himself, Zhang Xuan himself, also assumed the identity of the pioneer of the Bright Island.
Therefore, Zhang Xuan wants to understand something, to all rely on his own, rely on him to figure out, to discover.
There are many monuments and museums in the sea, which are Zhang Xuan’s next goal, this exploration is undoubtedly huge in scope, and it is likely that you will not find a single useful thing, but as far as Zhang Xuan is concerned, he has no other good way for the time being.
Zhang Xuan did not take a car, he walked towards downtown Duhai, his mind kept thinking about the scene he saw today in the hole in the ground, the qi contained in the ancient sword art.
Qi, what exactly is it?
Different from the qi so simple, qi is a real existence, this Zhang Xuan through his wrist, can clearly feel.
How is Qi formed? When the speed to a certain degree, or power to a certain degree, can form gas?
Zhang Xuan’s mind, filled with all kinds of doubts, he was thinking about these questions.
How strong is a person who has Qi?
Zhang Xuan recalled the mural on the wall, if that was a real person, with a sword stabbing himself, how should he face, just a mural, let himself feel like a substantial sharpness!
Zhang Xuan walked on the road, suddenly stopped, in his mind, a picture emerged, he stood in place, the mural of a person, as if alive, stabbing towards himself.
That different way of power, the power out of the center of the self, that kind of sharpness, straight towards himself, Zhang Xuan continuously thought of several ways, but could not avoid that sword.
“The ancient sword art of the ancients, when really so terrifying, I can not even avoid a sword?”
Zhang Xuan secretly sighed in his heart.
Suddenly, a flash of spiritual light flashed from Zhang Xuan’s heart.
“The ancient man is strong by himself, if I am even stronger than him, why should I fear his Qi? He can use his Qi and punch through a wall, I can do the same with my fists!”
Zhang Xuan’s body subconsciously twisted, and a fist blasted forward.
A muffled sound came, and if someone stood next to him and saw this scene, his mouth would have opened wide.
This punch of Zhang Xuan’s clearly only hit the air, yet it made such a sonic boom sound!

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